Dead Skunk Test - SCOE 10X is put to the ultimate test. In this impromptu video, watch how two men were able to put their noses within 2 inches of a dead skunk less than 60 seconds after treating it with SCOE 10X! It is stunning.

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Reviewed by Dianne Gleaton - Lake Panasoffkee, FL  (February 27, 2017)
This is an outstanding product. We had cats enclosed on our screened porch for rainy weather, with a litter box. One cat used the box, the other used the indoor/ outdoor carpet. We could smell the urine which is pungent to say the least, but did not know WHERE she left her pee. So I sprayed all exposed areas one time.

With just one application our problem was gone. Thank you so much for this amazing product. I'll never be without it.
The BEST Cat Urine Odor Eliminator!!
Reviewed by Diane Glivar - Aurora, OH  (February 26, 2017)
I've had serious issues for quite a while with my cats urinating on the sides of my sofa. I've cleaned it many, many times with various products and gotten it better, but not completely odor free. I finally tossed out that sofa and have new furniture. Of course, they ended up urinating on my love seat again. I sprayed SCOE 10X on the spot until the odor was completely gone (let it dry, then reapplied). I have a very keen sense of smell, and can tell you that I no longer smell the urine. I will never use ANYTHING ELSE!! I bought refills so that there is no chance I will ever run out. I am so pleased I found it and I highly recommend it!!
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Absolutely the Best
Reviewed by Erica Hinson - EASTVALE, CA  (February 20, 2017)
I wish I would've found SCOE 10X months ago. My pitbull puppy started marking. First it was a chenille sectional then the carpeting in one room. I had both the sofa and carpets professionally cleaned but I could still recognize the faint urine smell days later. Then I tried all the big name enzyme cleaners and even a powder that was supposed to absorb the urine odor.

Ultimately, I ended up taking my sectional to the dump and I was in the process of having my carpet replaced in our home theater when I stumbled on SCOE 10X. It saved me hundreds of dollars that I would've spent to have new carpet installed. Just wish I found it before I got rid of my sectional. :(
Reviewed by Brittany Rolland - Indianapolis, IN  (December 24, 2016)
I definetly didn't believe this would work. I had tried EVERYTHING to get the odor out of my carpet and nothing worked. I used SCOE 10X last night (1 part to 8 parts) with the LED light and after 45 minutes I was mesmerized. For the first time in 6 months I don't have to have windows opened upstairs to be able to breath. Absolutely amazing and I will be recommending this product the EVERY ONE I know. Thank you so much!!
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Use it to believe it
Reviewed by Sharon Paul - Benzonia, MI  (December 17, 2016)
When I bought my home which was a repo, one wall in my basement was an outside wall insulated inside and draped with plastic. Mice had moved in and made it their home.

Upon removing all the tunneled insulation which such a mess of urine and other, smelled so bad it made me sick, I used nothing but the SCOE 10X spraying the heck out of it. Opened all windows ran an air purifier and sprayed again just cause I could, the smell was totally gone.

I bought SCOE 10X originally for my kitty litter area. I love this stuff, it works, buy it, you won't be disappointed. Sharon
Reviewed by Terri White - Avondale, AZ  (December 13, 2016)
I purchased the 32oz bottle about 18 months ago when I was having massive problems with cat pee on carpet. I ended up getting new carpet so the bottle sat untouched.

That is, until yesterday. I have a small bathroom where a sick cat was living and he had peed on the walls and in the cabinet under the sink. The cabinet was so bad that every time I opened the door, the smell almost knocked me over. Then I remembered this bottle of SCOE 10X. I was pretty sure it wouldn't work, but, what the heck.

I re-read the directions and followed them exactly. After waiting 20 minutes for the product to activate, I went in the bathroom, turned off the light, and turned on my blacklight. The walls glowed. It was disgusting. I started spraying and saw the glow start to fade immediately, so I did the whole room. I then went out to the cabinet and sprayed every inch of the inside and slammed the door closed. No way was it going to get rid of that smell. The pee was old and dry and had eaten into the wood.

Well, about 30 minutes later I came back opened the door. Nothing. Bent down and sniffed. Nothing. Got on my knees and stuck my head into the cabinet. NOTHING. A few hours later, I put down new shelf paper and started using the cabinet again. No problem.

I'm going to buy more of this product and it's now my go-to for smells.
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This stuff works!
Reviewed by Jill Hartman - Bethel, CT  (October 23, 2016)
I used SCOE 10X on a carpet that had 15 year old dried cat urine in an area that I used to keep a litter box. It worked like a charm! There is some odor while the product works and completely dries, but afterward the odor is gone. I highly recommend this product!
Reviewed by Pamela St George - Watertown, MN  (October 10, 2016)
I used SCOE 10X to remove an order from a mattress. It totally removed the odor.

Yes, it does have a smell that will linger for several days, but after it's done its job, there is absolutely product no odor, and the mattress is like new.

I will re-post after using on urine odor in carpet.
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Reviewed by Stacy Clay - Victorville, CA  (October 09, 2016)
After trying numerous other products, I figured what have I got to lose. After my cat had 1 of his legs amputated it was difficult for him to get into the litter box, so you guessed it he used the carpet. The smell was overwhelming. I used SCOE 10X and followed the instructions to the tee, and THANK YOU the smell is gone. Now I don't have to replace 1500 sq feet of carpet.

Amazing product, went back and bought a bigger size.
Cat Urine Smell Is Gone!
Reviewed by Caine Letendre - Rutland, MA  (September 19, 2016)
I recently bought a 2 family duplex and one unit had the smell of cat urine all through the house. The smell was coming from the concrete floor in the basement. I tried bleach (since I had some on hand) and it seemed to cut the smell a bit, but it was certainly still there. I scoured the internet to find something that would work and found SCOE 10X.

I was skeptical but figured it may be worth a try. Once I mixed the solution and followed the instructions, I applied it to all areas where the smell was coming from. IT WORKED AMAZING! I can no longer smell the cat urine at all and feel that any potential tenant will not smell it either. This can result in more rent coming worth the price. I did apply the solution twice, but really don't think that I needed to. I did it just to be 100% sure, and I had the solution, so it was an easy, no brainer. Good luck!
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This stuff is amazing!
Reviewed by Sharon Hahne - De Forest, WI  (September 19, 2016)
I have two cats, their litter box is located in the basement. The stench of urine was unbearable even though it is routinely cleaned.

Today we used SCOE 10X and the smell is completely gone!

I was worried that it wouldn't work for our situation because it's all hard surfaces down there but it did! We sprayed it on the walls and let it dry. Once dry the smell was gone!

I was shocked! Cat urine is the worst and SCOE 10X just obliterated it and I didn't even use half a bottle!

I will be telling EVERYBODY how great this stuff is! Thank you!!!!
This is the best
Reviewed by Charles Jacobson - Superior, WI  (August 30, 2016)
I have 3 cats. We just got a kitten and one of my cats peed on our couch. Used SCOE 10X and the odor is gone.

I used SCOE 10X before when I got a new cat and my older cat peed on the carpet and our bed. You guessed it, I used SCOE 10X and the odor was gone.

I'm now buying 4 more bottles because I don't want to be without it.
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Works on flax seed oil too!
Reviewed by Kristin Dzugan - Folsom, CA  (August 20, 2016)
I had to laugh when I read the review about the fish oil capsules in the pants. I had a similar experience with flax seed oil capsules that burst in my jeans pocket. I tried everything to get out the smell, and I was just about to throw the jeans in the garbage when I remembered I had some SCOE 10X.

Where everything else had failed, SCOE 10X removed all traces of smell. My jeans are saved!
Awesome Product
Reviewed by Frances Ferguson - Sanford, MI  (August 18, 2016)
I would recommend this product to anyone. My cat peed on my new fabric chair. I have tried many products and home remedies, but this one worked!!!! I wish they made a cat repellent.
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Skunk sprayed dog, dog killed Skunk
Reviewed by Roberto Eaton - Arvada, CO  (August 18, 2016)
I bought a bottle of SCOE 10X a couple of weeks ago and yesterday had to use it after my dog caught and killed a skunk in the backyard. The skunk hit the dog full on in the face before being dispatched though. I had to leave him for 12 hours before I could clean him up.

Yesterday afternoon I prepared the product following all instructions to the letter and the application instructions as well. I noticed an immediate difference since I was no longer gagging. I kept him saturated using a spray bottle and/or sponge for just over the 20 minutes and rinsed with water.

I would say the odor is 98% gone. There is a hint of odor on his head which I was told is the toughest to treat. Since I still have some product left in the spray bottle I will try a second treatment tonight.

All in all this product did what they said it would. If it will get skunk off my dog I don't doubt it will handle urine or other odors easily. My dog is short haired, so I got by with 13oz, but a longer haired dog is going to require more. I will be ordering more just in case.
Excellent...even on fish oil!
Reviewed by Jacqueline Jones - Forest Hills, NY  (July 22, 2016)
I've used this product for years on cat urine, and it works splendidly. But a few weeks ago I washed a pair of jeans with my fish oil capsules in the pocket. They melted. NOTHING would take out the smell. Finally, I sprayed them with SCOE 10X, wrapped them in a roll in a plastic bag, and left them for a month. (Maybe it worked faster, but I was too sad to look.) Voila! When I opened the bag, there was no smell!
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Reviewed by Karen Sharpe - Kingsburg, CA  (July 22, 2016)
Had two down and feather EXPENSIVE sofa cushions a feral cat had gotten to and they were (or so I thought) ruined! The cat had peed on these cushions a number of times... I scrubbed them clean with soap and water and let them dry in our HOT Central California sun- but they still smelled.

I used baking soda, vinegar, a whole plethora of "it will get the smell out" products- NOTHING WORKED. To replace the cushions was going to cost me over $300.00...

Then I saw this product and thought, "Why not give it a go" To my amazement IT WORKS!!!! There is NO smell, NONE WHATSOEVER! Since I purchased the starter kit and have used most of it up I am back buying more. This is the most amazing product for pet owners I have ever purchased. Buy SCOE 10X- you will NOT regret it!
Reviewed by Laudelina Rodriguez - Miami, FL  (July 06, 2016)
As most pet owners, we love our pets, but can do without certain things that come with our loyal, and ever loving furry companions. Shedding hair, clawing/ripping furniture and urinating almost everywhere are just to name a few. But that last one, is the one that drives most of us nuts! I have six rescue dogs...and I live for them...until they urinate/mark their territory that is (lol).

I have four male, and two female dogs so the competition between the males is never ending, and lets not forget my four cats. I've been fortunate enough its not that bad considering the number of pets, however, as of lately working late, late hours the fur babies seem to be stressed and rebelling and they let me know it...the go in their six favorite spots in the house, and no amount of Clorox, Mr. Clean, PineSol, or any other household cleaner would do the trick. The odor was faintly still there, just mixed with the scent of the floor cleaner.

After searching and spending money on useless products I found my new best friend...SCOE is unbelievable. No odor. No nothing, NOTHING!!!!!! Like it never happened, and the longer I leave it on that spot, the dogs don't return to mark/urinate there, it erases any and all traces that they can't even smell it, hence, they don't go there again. Amazing, completely amazing.

I am ordering more and more of it. Thank you for making this product and for making my "cleaning" up a whole lot easier, thank you!
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Cat Urine
Reviewed by Valerie Burmaster - Pittsburgh, PA  (June 24, 2016)
Bought this as a last hope. Tried everything from the pet stores as well as all the home mixtures that we read about. This is a house that the previous owner had 16 cats. Yes 16. They destroyed everything. Furniture, floors, walls. Nothing was left untouched. I told my boyfriend I think the best thing we can do for this house is light a match and walk away. It was that bad. When you walked in the stench was so bad even if you held your breath your nose still burned.

Bought SCOE 10X and drenched everything in the house, and guess what happened. It got rid of every single stink in the house. I could not believe it. This house was, in my view, nothing short of being condemned. Thank You so much for developing this product it is simply amazing.
Cat Pee Catastrophe
Reviewed by Jessica Krause - Laguna Niguel, CA  (June 23, 2016)
I have never reviewed a product before. I HAD to come on here and say how insane this product is. When I received my package, the first thing I did was use the blacklight to see just how bad the damage was. There was urine covering almost every square inch of my room (my cat is 17 and has recently become very disoriented). I honestly just wanted to rip out the carpet. I have had cats my whole life and it is a well known fact that NOTHING gets out cat urine... Until now. After letting SCOE 10X sit on the carpet for about 20 minutes, I walked into the room and was completely shocked. The smell was gone. The urine was gone. It was like a magic trick. I am still in awe. I will be a lifelong customer and will recommend you to everyone with pets. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
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It Works or it's Free!
Reviewed by Elizabeth Rosado - Orlando, FL  (June 21, 2016)
THIS PRODUCT IS A MIRACLE! I EVEN SPRAY MY LITTER BOX AND WITHIN 20 MIN NO ODOR. I was going nuts with two little dogs that think rain is acid and use the bathroom in the house when its raining. We have wood floors and it just absorbs the odor awful. I was so sick of constantly trying to treat it with other products that DID NOT WORK. So one day by accident I found SCOE 10X.

I kid you not this stuff is awesome. I had kittens and they had peed on a chair that was my deceased mothers. I could never get the smell out. Its out now!

My daughter's favorite Harley Davidson expensive biker boots - whew! - the leather and her sweat made a bad combo. One day I had it and soaked them in SCOE 10X. She could not believe it worked!

Thank you to the creators of SCOE 10X. I never write reviews - but you ROCK!! Elizabeth Rosado
Cat Urine on expensive sofa
Reviewed by Dana Hyatt - Taylors, SC  (June 07, 2016)
I rescued two feral cats almost 2 years ago. One male, one female. They've been great pets. Until, my niece moved in for a couple of months. Cats get stressed with household changes and male cats express this as they express their bladders, on my expensive sofa!!

I've never had a cat pee inside anything but a litter box. I had NO idea how strong the smell was! I bought something at Pets Mart but it seemed to make the smell stronger!! I almost called the carpet & furniture cleaners, but one day I googled, Is there any way to REALLY remove cat urine odor from upholstery? SCOE 10X popped up.

I'd never heard of it. I was very skeptical of their claims. I read the reviews but figured they were paid to do the review until I read one that had pretty bad grammar and thought, surely they wouldn't post this if it was the company. So out of desperation, I ordered the smallest bottle they had and a small black light so I could see where the pee was.

It came in less than a week. I was dead tired and only wanted to take a shower and relax but I was really curious to see if this stuff worked. First, I got out the black light, turned off all the lights and shined the light on my sofa. OMG...that rascal had baptized my sofa in pee!! No wonder the other stuff didn't work, it was all over my sofa! I almost cried but instead of losing hope, I read the directions, did exactly what it said and literally doused my sofa in the spray.

After a while, I noticed as I sprayed that strong odor was fading. Hmmm, I knew that the SCOE 10X might not remove the odor in the area that I had used the other product on because it said so on the website. I sprayed it anyway. By then I knew that it sure wouldn't hurt.

Fast forward to the next day. I came home and didn't smell the pee odor hit me in the face as I came through the front door! Yippee!! I immediately went to the living room and sniffed my beautiful sofa. NO SMELL! except in the area that the other product had been used on, but at least the smell was considerably fainter.

For review doubters like myself, I have never written a review on anything online before except books.
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Cat Urine
Reviewed by Karen Bahr - MUNCY, PA  (June 06, 2016)
After complaining to a friend that my cat was urinating inappropriately, she gave me a small container of SCOE 10X. This stuff really works!

So, I just placed an order.

Cat urine is impossible to remove . . . except for SCOE 10X!!
Mice Urine Ruined Travel Trailer
Reviewed by Scott Purner - Streamwood, IL  (May 19, 2016)
Let me tell you all in short about this travel trailer me and my brothers bought to do our seasonal swap meets with. We bought this trailer sight unseen. Oh we saw pictures of it and thought it would be a good buy. The original price for it was $24,850. Has been sitting in the owner's back field for six years. Never could sell it. Kept dropping the price and dropping the price and still can't sell it. A long story short final price $ 9,850.00 We said how can you beat that for a eight year old trailer.

We live in Illinois. The trailer is in Nebraska. When we arrived the owner was not there to greet us but the trailer was open. We went inside and we knew right then and there why it was sold so cheap. The smell in it was so ungodly overwhelming from mice urine you could not be inside for no more than fifteen seconds.

The trailer looked like someone had sprinkled coarse black pepper on everything; mice feces everywhere. We got it home and cleaned it with everything possible under the sun to get rid of the smell. NOTHING WORKED!!! NOTHING.....

I stumbled upon SCOE 10X searching for anything, anything that could help. I said to myself, what have I got to lose. I have spent so much money on stuff and cleaners that said it would work. Believe me, they don't.

After a day of cleaning with SCOE 10x the smell has been eliminated completely 100% And it you still don't believe it come inside and take a free wiff. Thank you SCOE 10X! You saved us a ton of money! Scott Purner ( Chicago Illinois )
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It Works or it's Free!
Our new home smelled SSOOO B-A-D
Reviewed by Sue Sorlucco - Harrisville, WV  (May 16, 2016)
My brother and I recently moved to a small 3 bedroom home in West Virginia from a large house in New England. After the first night in the new house, I was afraid we had made a terrible mistake. The previous owners had cats and dogs and the house smelled like it was used as their private bathroom.

Then it rained and the smell literally burned our eyes and was strong enough to choke a horse!

Our house was stacked to the ceiling with the moving boxes but we eventually found your SCOE 10X product and put it to use.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! For inventing this product...our house is now liveable!
Best product ever!
Reviewed by Georgia Conrad - Suffolk, VA  (April 22, 2016)
I can't add more to what the reviews say, but I can agree--this product is amazing!

I adopted a cat a few months ago and we soon found out the shelter didn't reveal one thing--he was a sprayer!

SCOE 10X has saved my house and my sanity. It works--that's the bottom line!

I've used numerous products and there is always a faint smell of the urine no matter how much you clean it--not with this. The odor is gone!

I am a lifetime customer.
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It Works or it's Free!
Cat Urine
Reviewed by Toni Priddy - Wichita, KS  (April 17, 2016)
One word: Fantabulous!!!
Beyond Satisfied
Reviewed by Anne Hill - Huntington Beach, CA  (March 29, 2016)
I was a skeptic, but had tried other products without success for occasional dog urine problems, and decided to give SCOE 10X a try.

It worked beautifully and definitely exceeded expectations!
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It Works or it's Free!
Cat Urine
Reviewed by Jennifer Sisco - Erie, PA  (March 20, 2016)
Oh My God! My Cat would NOT stop peeing in the corner! He's fixed but still sprayed! Hubby wouldn't even come in the room. I sprayed with disinfectant, Febreeze w/gain, soap & water. I mean NOTHING worked & just made it worse. I was scrolling along under "smells that don't leave". This came up! SCOE 10X.

My husband was SUPER SKEPTICAL! I had BLIND faith since I've heard from friends or ANYONE for that matter! I did what it told me to do. Hubby actually went to bed! Here's the kicker: IT WAS ON HIS SIDE! He didn't smell a thing!!

This is the BEST Product for these reasons around! I am telling ANYONE who will listen all about this awesomeness I fell on. Thank you guys! Keep it up!
I'm impressed. Very impressed.
Reviewed by Dave Shutts - Export, PA  (March 07, 2016)
It's a good thing my dog is adorable. He has made my home "dog pee" central. Yes, of course he's housebroken. But he seems to suffer from this insecurity that another dog may come into my house and take over. So he marks his territory. The entire house. The ceramic tile and grout floor in the mud room. The oak panel walls. The wool carpeting. For 12 years.

It's funny that I sound like every other testimonial from this website, but I have tried every product known to get rid of that urine smell. And I've tried for 12 years now. Well, mark your calendars, folks. This stuff is amazing. The urine has penetrated the grout in the mudroom and even serious mopping would do nothing -- in fact it always seemed to re-bloom the pee smell.

In the past I've tried steamers, vinegar, chemical cleaners, you name it! Today I mopped with hot water only then let it dry. The old urine smell was awful as usual after "cleaning". And then I doused the entire ceramic floor with SCOE 10X. After 15 minutes, not even a HINT of urine smell. Did the same thing with a portion of the upstairs carpeting. Extracted with hot water in my Rug Doctor and BAM, absolutely no more urine smell. If you have dog urine problems, you have to try this stuff. I got the gallon jug, but if you doubt it, try the small sample bottle.

The stuff is really amazing. Thanks!
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
After 9 years -- still worked!
Reviewed by Jennifer Jerome - Pevely, MO  (February 25, 2016)
I was sent a small bottle, 9 years ago, to review for my old blog. I quickly became FASCINATED with this product. I have used it, here and there, for all sorts of odor issues since then. That small bottle lasted me 9 years, I still have a tiny bit left, and it STILL works! I have had no issues of it not working in all this time; that is truly impressive!

With that said, I decided to order more (the 10 gallon jug) as our male cat has decided to start spraying a little bit. It's not because I think we'll need the entire 10 gallons for this situation, it's because this product STILL works after so many years and I wanted back stock for future use (I can't tell express how many times SCOE 10X has "saved the day"). You wouldn't believe what all this comes in handy for! It is worth every single cent and I've been recommending it for the last 9 years to people and companies alike and they have also become big fans.

I'm picky (truly picky) and I don't recommend any product or service unless it's absolutely phenomenal. Now here I am writing an unsolicited review and back as an actual customer. I hope that speaks volumes about this product. I'm looking forward to getting our new backup supply. It scares me to see my current supply getting so low! SCOE 10X customer...for life! There is NOTHING better on the market.
I'm a repeat customer forever
Reviewed by Diane Catanzaro - Arlington, TX  (February 12, 2016)
I have a ten year old cat who has taken a dislike to the litter box. (I have used this on my bed, and am still willing to sleep there.) I also have two 16 year old Labrador mixes who became incontinent in their sleep as they got older. My sofa is the latest casualty. Because it didn't get found right away, it has taken several applications to get the SCOE10x soaked deeply enough. But I can sit on my sofa again. I will use this just about anywhere.
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Cat has a fetish...
Reviewed by Diane Kelly - Greenville, NY  (January 27, 2016)
Thanks to your product I can still wear 2 different pairs of my leather boots! Cat must have a boot fetish...

SCOE 10X has saved both pair of boots & my cat from eviction!

Many thanks for an exceptional product!
It Really Works!
Reviewed by Tammy Weatherly - Rocky Mount, NC  (January 21, 2016)
I have a cat that sprays, he was doing it in a room we never go in so it took me a while to find it. He sprayed on carpet and on a leather chair. I purchased the bottle with the needle attachment and squirted SCOE 10X in the creases of the leather chair, the needle did not mess up the leather and the odor from chair is gone and from carpet. I really could not believe it!!!

I have tried everything on the market. I mixed the solution just like it said, waited the correct amount of time and it is unreal how good it works. I also used it on a shirt my son got kerosene on and it almost completely eliminated that odor, you had to put your nose right on it to still smell it. I highly recommend this product.
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It Works or it's Free!
Best product out there
Reviewed by Jan Sugden - Jacksonville, FL  (January 13, 2016)
I rescue kitty kitties. This works purrrfectly on odors. I really like the fact that it does not have a perfume smell that lingers after application. I actually did the skunk test and it worked!
It gets rid of skunk smell too!
Reviewed by Dave Summers - Pasadena, TX  (January 06, 2016)
SCOE 10X is the best product on the market for getting rid of urine odors. I had a ferral cat in our neighborhood that was spraying near our front door. I guess because we have cats inside. I bought this product and it got rid of that awful male spraying smell. Not only did it get rid of the smell, but the cat stopped spraying there. I HIGHLY recommend this product.
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It Works or it's Free!
Worked perfectly... Smell has not returned.
Reviewed by Ashleigh McIntosh - Salisbury, NC  (January 05, 2016)
We have an older, adult "barn cat" that has started coming inside with the colder weather. No surprise she had an accident on our new microfiber, red couch (2/3 of the cushions and the frame itself). We took immediate actions including: soaking up as much as possible, soaking everything in a water/white vinegar solution, used baking soda, and laundered what we could as well. Although all these tips we found on Google helped, none ELIMINATED the odor COMPLETELY, until we found SCOE10x. We were skepitcal too, but it absolutely worked... And most importantly, the effects are long term - still no return of any odor after almost 4 days. Also - if you are considering an injector for your couch or cushions, you may be able to do without it, as we did. We just used the spray bottle - by placing the nozzle directly onto the covering of the couch frame, we could hear the mist diverting inside the frame. We only had to use one heavy application of about 20oz. (The starter kit makes 32oz). Hope this helps anyone who might be unsure of the effectiveness!! - John & Ashleigh McIntosh
Terrific Product!
Reviewed by Heather Swinburne - South Londonderry, VT  (January 02, 2016)
Our dogs chase our cat a lot and must have cornered her under our wood stove which sits on an elevated stone hearth above a brick floor where we store the wood. The wood had been all used up at the time and when we went to replace it we noticed a strong cat urine smell in the brick floor.

I tried everything to get the odor out but nothing worked. Cat urine is so strong and I have never known of any product that has been able to do it. I saturated the brick with all the usual products that the pet store offers and tried home remedies as well, but nothing worked entirely. You are usually left with less urine smell but it is still there only mixed with the smell of whatever product was used to remove it.

SCOE 10X is fantatasic! It entirely removed the odor from the brick and left no odor of any kind behind. No urine and no product odor. As long as it continues to work like this I will never try any other product again. Heather S.
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It Works or it's Free!
Nothing works like this!
Reviewed by Maureen Warford - Sunrise Beach, MO  (December 25, 2015)
I adopted an end-of-life cat with Kidney Disease/Renal Failure. He peed on the carpet and the smell was unlike any cat urine I have EVER smelled! I had used SCOE 10X a few years ago, but thought I didn't have any left. So I used a pet-urine product from a local store.....It didn't TOUCH the odor!

So I tried vinegar/water solution.....again nothing!!

I was desperate! Then I stumbled across SCOE 10X in my storage room.....I was ELATED! I didn't have a lot left, but it WORKED!!!!

I am SO thankful! The paperwork that was with it was dated 1/15/2012. IT STILL WORKED MIRACLES!!! I plan on purchasing some for the No-Kill Animal Rescue I volunteer for, and where I adopted my end-of-life cat from. THANK YOU!!!!!
Thrilled with results!
Reviewed by Kathleen Donovan - Franklin, WI  (December 08, 2015)
Like so many other pet owners, I have tried numerous products to eliminate cat urine odor, but this is the only one that has worked. I will never be without it!
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It Works or it's Free!
Major cat urine problem
Reviewed by Johanna Thompson - Arnold, MD  (December 08, 2015)
I had a major problem with cat urine in my basement. I followed the instructions given over the phone.  It took a lot of hard work for me to do all the work correctly, but I am very happy with the results! Thank you for your help, product, and excellent service! I was also very impressed with the fast response and shipping of my order. 
True story
Reviewed by Matthew Caffrey - Camp Verde, AZ  (December 04, 2015)
Our youngest lab pup River had not learned to stay away from skunks. He had been sprayed at least three times before we used SCOE 10X. The last time he was sprayed I saw it happen. The skunk sprayed him right in the mouth and face. I used SCOE 10X exactly as indicated in the instructions. I used a small sponge to dab his face and the odor was completely removed from his face in less than a minute.

Second true story, a dear friends dog Annabelle had rolled in horse droppings. Annabelle smelled badly. Her owner bathed and perfumed her and Annabell still had an odor of horse droppings. A spray mist of SCOE 10X and Annabelle, in less than a minute, had lost the horse odor!
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It Works or it's Free!
Reviewed by Laura Avalos - Apple Valley, CA  (December 02, 2015)
I just didn't believe there were so many positive reviews, so I tried a bottle for my self. This stuff is AMAZING! Completely got rid of the urine odor in my carpet! Will definitely be buying more!
SCOE 10X Really Works!
Reviewed by Tina Wallace - Willoughby, OH  (November 19, 2015)
I never, ever write reviews, but I just had to with this stuff. I adopted a cat that is brain damaged and is also disabled and am having a hard problem teaching her were to use the litter box; and everyone knows how bad cat urine is and if you do not know it is the most awful smell in the world and you cannot get rid of the smell. But this stuff actually works. I was afraid that I couldn't smell it because it is so cold outside and inside, so I blasted the heat and it is actually GONE! GONE! Thanks for saving my brand new chase and my carpets! I will refer your site to everyone that I know has a pet or is thinking about getting a pet! God Bless, Tina
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It Works or it's Free!
A Must Have!!
Reviewed by Elaine Melvin - Bettendorf, IA  (November 18, 2015)
SCOE 10X is a must have for any household with pets. I found it while desperately searching on the internet. My three cat household was in turmoil since we were relocating. The cats were urinating everywhere! Cats noses are very sensitive and can smell things humans cannot.

SCOE 10X absolutely eliminated any trace of odor. The smells were gone as quickly as they were made.   I thank this company for saving the day.
Cat Urine Smell Gone!
Reviewed by Laura Kondrick - Edina, MN  (November 03, 2015)
I couldn't believe how well SCOE 10X worked. I did use two applications on porous concrete.

I will recommend this to all my friends and customers.
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It Works or it's Free!
LOVE this stuff!
Reviewed by Kasey Littler - Wellsville, NY  (October 27, 2015)
I used SCOE 10X on Rena & Calcifer yesterday after they had gotten badly sprayed by a skunk. It was so bad that you could SEE the spray on them! The smell was beyond horrible and they were just miserable.

A little SCOE 10X rubbed through their fur and a few minutes later....the smell was GONE!!!! I could put my nose practically on them and couldn't smell a thing! I also used it on their dog coops and the surrounding you can't even tell a skunk set off here yesterday.

LOVE this stuff!! I highly recommend it to everyone! 
This stuff is amazing!
Reviewed by Morgan Cummings - Brunswick, OH  (October 22, 2015)
I was extremely skeptical about this stuff at first because I could not find much information about it online. My mom decided to try it because she has a 15 year old dog that pees in his sleep and she tried everything to get the smell out of her expensive chair. She used SCOE 10X on it, and the smell is completely gone!

I decided to buy some and try to get rid of the urine smell in my living room from my small dogs, and it worked amazingly!

If anyone else out there is a skeptic, don't even think twice before buying this stuff, just do it! I would definitely purchase more and recommend it to anyone.
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It Works or it's Free!
Yes to SCOE 10X!!!
Reviewed by Patti Hall - Portland, OR  (October 21, 2015)
Used SCOE 10X probably 7 yrs ago on my car seats. My cat got stuck in the car over night. Pooped, peed & then I ran over a fresh skunk killed in the road. My mom had just gifted me with the car! Bought SCOE 10X, used it, it worked.

TODAY, the car is still order free & I had a small amount left in the container about a yr later and the same cat got stuck in another car here, pooped & I tried the old stuff on that spot thinking I would have to order more and even tho old, the stuff worked.

NOTHING works like this stuff. Even the older solution worked well!

Folks, I have tried everything else and this is it. So save your selves some hassle, order this. I LOVE SCOE 10X.

Thank you, thank you SCOE 10X folks!
Reviewed by Deborah Need - Seffner, FL  (October 14, 2015)
I've used this to get rid of cat pee.. this is the BEST STUFF EVER!!
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It Works or it's Free!
This stuff is amazing!!
Reviewed by Elizabeth White Heinz - Canon City, CO  (October 12, 2015)
I rarely write reviews for products, by this stuff is amazing! We have an extra bedroom that our cat got trapped in accidentally when the door got shut by accident. I used a black light to locate the urine stains and saturated my rug with SCOE 10X. As soon as the SCOE 10X was poured on the carpet, the smell was gone. I will be buying a big bottle so I always have some on hand. I do Adult Foster Care and will be recommending SCOE 10X to my colleagues.
SCOE 10X absolutely works!!
Reviewed by Elaine Melvin - Bettendorf, IA  (October 12, 2015)
Had a feline territory making issue in the house and SCOE 10X eliminated any trace of scent. Just buy this, the sprays on the big box shelves just don't work.
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It Works or it's Free!
It Really Works!!!!
Reviewed by Mayra Rosa - Port Orange, FL  (October 11, 2015)
I never thought we would find a solution to our problems, but SCOE 10X did it for us.

It is amazing and we recommended to anyone. It work so good we came back for more. Follow the instructions is the key!!!
It works!
Reviewed by Marianne Heaton - West Jordan, UT  (October 09, 2015)
I've bought a LOT of SCOE 10X, why? Because I have 3 cats that pee! They are not remarking because they can still smell the scent, it's a different issue.

I buy SCOE 10X because it works and because I love my kitties.

Be sure to follow the instructions carefully.
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It Works or it's Free!
Unbelievably Effective
Reviewed by George Petiya - Oakland Park, FL  (October 07, 2015)
I rarely take the time to do a product review but felt I had to after using your product twice. I have tried so many other products and nothing comes close to this for removing dog urine from carpets. If your reading this review contemplating purchasing this product, do yourself a favor and buy a big bottle. I was hopeful but still a little skeptical so I bought the smallest bottle. After having to use it twice with fantastic results I just placed an order for a bigger bottle to keep on hand. You wont regret it.
Reviewed by June Wilshusen - Yuma, CO  (September 22, 2015)
This stuff really works!
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It Works or it's Free!
Hands Down the best!
Reviewed by Tracy Brown - Ft Lauderdale, FL  (September 17, 2015)
Hands down! This stuff holds ALL the heavy weight titles for "AMAZING!' I have been using this stuff for almost five years. I have an English Mastiff that has incontinent issues. No small problem there. I originally bought the stuff for cat urine....MALE at that. It took the smell right out of my couch and the concrete in my garage.

I swear by this stuff it IS my go to ALWAYS!!!!
This stuff really works!!
Reviewed by Carol Lundergan - New Paltz, NY  (September 14, 2015)
We have 3 cats and 2 dogs who were using the house as their bathroom. The house smelled so bad that I was embarrassed to have anybody visit. We completely saturated all of the floors and carpets with SCOE 10X over the weekend and the house smells 1,000 times better than it did.

I'm amazed with the results amd have ordered another bottle to have it on hand for any future accidents. Thank you, thank you!!
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It Works or it's Free!
Reviewed by Paula Dillon - Westland, MI  (September 06, 2015)
I have tried EVERY pet odor elimination product in attempt to get rid of dog urine from my 2,200 foot carpeting. I bought the 5 gallon bottle and used it as directed. My home smells like the day I moved in!!

This is the most AMAZING product ever. I was skeptical, but desperate. I am so happy that I found your website. Thanks you for keeping your promise to completely eliminate odors. You saved me from replacing my carpets.
Reviewed by Mary Linn Lombardo - Wayne, NJ  (August 26, 2015)
As an animal rescue, there many times we are faced with dogs or cats being abandoned because they were not properly trained or medically cared for, resulting in inappropriate urination in the home. SCOE 10X has resolved these complaints and helped save the lives of innocent pets many people would dump in shelters. SCOE 10X has been generous in donating starter kits to our rescue so we may include them with adoptions so we may be proactive in assuring a forever adoption! Thank you SCOE 10X!
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It Works or it's Free!
It Worked!
Reviewed by Beckie Egerotn - Lone, WA  (August 14, 2015)
I originally bought this stuff for our carpet as we had a sick cat that kept going in the living room, and it worked!! Really well!

Recently though, I got an antique buffet from a thrift store. I refinish furniture so I have seen some pretty smelly furniture but this was really bad. As I began washing it down it got even more smelly and it was terrible!

So I sprayed the SCOE 10X all over it while it was still wet and waited. Well, it worked! Within a few hours it was gone, I don't have any more issues at all with it.

Thanks SCOE 10X! Your a life saver.
I will always recommend this product!
Reviewed by Steve Lindquist - Redlands, CA  (July 22, 2015)
Just a big thank you for delivering a product that does what it says! You saved me over $1000 in potential carpet replacement costs in the house I was renting.

I followed the instructions explicitly for dried cat urine and it completely eliminated the odor in the carpet and pad in three different areas of the house. One $40 bottle saved me about $1200 in repairs!!
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It Works or it's Free!
Dog urine odor gone!
Reviewed by Kristine Gugel - Chugiak, AK  (June 26, 2015)
I used your product in 3 areas in the home we purchased and it removed all the horrible smell of years of dog urine damage.

I have recommended it to others and also used it in my daughter in law's home with the same results.

Great stuff. It is so worth the cost and easier than rebuild!!
Works better than expected
Reviewed by Kathleen Burman - Gary, IN  (June 25, 2015)
I have 3 cats, one of them has a Urinary Tract condition and sometimes goes in places other than the litter box. This is not something he can help but my bedroom began smelling like a litter box.

I tried everything, Urine Gone from the vets office, vinegar and water then baking soda and the smell always came back. A co-worker recommended this product to me and I was skeptical but thought ok, it works or its free? What is there to lose?

I mixed a batch and went to work. I didn't have a black light yet so I hit spots I KNEW he had urinated on. Noticed an improvement in overall smell then got a black light and hit the spots it showed me but ran out of product before I could get them all. However the improvement in smell without 100% treatment was enough that I just ordered a gallon refill bottle. I have another room that needs my attention and if this works as well as I expect it too I will be a lifetime customer!!
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It Works or it's Free!
First time user.... will be getting more!!!
Reviewed by Melinda Devaux - Hudson, FL  (June 20, 2015)
This was my first time using this product and am an animal lover living in florida. My animals are indoor animals because of the heat. I rent so It is very important to keep the house clean with no smell.

I have tried everything and anything. I was at my wits end and then I decided to learn what causes odor and how to eliminate it completely not just cover it up. I came across BioFog's SCOE 10X. It broke down the elements of odor and how odor needs to be properly eliminated. I was extremely uncertain about spending the money on a product that I had never heard of. Even tho they breakdown the odor process I still did my own research and they really knew what they were talking about. So I decided that I would try it.......

I couldn't be happier! Before I was even done placing the product on the carpets the smell was already dissipating! Was this too good to be true? Well I left the house for three hours came back and the carpet was dry and the smell was gone, completely gone. I was even able to put my nose right to the fibers and my noes was not insulted by any smell.

I will stand by this product completely and will continue to use SCOE 10X!!! This stuff really works I love it!!! If you have animals this product is what you need actually if you have any odors, laundry, pets, smoke, garbage, ect! love love will be placing a bigger order to do the entire house and keep some on hand for accidents asap!
Worth its Weight in Gold
Reviewed by Leslie Sears - Ely, NV  (May 27, 2015)
I let my two labs out to pee and BOTH got nailed by a skunk. I've had SCOE 10X on hand for several months, since I have several rescued feral cats - but I had forgotten that SCOE 10X works on skunk odor!! It was 2 a.m. and my husband was out of town. I drenched both dogs with SCOE 10X (and sprayed it in the air throughout my house). It is now 3 a.m., the dogs [odor free!!] have been rinsed and dried, and I'm going to bed. Thank God for SCOE 10X. NO HOUSEHOLD SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT!!
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It Works or it's Free!
Pet urine in a rental
Reviewed by Anthony Ball - Worthington, OH  (May 02, 2015)
I researched and read reviews, both bad and good, I tried some oxy stuff from the pet section, it worked a little on a big problem. The renter let his dogs (2) and cat both urinate and poo on cement floors in a lower level and basement. After scraping and moping with the oxy stuff, the smell remained.

I just got a gallon kit. Called customer service to tell them what I had put on the surface, they gave me an easy method to remove the oxy. I mixed the first batch as directed. I started in the worst room (where water was poured on the poo, instead of picking up, unreal, who does this? I was almost in disbelief that the smell was gone, what? Yes gone...I mixed another and another moving along keeping it wet as directed. When finished I was smelling something I could call "neutral" it smelled like nothing.

I called my wife down to see if my nose was not working. She could not smell what was there an hour previously. I would buy again and if you have doubts, do not. Follow instructions, and make bad smells disappear. Looking forward to smelling it tomorrow to make sure it worked. I have little doubt it will not smell.

Impressive stuff! No chemicals, safe for all. Will buy another gallon when needed.
I love my cats!
Reviewed by Chris Wilson - West Jordan, UT  (March 26, 2015)
This actually works!
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
Great Stuff
Reviewed by Katherine Ambrose - Franklin, NY  (March 23, 2015)
This is the second time buying SCOE 10X. I have a cat that some time's over shoots the litter box. This cat is about 30 lbs so he's a big boy.

I just love this stuff! It's the best there ever was!
Gets the job done!
Reviewed by B Jeanette Borthick - Salt Lake City, UT  (March 10, 2015)
Your prices seem outrageous, but when I looked back at my past orders (3) it confirmed my belief that I trust SCOE 10X to get the job done.
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
My 4th Order!
Reviewed by Meredith Obreiter - Wateretown, CT  (March 06, 2015)
I love SCOE 10X! Best product out there for urine eradication!!
I Love SCOE 10X!
Reviewed by Jennifer Brogan - Charlotte, NC (March 03, 2015)
SCOE 10X works!!!! I got a new cat and he sprayed all over a love seat in the house. After using this stuff the smell is completely gone. I have 2 Chihuahuas as well that think the carpet is just like the lawn outside. SCOE 10X gets the urine smell out too. I highly recommend this product all the time to people.
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
Reviewed by Joni Valliere - Seminole, FL (March 02, 2015)
I love this stuff! I even bought some for my daughter in college!
Wonderful stuff!
Reviewed by Sandra Sevy - Rainelle, WV (March 02, 2015)
I never dreamed that I could find a product that would get rid of cat urine. SCOE 10X really does! If you come up with a product that will prevent them from urinating again and again please send me an email. Thank you for the wonderful product.
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It Works or it's Free!
Works exactly as Advertised!
Reviewed by James Osborne - Suwanee, GA (February 28, 2015)
I have used this SCOE 10X and it worked exactly as advertised. I have recommended the product numerous times to colleagues and friends. Completely confident that they will be satisfied too.
It really works
Reviewed by Deborah J Beadling - Blackwood, NJ (February 27, 2015)
SCOE 10X really works, I use it for dog urine, and it takes the smell away.
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
Reviewed by Ardis Silva - San Antonio, TX (February 26, 2015)
SCOE 10X is incredible! Dried cat urine gone! Recommended your product to my daughter (who fosters kittens). She used it on a couch with dried cat urine. The smell and stains are gone.
My 9th Order!
Reviewed by Debra Cates - Noblesville, IN (February 24, 2015)
Don't waste your money on other odor removing products like Nature's Miracle...if you do, the pet odors will return. SCOE 10X works, but you have to use it properly! Follow the instructions! There's nothing else like it!
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
It's Great!
Reviewed by Joni Valliere - Seminole, FL (February 22, 2015)
SCOE 10X is the only product I have ever used that has REALLY worked on pet urine is great!
Reviewed by Rhea Forte - Nashville, TN (February 22, 2015)
SCOE 10X is phenomenal!! It performs exactly as they said it would!
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
SCOE 10X Works!
Reviewed by Janice Wickstrum - Prescott Valley, AZ (February 20, 2015)
Thank goodness for something that works. The odor is gone! My friends are very happy I found this product. Like I said, it WORKS! SCOE 10X is great. Thank you for making this product.
OK. I'm sold.
Reviewed by Lynn Young - Sandy Hook, CT (February 14, 2015)
I have 2 cats and 2 dogs of which one of the dogs is very old, and one of the cats has an issue with the other cat. I have been using products for many, many years from Natures Miracle to everything you can thing of. I just cleaned diarrhea on a new carpet. After cleaning the mess, I saturated the carpet area with SCOE 10X. IMMEDIATELY 90% of the smell disappeared. It was amazing. For the other 10%, I will repeat. THANK YOU GUYS. I am just so relieved.
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
SCOE 10X saved my inherited cat!
Reviewed by Sheila Sinotte - Waterbury, CT (February 13, 2015)
After Christmas, I discovered that my cat had been peeing behind the tree on the tree skirt. (Quite possible because of the strong pine scented icicles I hung on the tree). One area was wet and other areas inches away stunk horribly…yep he soaked my brand new wall-to-wall carpet underneath the skirt! I was just sick! I believe in natural cleaning methods and I soaked the area with a half gallon of vinegar. (I was afraid to use the peroxide method due to the risk of discoloration ). Well, two weeks later the dried carpet smelled like vinegar and pee….What the heck!!! I had spread the urine/odor in a two foot diameter! I could not even sit in the room due to the smell. I thought I would have to cut the rug out…the carpet company said new carpet would never match due to different dye lots. I searched the internet and found SCOE 10X. I couldn't understand why I couldn't go buy it at Petco or elsewhere…but the reviews were unbelievable and really just to good to be true. Well, I listened to other reviews and bought more than I thought I needed. I marked the diameter of the cat urine odor with coins by smelling where it stunk and where it didn't…wasn't fun. I followed the SCOE 10X directions for cat urine exactly…after soaking the area I thought how could the urine smell be gone immediately? Still in doubt, I covered the area with a round, plastic tablecloth for a couple of days. On my hands and knees sniffing my carpet…the urine odor was still gone. It has been weeks since I treated the carpet and the carpet is dry. The cat urine odor is gone! I have to admit that I have a super sensitive nose…my whole life I believed that nothing could take the odor of cat urine away, I stand corrected. Not only does SCOE 10X remove odor but it doesn't damage your rug. I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH!
It actually works!
Reviewed by Yolanda Zamora - Belen, NM (February 10, 2015)
I love SCOE 10X, it's the only one I have found that actually works!
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
Reviewed by Colin Conrad - Hibbing, MN (February 07, 2015)
SCOE 10X worked better than I could have ever expected on my cat urine problem!!!! Total satisfaction.
Wonderful stuff!
 (February 04, 2015)
SCOE 10X is everything the company claims and more. A stray tom cat came into my home and sprayed the laundry room and 2 clothes closets. I thought I was in a world of hurt, but this product removed every hint of odor everywhere! I just ordered more.
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
Awesome product!
Reviewed by Daniel Espada - Puyallup, WA (February 04, 2015)
SCOE 10X is by far the BEST odor eliminator I have EVER used.
Dog Urine
Reviewed by Ellen Terry - Kent, WA (February 01, 2015)
SCOE 10X is the only product that removes dog urine smell from my carpeting!
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
Highly recommended!
Reviewed by Mary Simon - Westlake, OH (January 29, 2015)
Biofog's SCOE 10X is super. I've tried other products and there has always been a residual odor. With SCOE 10X there was no odor remaining! Shipping is super fast, too. :)
Reviewed by Merrie Christmas - Poplarville, MS (January 27, 2015)
I rescue dogs and SCOE 10X is one of the best products for getting rid of odors I have found. This is my second order. And yes, that is my real name.
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
Miracle Product!
Reviewed by Eileen Rice - Lelane, NC (January 26, 2015)
SCOE 10X is amazing!!!! I was ready to replace 2 brand new carpets as a result of my cat urinating all over them...I AM TELLING EVERYONE ABOUT IT!!
3rd Order
Reviewed by Suzan Reynolds - Glendale, AZ (January 26, 2015)
This is my 3rd order. My returning should speak for itself. I have two griffon dogs and I find SCOE 10X to be the perfect odor eliminator.
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
My 7th Order!
Reviewed by Sandra Whitmer - Waterloo, IA (January 23, 2015)
This is the best product for removing smells that I've ever purchased.
Reviewed by Misty Ponthieux - Dry Prong, LA (January 23, 2015)
Great product. Got rid of smell that we thought would never come out. Amazing!
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
Saving our carpet and home!!!
Reviewed by Noel Druin - Kissimmee, FL (January 23, 2015)
I received my order last evening. Thanks for getting it to me so quickly! We used it on our stinky carpeted corner where the cats have been sneaking and using. That stuff is amazing!! It got rid of the odor with two treatments. And I'm talking about a lot of urine. Thanks for saving our carpet and home!!! You can depend on me ordering more when I have another problem!
Reviewed by Harriet Horn - Sioux City, IA (January 21, 2015)
I have used SCOE 10X for a long time. In fact, this is my seventh order. I love it!
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
Only one that works.
Reviewed by Barbara Mcintire - Oberlin, OH (January 20, 2015)
So far SCOE 10X has been the only product that has worked for me. It has kept me from giving my dog away. This is my 3rd order!
Excellent product!
Reviewed by Roxane Caspary - Atlanta, GA (January 19, 2015)
Excellent product and dependable. Could not live without SCOE 10X in a multi-pet household.
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
I Love SCOE 10X!
Reviewed by Annette Schiffer - North Bergen, NJ (January 15, 2015)
I love the product. SCOE 10X is truly the BEST product on the market for pet stains/odors! It does work! And this is my 5th order.
It Worked!
Reviewed by Kathleen Hykonen - Davis, CA (January 15, 2015)
I have a 17 year-old-cat who decided not to use her litter box, but use the guest bathroom floor. I tried everything to get rid of the pee smell. Nothing worked. I found your site on the computer and had to give it a try. It took four applications but the guest bath is odor free. The cat is still alive and using her litter box. All good things.
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!