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Immediate & Permanent Odor
Elimination Technology


is a technologically advanced ultra premium super concentrated odor eliminator released to the consumer market on July 1, 2006.  The success of SCOE 10X has been overwhelming.


  1. SCOE 10X is not sold in stores.  We developed SCOE 10X for our Service Division's use because every "odor elimination" product we tried failed to work.

  2. SCOE 10X is the only odor eliminator that eliminates all three components of odor which permanently eliminates any biological or organic odor.

  3. SCOE 10X permanently eliminates odor in seconds not hours or days.  SCOE 10X is as effective removing stains as it is eliminating odor.

  4. SCOE 10X contains no fragrances, alcohols or solvents (found in most other odor eliminator products like Febreze, ZeroOdor and Urine Gone) which are potentially dangerous.

  5. SCOE 10X is completely non-toxic, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, environmentally friendly and very safe to use.  SCOE 10X contains no biocidal properties whatsoever.

  6. SCOE 10X is safe to use indoors or outdoors on any animal or plant life; including being used directly on you or your pet.

  7. SCOE 10X is safe to use on any colorfast material including wood, concrete, metal, plastic, leather or fabric.

  8. SCOE 10X has a shelf-life of 2 years before or after dilution.

  9. SCOE 10X is shipped without added handling fees.  You only pay the actual shipping charges.  Orders received by 2:00 PM EST Monday - Friday are shipped the same day (excluding holidays).

  10. Used as directed, if SCOE 10X does not meet or exceed your expectations, we will buy it back including standard shipping costs.

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Please continue reading down the page for more detailed information on how and why SCOE 10X works so effectively.

Customer Real Life Success Stories

Click on the links below to read some of our Customer's real life success stories of how they have used SCOE 10X to eliminate odor.

Bear Pee in SUV
Skunk Test
Dying Lady Never Loses Dignity
Spoiled Fish in Fridge
Putrid Chicken in Car
Dog Urine in Basement
Dead Rat in Washing Machine
Cigarette Smoke in Home

Taxidermy Shop

So Many Success Stories
We receive story after story of how people have used and love SCOE 10X.  Stories about pet odor, rotting meat, cat urine, cigarette smoke odor, dog kennels, hospital bathrooms, wheelchair pads in nursing homes, professional carpet cleaners, a smelly kitchen sponge, a stinky diaper pail, bad shoe odor, even body odor (now that's a funny story).  The list of happy customer stories goes on and on - as does our 100% money-back guarantee.

Read customer reviews on the Reviews page for the most recent Customer's success stories.

What The "Other" Odor Eliminator Companies Fail To Reveal

1. Odor is More than Just "Odor Molecules"

There are THREE DISTINCT COMPONENTS that make up biological odor:

  1. A biological excretion or decomposition; such as urine, feces, vomit, sweat, skunk spray, meat, fish, cigarette smoke, etc.

  2. Odor causing bacteria; feeding on the biological excretion, bacteria rapidly multiply and produce lots and lots of odor molecules.

  3. Odor molecules; what your nose actually smells, are carried by biological excretions and are rapidly produced by odor causing bacteria feeding on the biological excretion.  

All three odor components must be eliminated by an odor elimination product to permanently eliminate a biological odor.  If these three components are not eliminated, the odor will naturally return.

2. Odor Cannot Be Permanently Eliminated From A Distance

All three components of odor must be eliminated for odor to be permanently eliminated.  Therefore, an odor eliminator must come in contact with the biological excretion.  This cannot be done from a distance; even if the distance is very small.  It is just physically and chemically impossible.

This is why room sprays and aerosols, or odor absorbers do not permanently eliminate odor.  These types of products never make direct contact with the real source of the odor.


How many so called "odor elimination" products have you already tried where the odor returns?  Here's reality: If the odor eliminator product doesn't eliminate all three odor components or doesn't come in direct contact with the biological excretion, the odor will naturally return. 

Why SCOE 10X Works

SCOE 10X is unlike and very different from all the other so-called odor eliminators.  SCOE 10X is a beneficial probiotic odor eliminator.  What this means is, SCOE 10X simultaneously performs the three separate odor eliminating functions that are needed to permanently eliminate the three components of biological odor :

  1. First function: SCOE 10X immediately captures and destroys odor molecules. 

  2. Second function: SCOE 10X attacks and destroys the odor causing bacteria's food source: the biological excretion.

  3. Third function: due to SCOE 10X eliminating the biological excretion, the natural result is the odor causing bacteria, now with-out food, starve to death.  Consequently, no more odor molecules are produced. 

Simply put, SCOE 10X eliminates the bacterial food source (the odor causing bacteria die) and destroys the odor molecules (the odor is eliminated), thereby permanently eliminating the biological odor. 

SCOE 10X is Proven Safe
Unlike other odor eliminators (especially any containing alcohol), SCOE 10X is proven to be environmentally friendly, non-toxic and very safe to use.  You can even safely spray SCOE 10X directly onto your pet!  We have extensively tested SCOE 10X for effectiveness and safety in our laboratory and consequently through everyday use by BioFOG’s service division.  Our service division stays in business because SCOE 10X is extremely safe and really works!  SCOE 10X is safe to use on any surface and all colorfast fabrics and leather.

Who is BioFOG?
BioFOG, Inc. develops and manufactures proprietary odor elimination products like SCOE 10X at our Alpharetta, Georgia facilities.  If you would like more information about BioFOG, Inc. click here.  If you happen to be in our neighborhood, please stop on in, we don't mind.  We would love to demonstrate to you how effective SCOE 10X is at eliminating problem odor. 

SCOE 10X will permanently eliminate:

  • Human urine, feces, vomit, perspiration, body and shoe odor
  • Dog, cat, pet, raccoon, pig, horse, cow, any animal's urine, feces and vomit odor
  • Cigarette smoke odor
  • Rotting meat, fish, poultry and garbage odor
  • Skunk spray odor
  • Gasoline/Fuel odor

is a concentrate. One (1) ounce of SCOE 10X makes ten (10) ounces of Ready-To-Use product.  Yes, this means you will have to mix the product with water.  (This avoids you paying a company to add water to a concentrate and the added shipping costs for the weight of water.)  SCOE 10X has a shelf-life of 2 years after dilution.

Shipping Charges
Speaking of shipping charges, we do not charge "Handling Fees" like other companies.  We believe adding "Handling Fees" or "Processing Fees" are not part of doing good business.  Therefore, your shipping charges are exactly what UPS or the U.S. Postal Service charges us.  Orders placed before 2:00 pm EST, Monday thru Friday (excluding holidays), are shipped the same day.  Overnight, Saturday deliveries are available if the order is placed by calling our office at 678-648-4015. 

What Size Bottle Do I Buy?
The size of bottle that you buy will always be determined by the size of the problem.  If it's a small problem, like a litter box or diaper pail, then buy the "Starter Kit".  A big problem, like dog urine covering a basement floor or a skunk got in your house and sprayed, then buy the 64 oz. size bottle (makes 5 gallons).  If you're in the carpet cleaning business, then the 5.5 gallon pail (makes 55 gallons) would be the right choice.  SCOE 10X is packaged in 8 concentrate sizes:

  1.   The "Starter Kit" - One 3.2 Fl. Oz. bottle (makes 32 Fl. Oz. Ready-To-Use "RTU") and one Heavy Duty SCOE 10X Spray Bottle.
    $19.95  Order Now

  2.   Two (2) 3.2 Fl. Oz. Spray Bottle refills.  Refills the 32 Fl. Oz. Spray Bottle twice.
    $24.95  Order Now

  3.   The "Proof SCOE 10X works Kit" - Includes a "Starter Kit", plus one vial of pure skunk oil and one vial of animal Urine/Feces concentrate.  This kit is for testing purposes for the die-hard skeptic.
    $27.95  Order Now

  4.   13 Fl. Oz. bottle (makes 1 gallon RTU).
    $29.95  Order Now

  5.   32 Fl. Oz. bottle (makes 2.5 gallons RTU).
    $59.95  Order Now

  6.   64 Fl. Oz. bottle (makes 5 gallons RTU).
    $89.95  Order Now

  7. 128 Fl. Oz. bottle (makes 10 gallons RTU).
    $149.95  Order Now

  8.   5.5 gallon pail (makes  55 gallons (RTU).
    $499.95  Order Now

We will even sell you a 55 gallon barrel of concentrate for your really, really big odor problems, but you will need to call to place that order.

Real Value
We sell a quality product that really works, at a great price, and it's 100% guaranteed! 

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is guaranteed to eliminate your problem odors.  Click here to start your own SCOE 10X success story!  Order Now.