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Watch Us on The Balancing Act! - In this television segment, BioFOG's President and odor elimination expert, John Davidson, meets with Marybel Rodriguez, host of The Balancing Act. John discusses what products work for what odors and the best way to eliminate certain odors permanently with SCOE 10X! 


Dead Skunk Test - SCOE 10X is put to the ultimate test. In this impromptu video, watch how two men were able to put their noses within 2 inches of a dead skunk less than 60 seconds after treating it with SCOE 10X!  It is stunning. 




All Customer Reviews are from actual SCOE 10X customers.  All reviews are unsolicited, unedited and posted within 24 hours of receipt. 

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  It really works
Deborah Beadling - Blackwood, NJ   (Friday, February 27, 2015)

SCOE 10X really works, I use it for dog urine, and it takes the smell away.

Marian Valentine - Grapevine, TX   (Thursday, February 26, 2015)

SCOE 10X is incredible! Dried cat urine gone!

Recommended your product to my daughter (who fosters kittens). She used it on a couch with dried cat urine. The smell and stains are gone.

It Works or it's Free!

  My 9th Order!
Debra Cates - Noblesville, IN   (Tuesday, February 24, 2015)

Don't waste your money on other odor removing products like Nature's Miracle...if you do, the pet odors will return.

SCOE 10X works, but you have to use it properly! Follow the instructions! There's nothing else like it!

Rhea Forte - Nashville, TN   (Sunday, February 22, 2015)

SCOE 10X is phenomenal!! It performs exactly as they said it would!

It Works or it's Free!

  It's Great!
Molly Rekstis - Ft. Myers, FL   (Sunday, February 22, 2015)

SCOE 10X is the only product I have ever used that has REALLY worked on pet urine is great!

  SCOE 10X Works!
Janice Wickstrum - Prescott Valley, AZ   (Friday, February 20, 2015)

Thank goodness for something that works. The odor is gone! My friends are very happy I found this product.

Like I said, it WORKS! SCOE 10X is great.

Thank you for making this product.

It Works or it's Free!

  OK. I'm sold.
Lynn Young - Sandy Hook, CT   (Saturday, February 14, 2015)

I have 2 cats and 2 dogs of which one of the dogs is very old, and one of the cats has an issue with the other cat. I have been using products for many, many years from Natures Miracle to everything you can thing of.

I just cleaned diarrhea on a new carpet. After cleaning the mess, I saturated the carpet area with SCOE 10X. IMMEDIATELY 90% of the smell disappeared. It was amazing. For the other 10%, I will repeat.

THANK YOU GUYS. I am just so relieved.

  SCOE 10X saved my inherited cat!
Sheila Sinotte - Waterbury, CT   (Friday, February 13, 2015)

After Christmas, I discovered that my cat had been peeing behind the tree on the tree skirt. (Quite possible because of the strong pine scented icicles I hung on the tree).

One area was wet and other areas inches away stunk horribly…yep he soaked my brand new wall-to-wall carpet underneath the skirt! I was just sick!

I believe in natural cleaning methods and I soaked the area with a half gallon of vinegar. (I was afraid to use the peroxide method due to the risk of discoloration ).

Well, two weeks later the dried carpet smelled like vinegar and pee….What the heck!!! I had spread the urine/odor in a two foot diameter! I could not even sit in the room due to the smell. I thought I would have to cut the rug out…the carpet company said new carpet would never match due to different dye lots.

I searched the internet and found SCOE 10X. I couldn't understand why I couldn't go buy it at Petco or elsewhere…but the reviews were unbelievable and really just to good to be true.

Well, I listened to other reviews and bought more than I thought I needed. I marked the diameter of the cat urine odor with coins by smelling where it stunk and where it didn't…wasn't fun.

I followed the SCOE 10X directions for cat urine exactly…after soaking the area I thought how could the urine smell be gone immediately? Still in doubt, I covered the area with a round, plastic tablecloth for a couple of days.

On my hands and knees sniffing my carpet…the urine odor was still gone.

It has been weeks since I treated the carpet and the carpet is dry. The cat urine odor is gone!

I have to admit that I have a super sensitive nose…my whole life I believed that nothing could take the odor of cat urine away, I stand corrected. Not only does SCOE 10X remove odor but it doesn't damage your rug.


It Works or it's Free!

  It actually works!
Yolanda Zamora - Belen, NM   (Tuesday, February 10, 2015)

I love SCOE 10X, it's the only one I have found that actually works!

  SCOE 10X!
Colin Conrad - Hibbing, MN   (Saturday, February 07, 2015)

SCOE 10X worked better than I could have ever expected on my cat urine problem!!!! Total satisfaction.

It Works or it's Free!

  Awesome product!
Daniel Espada - Puyallup, WA   (Wednesday, February 04, 2015)

SCOE 10X is by far the BEST odor eliminator I have EVER used.

  Wonderful stuff!
Rev. Ruth Moderhak - Tulare, CA   (Wednesday, February 04, 2015)

SCOE 10X is everything the company claims and more. A stray tom cat came into my home and sprayed the laundry room and 2 clothes closets. I thought I was in a world of hurt, but this product removed every hint of odor everywhere! I just ordered more.

It Works or it's Free!

  Dog Urine
Ellen Terry - Kent, WA   (Sunday, February 01, 2015)

SCOE 10X is the only product that removes dog urine smell from my carpeting!

  Highly recommended!
Mary Simon - Westlake, OH   (Thursday, January 29, 2015)

Biofog's SCOE 10X is super. I've tried other products and there has always been a residual odor. With SCOE 10X there was no odor remaining! Shipping is super fast, too. :)

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X
Merrie Christmas - Poplarville, MS   (Tuesday, January 27, 2015)

I rescue dogs and SCOE 10X is one of the best products for getting rid of odors I have found.

This is my second order. And yes, that is my real name.

  3rd Order
Suzan Reynolds - Glendale, AZ   (Monday, January 26, 2015)

This is my 3rd order. My returning should speak for itself. I have two griffon dogs and I find SCOE 10X to be the perfect odor eliminator.

It Works or it's Free!

  Miracle Product!
Eileen Rice - Lelane, NC   (Monday, January 26, 2015)

SCOE 10X is amazing!!!! I was ready to replace 2 brand new carpets as a result of my cat urinating all over them...I AM TELLING EVERYONE ABOUT IT!!

  Saving our carpet and home!!!
Noel Druin - Kissimmee, FL   (Friday, January 23, 2015)

I received my order last evening. Thanks for getting it to me so quickly!

We used it on our stinky carpeted corner where the cats have been sneaking and using. That stuff is amazing!! It got rid of the odor with two treatments. And I'm talking about a lot of urine. Thanks for saving our carpet and home!!! You can depend on me ordering more when I have another problem!

It Works or it's Free!

Misty Ponthieux - Dry Prong, LA   (Friday, January 23, 2015)

Great product. Got rid of smell that we thought would never come out. Amazing!

  My 7th Order!
Sandra Whitmer - Waterloo, IA   (Friday, January 23, 2015)

This is the best product for removing smells that I've ever purchased.

It Works or it's Free!

Harriet Horn - Sioux City, IA   (Wednesday, January 21, 2015)

I have used SCOE 10X for a long time. In fact, this is my seventh order. I love it!

  Only one that works.
Barbara McIntire - Oberlin, OH   (Tuesday, January 20, 2015)

So far SCOE 10X has been the only product that has worked for me. It has kept me from giving my dog away. This is my 3rd order!

It Works or it's Free!

  Excellent product!
Roxane Caspary - Atlanta, GA   (Monday, January 19, 2015)

Excellent product and dependable. Could not live without SCOE 10X in a multi-pet household.

  It Worked!
Kathleen Hykonen - Davis, CA   (Thursday, January 15, 2015)

I have a 17 year-old-cat who decided not to use her litter box, but use the guest bathroom floor. I tried everything to get rid of the pee smell. Nothing worked.

I found your site on the computer and had to give it a try.

It took four applications but the guest bath is odor free. The cat is still alive and using her litter box. All good things.

It Works or it's Free!

  I Love SCOE 10X!
Annette Schiffer - North Bergen, NJ   (Thursday, January 15, 2015)

I love the product. SCOE 10X is truly the BEST product on the market for pet stains/odors! It does work! And this is my 5th order.

  Cat urine odor remover
Margaret Hall - Oxnard, CA   (Saturday, January 10, 2015)

This is the most amazing odor remover I have ever tried. Used as directed it totally eliminated the odor of cat urine without covering it up.

My daughter is a veterinarian in Thousand Oaks, California. I gave her some and suggested she try it and possibly recommend to her clients who have problems.

It Works or it's Free!

  Incredible Product!
Warren Hays - Oakley, CA   (Thursday, January 08, 2015)

This is the 2nd time I have purchased SCOE 10X.

My wife could not believe how quickly it eliminated both dog & cat urine smell.

We adopted Annie, our dog from the shelter, she had lost her right front leg & is 10-12 years old, & has been having urination problems. Until we used SCOE 10X, we were throwing towels, bedding & blankets out. Now, we use your product,and are able to wash everything.

We also have about 15 cats that we trapped, spayed or neutered, (only 2-3 come indoors) but your SCOE 10X eliminated the urine smell right away.

Fantastic product. Thank you. Warren & De De Hays

  The BEST!
Marybeth O Neil - Lake City, MN   (Tuesday, January 06, 2015)

Most effective odor controlling product I have ever used.

It Works or it's Free!

  This is the best!!
Sherry York - Comstock Park, MI   (Sunday, January 04, 2015)

I have 5 cats and while they are the loves of my life they can at times have accidents. I have tried most every product out there, Dumb Cat, Natures Miracle, Natures Secret Weapon and many others.

This is by far the best at removing cat urine odors! Old or new this does the job fast and completely! I have had cats for 30 years and I have never come across a product that does such a good job. I have also used it for other odors and it took care of them right away also.

You have a customer for life! Thank you for making a product that does what it says it will do and works fast!

Thelma Rosenberg - Flushing, NY   (Friday, January 02, 2015)

SCOE 10X really works! It is the best product for eliminating odor that I ever had.

It Works or it's Free!

  This stuff really works!
Valerie Stapleton - Crescent City, CA   (Wednesday, December 24, 2014)

I think SCOE 10X is the best odor eliminator I've ever used. I have recommended it to my employer who purchased it for their motel that allows pets. I have multiple cats and this stuff really works!

  Excellent Product!
Kathleen Johnstone - Carlsbad, CA   (Tuesday, December 23, 2014)

SCOE 10X is an excellent product, safe to use around house, family and pets. It's my 3rd purchase of this product, and I will continue to keep it in stock as a cleaning agent in my home.

It has a wide variety of uses, and does not leave any residual odor behind like so may other products do. Its safe to use on fabrics and carpets and have not had discoloration problems like other competitive products create. Very satisfied with the company and product. Thank you.

It Works or it's Free!

  I love SCOE 10X!
Juli Thompson - Hidden Valley Lake, CA   (Sunday, December 21, 2014)

I love SCOE 10X! I haven't found anything better for cat pee odor!

  My 7th Order!
Gloria McMahon - Schertz, TX   (Sunday, December 21, 2014)

I have used SCOE 10X as both a spray for odors and also used it in the washer for removal of cat urine odors or blankets and towels. It works great!

I won't be shopping for anything different after using SCOE 10X!

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X really works!
Denise Rowland - Albany, GA   (Thursday, December 18, 2014)

I loved SCOE 10X when I bought it for a big cleanup job last year, and now my mom has a big cleanup job so I'm getting some for her and am about to place a second order for myself. SCOE 10X really works!

  Dogs stay, odors go!
Kourtney Levens - Mont Belvieu, TX   (Tuesday, December 16, 2014)

For whatever reason, our Beagle and Terrier decided to keep urinating in our brand new house, on the brand new carpet! I had the carpets professionally cleaned by Kiwi, Stanley Steamer and a local company, but the smell never went away. They even claimed to have 'used special enzymes' that penetrated the carpet padding. Yeah right!

My husband was so nauseated by the smell, we seriously considered getting rid of the dogs. Nothing would short of replacing the carpet and padding would work.

Till we tried SCOE 10X!!! Holy cow! I mix it up and inject it into the carpet padding (hold at a 45 degree angle while sticking it through the carpet so it doesn't break the needle) and it completely eliminates the odor! I used it on month-old places and still, it eradicated the odor completely, right before my nose!

It works so well, a year later when my carpet cleaners came back for $4 a room, I asked them to use it in their machine, AND THEY DID!! He said it works better than their commercial cleaners!!

Thanks to SCOE 10X, my dogs are still here!

It Works or it's Free!

  Cat Urine Odor
Scott Myers - Atchison, KS   (Monday, December 15, 2014)

I don't write product reviews. But I rescue cats. I have ten cats at a time in my home as I find homes for them. Needless to say, I searched far and wide for a product that actually removes cat urine odor. Most products just mask the odor. This stuff actually works. I was shocked!

I didn't think there was a way to remove the odor, but this does the trick. And if it works for me, it will work for a 1 or 2 cat home when used according to the instructions. I do recommend this product, and I don't recommend many.

  Best of the Best!
Robert Leavitt - McKinleyville, CA   (Wednesday, December 10, 2014)

SCOE 10X is the only solution to completely solve an odor problem 'Like it never Happened!'

It Works or it's Free!

  Stray Cat
Karen Griffin - Rural Hall, NC   (Tuesday, December 09, 2014)

Two years ago I allowed a stray cat into my home. He promptly sprayed the carpet in my guest bedroom, and I have been attempting to eliminate the awful smell of cat urine ever since. I shampooed and scrubbed and used powders, foams and sprays in great quantities, but nothing worked. For some time I have been using a deodorizer that sprays intermittently to help cover up the odor (a temporary fix at best).

When I recently read about SCOE 10X on line, I was skeptical but ordered it anyway. One application three days ago completely eliminated the odor. This is the room my son will be sleeping in when he comes home for Christmas, so I am especially delighted that SCOE 10X did such a fantastic job!

Thank you Biofog for making SCOE 10X available. The cost was minimal compared to the two years of stink and frustration I have endured. I highly recommend this product to anyone who needs to get rid of a stubborn odor.

Marybeth O Neil - Lake City, MN   (Sunday, December 07, 2014)

SCOE 10X works better than any other product I have tried, and I have tried many!

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X worked great!
Vikki Marinich - Imlay, NV   (Saturday, December 06, 2014)

SCOE 10X cleaned and took out the smell from old puppy accidents!

  Really Like!
Nanci Crock - Finksburg, MD   (Thursday, December 04, 2014)

I really like SCOE 10X! Great product. That is why I have ordered four times!

It Works or it's Free!

  Works on cat urine!
Jonathan Hooper - Oklahoma City, OK   (Monday, December 01, 2014)

It's been very hard to find a product that gets cat urine out of furniture. I've finally found that in SCOE 10X!!!

  Totally satisfied!
Lisa Goffinet - St. Clair, MO   (Monday, December 01, 2014)

Best odor removing product ever! Great price and easy to order!

It Works or it's Free!

  This product rocks!
John Wilson - Nantucket, MA   (Friday, November 28, 2014)

I used SCOE 10X on my couch to remove cat urine/ spray and it worked perfectly! I can put my nose right up to the areas that had previously smelled horrible and I cannot detect one bit of odor at all anymore! This was over 4 months ago and the odor has never returned either.

I am super satisfied and pleased with the power of this product. Quite honestly I was very skeptical at first. Now I'm a believer! Even my girlfriend was amazed. She was ready to toss this beautiful couch that I had purchased only two years ago.

  Absolutely the best!
Jim Morris - Fairfax, VA   (Wednesday, November 26, 2014)

SCOE 10X is the best odor eliminator I've ever used! I'm a goalie for a hockey team, and as any hockey player will tell you hockey gear can get quite funky after a game. My gloves and chest protector reek after a game, but after a few sprays of SCOE 10X the odor is completely gone - except for being wet with perspiration, you'd never be able to tell the equipment was just used in a game. I highly recommend this product!

It Works or it's Free!

  It worked wonderfully!
Patricia Schlottman - Berlin, MD   (Tuesday, November 25, 2014)

My cat had urinated on the arm of my sofa and I was starting to think I would have to get rid of the sofa due to the smell. I used SCOE 10X and the odor is gone completely. I am extremely impressed and will recommend this product to others!

  Best odor eliminator ever!
Mary Simon - Westlake, OH   (Friday, November 21, 2014)

I've had problems with my male cats urinating outside the litter boxes and had tried other products. They all left an odor which, when it was in the dining room or living room, was unacceptable.

Then SCOE 10X arrived, I mixed it up and within an hour, the smell was gone.This product is SUPER! Thank you BioFog!

It Works or it's Free!

  The Best!
Eileen Goan - Cottonwood, AL   (Wednesday, November 19, 2014)

Best product EVER for killing difficult odors. We have 25 rescue dogs. We wouldn't be able to breathe without SCOE 10X.

This is my 9th order!

  Great product!
Leslie Coshun - Waukesha, WI   (Tuesday, November 18, 2014)

Used SCOE 10X on a leather couch and it worked fine. Buying more to use on carpets for old pet stains.

It Works or it's Free!

  Love SCOE 10X!
Barbara Higley - Hiawatha, KS   (Monday, November 10, 2014)

I love this product (SCOE 10X) it gets rid of the odors just as it says it does. Thank you Biofog,Inc!

  Thank you SCOE 10X!
Susan Sproch - Angola, IN   (Thursday, November 06, 2014)

This product is all it claims to be. Like a miracle, pet odors disappear & it's so easy to use. Thank you so much!!!!

It Works or it's Free!

  Love SCOE 10X!
Amber Schwartz - Helena, MT   (Tuesday, November 04, 2014)

I LOVE this product! It is the only product I have ever found that works. It is a bit pricey, but worth it. The only thing I would suggest is lowering shipping prices - they are a little outrageous in combination with how expensive the product already is. I would probably purchase more often if it was not so expensive.

Dan Kay - Riverton, UT   (Tuesday, November 04, 2014)

Great product that lives up to the hype! Delivery was 2 days faster than anticipated!

It Works or it's Free!

  The Best!
Dolores Menapace - State College, PA   (Saturday, November 01, 2014)

SCOE 10X is the best urine removal product I've ever used. Works extremely well on various items.

  I'm a believer!
Mary Rose - Midland, TX   (Thursday, October 30, 2014)

I absolutely believe in SCOE 10X. I have used it once before and it works. I will continue to purchase this product as long as I need an odor eliminator.

It Works or it's Free!

  5 Thumbs Up!
Lisa Lazorchak - Galeton, PA   (Friday, October 24, 2014)

I love SCOE 10X. It completely removes cat urine smell. It gets 5 thumbs up from me.

Terri Willis - Waco, TX   (Wednesday, October 22, 2014)

This product works. We are in the Real Estate business and often have pet urine on carpets. Cleaning the carpet with our industrial carpet cleaning machine did not do anything for the stain and horrible smell until I tried Scoe 10X. This stuff works.

It Works or it's Free!

  It's Awesome!
Andrew Lidman - Lincolnton, NC   (Wednesday, October 22, 2014)

SCOE 10X really, truly works! I have ordered this product a couple times before, and any time our male cats spray inside our apartment, we order it again, and it TOTALLY eliminates any trace of that nasty smell every time!!!!

Kevin Menefee - Crown Point, IN   (Monday, October 20, 2014)

I don't give reviews EVER. But I need to in this case. Hands down IT WORKS!! Any one that didn't get it to work simply didn't follow directions. IT'S THAT SIMPLE. SCOE 10X is AMAZING and completely destroyed the cat urine smell in my front room. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats and believe me this stuff works!!

You MUST follow the directions to the letter or you'll get less than desirable results. Simply put again, follow the directions and it WILL WORK. I'm 100% satisfied and am a returning customer and will not waste my time using anything else. I LOVE THIS STUFF!!

It Works or it's Free!

Clydie Gaines - Wichita, KS   (Sunday, October 19, 2014)

SCOE 10X is the only product that I have found to kill urine odor while training my pups. Works great. Kills odors instantly and they don't come back. It delivered as promised and I couldn't be happier. This is my second order. I keep it on hand in case of accidents now.

  I highly recommend SCOE 10X!
Margaret Mariger - Kenmore, WA   (Thursday, October 16, 2014)

We had cat urine order so badly and three products used did not eliminate the odor, but your product (SCOE 10X) worked with the first application. I highly recommend this product!

It Works or it's Free!

Debra S. - Los Angeles, CA   (Tuesday, October 14, 2014)

My big heart caused me to have (rescue) 11 cats. My house started to really reek of cat pee - I was embarrassed to have people over unless I cleaned for two days. I tried it all and I do mean ALL. Vinegar helped but did not totally remove the smell.

I would not have believed how well SCOE 10X worked until I tried it. I had to do it twice because of the heavy urine saturation on a tile & grout floor - but after the second treatment you would never know the smell was ever there!

I am ordering another large bottle to mix up & have some on hand. I highly recommend for spraying cat problems!

  Works very well!
Deb Austin - Chambersburg, PA   (Tuesday, October 14, 2014)

I used SCOE 10X to remove urine odors from the subfloor when carpet was removed. It worked very well!

It Works or it's Free!

  Great Stuff!
Stephani Stewart - Oklahoma City, OK   (Thursday, October 09, 2014)

Great product, have used in the past and recommended to others who have also been satisfied as well.

This stuff WILL get rid of urine odors! 5 Stars!

  Enormously Impressed!
Joan Dalton - Mooresville, NC   (Tuesday, October 07, 2014)

I initially saw an ad for this product in a magazine and wanted to give it a try. I purchased the smallest amount of the product to see if it would work and I was enormously impressed. So I have returned to purchase a larger amount to suit my needs.

It Works or it's Free!

Karen Martin - Mount Pleasant, TX   (Friday, October 03, 2014)

SCOE 10X is awesome! I can't believe how well it worked. And to think I now have my couch back smelling awesome...

  Works as advertised!
Alan Johnson - Orland, MA   (Wednesday, October 01, 2014)

SCOE 10X works as advertised!! Follow instructions and let set for 20 minutes and the odors are GONE!!

Where has this been hiding all these years? My wife found it by accident while searching the internet for odor elimination products. We have tried just about everything on the market and in pet stores to eliminate cat scents.

Several nice chairs and couches have been thrown out. Maybe, if we had this product they might have been saved.

It Works or it's Free!

  Actually works!!
Patricia Denzer - Edinburg, NY   (Wednesday, October 01, 2014)

This is the first odor removal product I have tried that actually works. The key to this product as with most things... follow directions....

  This is one that works!
Toni Myles - Morrison, CO   (Monday, September 29, 2014)

SCOE 10X is the only product that works on urine!

It Works or it's Free!

Shannon Spellman - Glendale, AZ   (Friday, September 26, 2014)

Thank you so much for your product! Finally I think I have successfully de-skunked my dog!

I encourage everybody to order some to have on hand for whenever you might need it for whatever reason!

Sharon Veenker - Englewood, FL   (Thursday, September 25, 2014)

I've been using this product to keep my 98 year old mother's bedroom and bathroom smelling fresh and I'm 100% happy with it. I recommended it to friends also.

It Works or it's Free!

  I'm a forever customer!
Terri Warner - Cordova, TN   (Wednesday, September 24, 2014)

Love your product SCOE 10X. It works and my cats and I are forever customers. Thanks!

Clarice Depaoli - Fallon, NV   (Wednesday, September 24, 2014)

SCOE 10X is the best odor eliminator I've ever used! Am very happy with the results!

It Works or it's Free!

  This is my second order of SCOE 10X
Tamara Biddle - Randolph, WI   (Friday, September 19, 2014)

I have been very happy with the performance of SCOE 10X.

On our family farm we have 6 children and 5 cats in the household. SCOE 10X has been put to use on urine and pet odors in furniture, carpeting and mattresses.

We have used it on clothing (synthetics that trap body odor) and in every instance, SCOE 10X has eliminated the odor.

In addition, we have family members with allergies to many scented products, but no one showed any symptoms of allergy to SCOE 10X.

Thanks for a great product that does exactly what it is marketed to do.

  Great Stuff!
Roger Cardinal - Neenah, WI   (Wednesday, September 17, 2014)

I had a terrible cat urine smell in the concrete floor of the basement. I got down on my knees to see if that was where it came from. I almost gagged it was so bad, and we haven't had a cat for several years. It smelled like it just happened.

I searched the internet for a solution, and found SCOE 10X. I read some reviews and decided to take a chance.

I applied it per directions and a few hours later went back and could barely smell anything. I repeated the application and now the smell is completely gone.This stuff is incredible!

It Works or it's Free!

  Second Order
Joy Gilson - Hudson, NH   (Tuesday, September 16, 2014)

Second order, I don't flinch at the price whatsoever because I know what I'm getting, a product that works!

For those that are skeptical or have never tried it, just order it, you can thank me later.

SCOE 10X is a miracle product . I tell everyone about it .

  Best Odor Eliminator Ever!
Ryan Rafalke - Mentor, OH   (Tuesday, September 16, 2014)

There's nothing better than SCOE 10X for permanently eliminating cat and dog urine from carpet. We have two small dogs and two cats that have had their share of accidents on our family room rug.

SCOE 10X removes even the smelliest of urine and feces odors from carpets and rugs.

I wish we would have found SCOE 10X sooner because had we known about this amazing product sooner, we'd have kept our expensive rug, shoes, and clothes we've thrown away over the last few years.

I promise you will NEVER find a more effective product on the face of this earth!

It Works or it's Free!

Tammy Payne - Covington, GA   (Friday, September 12, 2014)

Love this product. SCOE 10X is the only thing I've found that actually works to fully remove pet urine odor.

  Great Job!
Roger Zielinski - Allen Park, MI   (Wednesday, September 10, 2014)

SCOE 10X does a great job eliminating pet and child urine odors and stains. I've been a customer for several years, and I'm back again for more of your concentrate.

It Works or it's Free!

  The Ultimate Test!
Carol Holden - Vancouver, WA   (Tuesday, September 09, 2014)

SCOE 10X is the High King of Odor Eliminators. It removed the smell of adult, human waste from a carpet. There can't be anything worse than that, and SCOE 10X came through!

L'donna Thomsen - Selma, CA   (Monday, September 08, 2014)

SCOE 10X does what it says and delivery time is great!!!! Fantastic product!

I have spent so much money on other products that can't even come close to what SCOE 10X does. I am a loyal customer from now on!!

It Works or it's Free!

Beverley Marshman - Covelo, CA   (Monday, September 08, 2014)

I have a dog rescue with over 20 dogs and other critters in the house. SCOE 10X does the job the best of any other. I love it.

  Dog urine in concrete
Mary Alice Nance - Graham, TX   (Wednesday, August 27, 2014)

My husband and I purchased a rental house in which the owner had kept dogs. The carpet was so soaked with urine we removed it and thought that would fix the problem, not so! The urine had soaked into the concrete slab and we were sure we would not be able to rent the house the smell was so bad.

We found SCOE 10X online and ordered it. We mixed it according to directions and used a pump-up sprayer and sprayed the concrete and covered it with plastic and left it over night. We did this two times - NO MORE ODOR!

We would recommend this product to anyone with concrete saturated with urine.

It Works or it's Free!

  Really does work!
Tracy Howard - Kennesaw, GA   (Wednesday, August 27, 2014)

I purchased the starter kit just to see if the product would work. I am now going to purchase a larger amount. SCOE 10X is amazing. I still can't believe it works. I have tried literally everything on the market.

I stumbled on this site. I wish I could buy it in Alpharetta, I am only 15 min. from there. Gotta go order more!

  Cat Urine
Robynn Goff - Sandy, OR   (Monday, August 25, 2014)

Was doubtful that anything would work on the odor of cat urine. I was so surprised when it actually did what it said it would do. What more can I say about a product that really works. Follow the directions & IT WORKS :)

KUDOS SCOE 10X! My home is back to normal.

It Works or it's Free!

  Cat urine
Krista Strickler - Elizabethtown, PA   (Thursday, August 21, 2014)

Amazing, SCOE 10X is amazing. I tried everything to remove cat urine smell from my carpet, nothing worked. I sent for this product, followed mixing directions and used it immediately. SMELL is gone! A little expensive but well worth the money.....

  SCOE 10X
Dorothy Carscadden - Leasburg, NC   (Sunday, August 17, 2014)

This is the best product for odor removal ever. It works. No question!

It is also the best SPOT REMOVER I've ever seen, whether there's an odor or not. And it doesn't change the color of the fabric, etc. whether the spot has an odor or not. Just wanted to add this to all the praise.

It Works or it's Free!

  It Works!
Sheila Skinner - Lewiston, ID   (Saturday, August 16, 2014)

I felt the same as others reading thru the reviews and thinking this sounds to good to be true. I had nothing to lose but my cat.

After getting a puppy our cat was unhappy and started peeing. Tried many products but the odor always returned.

I thought we were going to have to get rid of him until I got SCOE 10X. My house smells great! I really thought it would fail, soooo glad it didn't!

Lori Jaton - Sioux Falls, SD   (Saturday, August 16, 2014)

My husband and I bought a flip house that reeked of smoke smell and pet urine. It was awful.

We bought SCOE 10X and used it like they instructed. It was amazing. Unbelieveable. It blocked all odors. You MUST be sure the area stays wet for at least 20 minutes. We are ordering again... try it. You will be amazed.

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X!
Ed Antolik - Chandler, AZ   (Friday, August 15, 2014)

This product is a heaven send. It saved a bedroom from cat urine and living room carpet from a dog marking competition.

As long as the product gets to all of the infected areas (which meant pouring a buck of the product on the carpet and letting it sit) it will completely eliminate the smell.

Although other products work with dogs, this product is the only one that I have found that works for cat urine 100%.

Sharron P. Schlosser - Birmingham, AL   (Friday, August 15, 2014)

Reading comments of folks that disapproves! They are nuts! Either they don't know how to read the instructions or they are just down right stupid!

Never ever had any problem with this product! All I can say is WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL, AND MORE WONDERFUL! By this you really can't tell how much we do like it! Many thanks again!!

It Works or it's Free!

  Fantastic Product!
Jackie Moon - Charles City, IA   (Thursday, August 14, 2014)

I was really amazed at how well SCOE 10X eliminated the odor of my dear Sammy's spraying! I introduced another female cat to our home and his response was to mark his territory. I don't want to be without this fantastic product!!

Patricia Boughner - Taunton, MA   (Wednesday, August 13, 2014)

SCOE 10X is the best product I've ever purchased for odors! I recommended it to everyone.

It Works or it's Free!

  Cat urine
K Swindle - Weatherford, TX   (Monday, August 11, 2014)

Thank you so much for giving me my home back. I can finally enjoy relaxing in my living room again. The awful cat urine smell is gone!

We had tried a lot of things, but only SCOE 10X worked.

The needle that came with the injection bottle didn't work as well as it could. I could only get a drop at a time out of it. The bore was just too small. I just wet the carpet really good, brushed it and covered it and then periodically I would kind of stomp on it to work the SCOE 10X into the carpet and pad. It seemed to help it work.

I will be ordering more just to have on hand. Thanks again for your wonderful product. It is nice to have something that works as good as it is purported to be.

  Just when I had given up hope..
Lucas Velasquez - Vacaville, CA   (Thursday, July 31, 2014)

We have two cats, both males and fixed. The cats started peeing on one of our formal living room couches. I tried everything to get the smell out! I tried Natures miracle, vinegar solution, and even left the cushions out in the sun to air out. Just when I had given up hope that I would get rid of the smell, I decided to try SCOE 10X.

As soon as the bottle came in I mixed an 8:1 mixture of the concentrate, and sprayed every inch of the cushions. After letting it air dry over night, I came down stairs and no smell! My couch smells great!

A big smile overtook me, and I was an instant believer. I bought the small bottle to try, and the next time I will get a bigger size so I always have it in stock.

It Works or it's Free!

Brenda Taylor - Fostoria, MI   (Thursday, July 31, 2014)

Long story shortened, I had someone come stay at my home for 5 months while I was away. Upon my return and much to my horror, the smell of animal feces, anal gland scent and urine almost knocked me back out the door.

I cleaned all the floors and wiped all the walls down with other products. Walls and vinyl floors came out ok. Couldn't kill the smell in the carpet around my favorite wing back chair. I discovered a cat had used the fabric stapled to the bottom of my chair as a litter box. I thought for sure I'd have to scrap a very expensive chair as well as replace the carpeting. Cutting away the felt material helped but didn't eliminate the odor.

After 2 shampoos on the carpet and using other products on the chair, I almost gave up. I found this site and thought I had nothing to lose with a money back guarantee. I ordered the spray bottle and enough to make 32 oz of SCOE 10X. Sprayed the carpet under and around my chair and let it soak in. While that was soaking in, I used a wetted cloth with SCOE 10X and totally wiped my chair down. Then I turned the chair over and sprayed the entire underneath.

I can't believe it! It seemed to work almost immediately! I got right back on this site and ordered MORE!

I don't have cats, but I have a dog who found a skunk before. Not looking forward to another encounter, but I'll be ready if it should happen.

  Great product for cigarette smoke odor removal
Jeff Bucalo - Brighton, MI   (Monday, July 28, 2014)

My daughter purchased a home in Las Vegas that the previous homeowner was a chain smoker and the home was yellow inside not to mention the terrible odor.

She tried everything and had No success.

I did some research online and find SCOE 10X. On the plane I go with an order for 1 gallon and a quart for a 1400 sq.ft. home.

I arrive in Vegas and purchased an airless sprayer as the instructions stated. I sprayed every inch of the interior of the home closets air ducts kitchen cabinets etc. all in 1 day. The next morning after letting the home sit overnight the odor was Gone!!

If you are looking for a product to eliminate cigarette smoke odor you just found it..

It Works or it's Free!

  2nd Time Buyer
Tamara Sigrist - Pana, IL   (Monday, July 28, 2014)

I just wanted to say how great this product is.

A few years ago my husband came home with a van that he had gotten a great deal on. It was a great buy, but he was unable to smell the cigarette smoke in the van. I could smell it before he opened the door. There was no way the kids and I could ride in it. Previous owners had smoked cigarettes in it for the three years they had had it.

I found SCOE 10X after an internet search. I sprayed down the inside of the van once. My daughter and I couldn't believe that after only one spraying and just minutes the smoke smell was gone. I was doing what the man in the skunk video was doing I had my nose down on the carpet TRYING to smell it.

I had purchased the $60 size but didn't need it all.

I now have some urine on carpet so am ordering more today, confident SCOE 10X will get rid of it.

Good stuff. Thanks!

  You saved my sanity!
Patricia Nettleton - Gladwin, MI   (Monday, July 21, 2014)

I so love my little Poodle but, being as shy as she is, it does not take much to discourage her from not going out of doors thru her doggy door to do her business out side.

We cleaned and steamed cleaned the floors and then sprayed them with the SCOE 10X odor eliminator, no odor left!

Thank you! I will never be without it again!

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X!
Martha Protomastro - Albuquerque. NM   (Sunday, July 20, 2014)

One of my cats had urinated on a rather expensive upholstered chair. It was some time before I discovered it because it was in a room we seldom go in to.

I used your product as directed and the odor is GONE!

Thank you so very much. I hope I don't need the product again, but if I do, I'll be ordering from you!

  Worked for me
Janine Prillaman - Champaign, IL   (Friday, July 18, 2014)

I am a science teacher and I was at first skeptical about whether this product would work. But I was also in need of something to help get rid of the cat urine smell on my rug in the main family room of my home.

SCOE 10X worked great and did not impact the color of my throw rug. Thank you!

It Works or it's Free!

  Love SCOE 10X!
Tina Cavaco - Coconut Grove, FL   (Thursday, July 17, 2014)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!! It works, unlike all the others! I tell everyone about it! I wish it was cheaper and available in stores...But what the heck it works so the rest is okay!!

  Great product!
Stacy Odom - Brownwood, TX   (Wednesday, July 16, 2014)

SCOE 10X really works!! I highly recommend it to anyone with pet odor problems!

It Works or it's Free!

  Best ever product
Rosalynn Smith - Denver, CO   (Thursday, July 10, 2014)

I bought this product years ago when we had an old dog who was very loved and very smelly. Worked wonders for her and her bedding etc.

Now my sweet Jack Russell collided with a skunk and guess what??? SCOE 10X got the smell out of carpets and out of our house. Thanks for keeping this wonderful product available!

  This stuff is absolutely AMAZING
Karla Stewart - Billings, MT   (Thursday, July 10, 2014)

We have a new kitty who we clearly should have limited his availability to the house. He started peeing in a corner of our house. For the past week I have been watching Youtuube videos, scanning the internet and buying every pet odor removing product on the market trying to get rid of the smell.

NOTHING worked and actually I think I just spread the pee around wetting it so many times. I tried SCOE 10X tonight and I am totally amazed at the results!!!!

I was able to completely eliminate the smell and my kitty is going to get another chance at living with us. I truly cannot believe how this stuff works!!!! I just ordered more to make sure I always have some on hand. Thank you sooo much!!!!

It Works or it's Free!

  Amazzzing Product!
John Brancato - San Jose, CA   (Wednesday, July 09, 2014)

I have to say this is the best product I have ever used to get rid of any smell. I must admit that I was skeptical but after my dog got skunked and then came into our house, I thought I was going to have to move, the smell was sooo bad!

I got the SCOE 10X a couple days later, and applied it exactly the way they said to and literally in 20 minutes, the entire smell was gone from my house, the outside and our dog! I was so happy, I almost cried!

Thank You SCOE 10X, you saved our lives! Best Ever!

  It's true, it's true!!
Barbera J. Crocker - Christiansburg, VA   (Tuesday, July 08, 2014)

I couldn't wait until I used your product to see if all the hype was true. All I can say is it is amazing!!!

I have a very expensive oriental carpet that I had to have and saved to purchase it. My son recently came home from the hospital and to keep him from having to go up and down the stairs we made him comfortable in my living room where he could have the at home nurse care and equipment easily accessible. Our dog knocked over his urine container and the cap was not sealed.

We did the best we could', WE THOUGHT!', cleaning it up but as the temperature changed the smell became overwhelming. I did everything from baking soda to vinegar nothing worked.

This past weekend we moved the carpet out to the deck and followed the instructions from the internet with great results! It is clean and bright and smells great the urine smell is completely gone. It's true it's true!!

Thank you very much!!! I told all the folks at work about your product. I am another happy customer!!!

It Works or it's Free!

Ken Walton - Powell ,OH   (Monday, July 07, 2014)

This may be your 900th review, guess it doesn't really matter. What matters is we are thrilled to have found a product that really works. A company and a product that simply does what it says it's supposed to do...which is apparently no easy task when it comes to removing (in our case) car urine odor that was more determined and smarter than any other product on the market.

How much money did we waste? Anyway, we had 2 male cats that literally got into a pissing match and we paid the price with our basement and house smelling like a litter box for many years. SCOE 10X came to the rescue. Thank you!!!

Decided to post this review, which we never do, as we were ordering a second batch for the upstairs where we pulled carpet and found some additional 'gifts'.

Vivian Gela - Dartmouth, MA   (Thursday, July 03, 2014)

SCOE 10X odor eliminator is excellent and works amazingly!

I have worked in the animal welfare field for 30 years. I am the Director of a spay/neuter, rescue/foster/adoption and Pet Help Hotline organization. I have 9 of my own dogs and cats and also do foster care.

Your product is very effective and eliminates all odors. I highly recommend it, and recommended your product to the public and others in the animal welfare field.

It Works or it's Free!

  Cat urine
Debbie Cardwell - Derby, KS   (Tuesday, July 01, 2014)

SCOE 10X is the best for cat urine smell in carpet if you can pinpoint the exact spot. Use it generously, just like the direction say. Works great!

I had to remove a piece of sheetrock that had been sprayed on, I used this spray on the 2 x 4s under it. I had to apply several times, but it works great. I would highly recommend. This saved my basement carpet!!!

  I love this product!
Denise Fogel - Rancho Cordova, CA   (Monday, June 30, 2014)

I have tried so many different products but SCOE 10X actually works! Highly recommend!

It Works or it's Free!

Maisie Zacchea - Sandy Hook, CT   (Sunday, June 29, 2014)

SCOE 10X was 100% effective in removing cat urine odor.

  It really, really WORKS!
Kay Allumi - Lincoln Park, MI   (Wednesday, June 25, 2014)

I have tried without success to remove the odor of cat urine in my basement. Bleach, soap, so call urine removers, you name it and I have tried it. Nothing worked.

So I looked online to see if there was anything more. I read all the reviews, took a deep breath and ordered some SCOE 10X.

People this stuff really works. I mean it is gone. My basement smells wonderful now. Follow the simple directions and you cannot go wrong.

I even had a broom that I used to sweep up the cat litter the cats spilled and sprayed it on. The broom no longer smelled like cat pee. I held it up to my nose and could not detect even a whiff of cat urine.

So I am here to tell you to try this if all else has failed. It is a 100% truth that it works!

It Works or it's Free!

  OMG! This product is incredible!
Karen Dion - Rowley, MA   (Tuesday, June 24, 2014)

The reviews were not wrong! We had a sick cat who had urinated on our brand new coach, we were not very happy. I used SCOE 10X twice according to the directions and the potent urine smell is completely gone, thank you!

I will recommend this product to other people. Well worth the money ten fold especially when you keep buying all the other products that are suppose to work. Will not waste my money again and only by this product again and again!

  Best Product Ever!
Nancy Hodges - Indianapolis, IN   (Sunday, June 22, 2014)

After using several pet store products I ordered SCOE 10X. We have 3 cats that decided to use our brand new furniture for the litter box. This product literally saved all their lives...If you know what I mean : ).

Just Buy It!! It Works!!

It Works or it's Free!

  Too many cats
Patricia Robinson - Umatilla, FL   (Monday, June 16, 2014)

I want to tell you how pleased I am with SCOE 10X. We have too many cats in our small home & have battled with the smells for years.

We always seem to have one who sprays somewhere & we tried Urine Gone, Zero Odor & everything else on the market - to no avail!

SCOE 10X has eliminated the odorous areas & therefore, the repeated spraying in the same spots.

Thank you a thousand times over!

  Dried Dog Urine In Carpet
Bruce Butler - Winder, GA   (Saturday, June 14, 2014)

WOW! This is a amazing product, I poured it on the spot and it killed the odor instantly.

Don't waste your money on carpet cleaners and other stuff, SCOE 10X works great!

It Works or it's Free!

  Cat Pee
Lynne Bousner - Brookfield, OH   (Friday, June 13, 2014)

We have a temperamental Calico cat who gets mad and pee's on furniture.

I have wanted to get rid of her until I tried your product. I have a pretty good nose and I really DO NOT smell urine after I have cleaned the areas with SCOE 10X.

I just ordered another bottle....Kudos this product is GREAT...

  Cat spray
Joni Roberts - Commerce Twp, MI   (Friday, June 13, 2014)

I have tried everything out there. My 10 year old male cat (neutered) decided to start spraying when a stray tomcat started to come to the windows of the house. He sprayed all around the door wall and it seeped into the tracks the carpet was horrific. The smell of urine was taking over the house.

I found this product on line, ordered it. It came yesterday. I mixed it, poured it right into the carpet, all the way down to the pad. And in the tracks of the door wall. Waited 30 mins. Sucked up the excess with a shop vac. Put a fan blowing on the area all night. This morning the smell is GONE!!!!!!!!!!

I can't even tell you how happy I am. Getting rid of the cat is not an option, I rescued him years ago, I can't return him to that life. Now I can be patient if he does it again so I can figure him out and help him. I'm guessing I'll have to keep a supply on hand.

I have never written a review before...but this stuff saved my sanity.

It Works or it's Free!

  The BEST!
Eulace Malloy - Chesapeake, VA   (Thursday, June 12, 2014)

This is the best pet odor product ever made. I have tried dozens and this one is different. It delivers what all others promise and fail miserably at. It works, no gimmicks, it is truly amazing. Just follow the instructions and you will have the solution you have been looking for!

  Clothing (Underarm Odor)
Ashton (Removed at customers request) - (Removed at customers request), MN   (Sunday, June 01, 2014)

For years I have battled getting my shirts clean. I am not a particularly smelly person but women's clothing tends to be more fitted. This would cause my shirts to be stained with an odor that would never come out. I would get dressed and the heat from my body would activate it. I would leave the house and feel like I needed a shower even though I had just taken one and was wearing clean clothes!

I started to soak my shirts in an enzyme solution before washing. This was a PAIN so I got the idea to use a spray bottle to target the underarm area. This helped but never truly got rid of the smell.

I originally purchased SCOE 10X for pet urine but thought I would try it on my clothing. Wow! It has saved my wardrobe.

I put it in a spray bottle and spray it on the underarm area of my shirts AFTER I wash them. This allows the SCOE 10X to keep working even after I am dressed. It is safe and I have no sensitivities to it. I use it to freshen up blazers, coats, and jackets.

I have been using it for a couple years now and love it. Still haven't used it on the pet urine but will check in if I have the need to do so.

It Works or it's Free!

  Dog Urine on Couches
Susan Joyce - East Meadow, NY   (Friday, May 30, 2014)

I could not believe I actually found a product that did what it said it would!

I've tried many products that just covered the smell for a few days, and once it wore off, the urine smell would come through again.

SCOE 10X is a miracle! It took the smell away and there was absolutely no medicinal smell afterwards. My dogs have even peeing in their previous spots.

I have spread the word to coworkers and friends that this is the only product to use. SCOE 10X saved my couches and my dogs!

  Cat Spray
Bruce Cotter - San Antonio, TX   (Tuesday, May 27, 2014)

Mr T loves to spray in the carpeted bedroom. I've tried many other products and they smell nice for a few days but the urine smell never went away.

SCOE 10X really works even after a week of humid weather. The smell is gone, but not the sprayer.

Now I have something to use for future Mr T issues!

It Works or it's Free!

  Urine from cat
Rosy Sabine - Fayetteville, NC   (Monday, May 26, 2014)

This Scoe 10X saved my life!

I have one cat left of 5. He has been driving me insane with his peeing. He has got a 400 dollar sandbox and its clean all the time, but still he does it.

I have tried many things before but nothing has ever worked. SCOE 10X saved my couch! This is a great product and I have reordered many times.

I use it once a week and there is no odor left!... I love this product with every word I write here!

  SCOE 10X is an AMAZINGLY great product!
Debra McCreary - Wellfleet, NE   (Friday, May 23, 2014)

I bought this product because of the high rating.

I could not find a product that would eliminate the smell of years cigarette smoke on a sofa that was given to me.

The sofa was like new but reeked of that old cigarette smell. Being a non-smoker, I could smell the sofa through-out my house. After some on-line research, I found SCOE 10X.

I am amazed that after one use on the sofa, the smell was gone.

I will continue to use this product. I'm going to try it in my husbands laundry. He is exposed to diesel and gets it on his clothing... never hurts to try.


It Works or it's Free!

  The Greatest!
Jane Callender - Beaumont, TX   (Monday, May 19, 2014)

I have lost count on how many bottles of SCOE 10X we have bought!

I doubted my sister-in-law when she told me SCOE 10X was a miracle cleaner!

We have 4 cats and always seem to have accidents. This is a wonderful product and it really works!

  3rd time around...
Monique Lambert - Nuevo, CA   (Sunday, May 18, 2014)

I am about to place my 3rd order for SCOE 10X. I have four cats, four dogs, and a ritual of walking the house with a black light to keep issues in check.

To make matters worse, we moved to this home a year ago and the prior owner had a cat and two small dogs who urinated everywhere, including the garage.

I ran out of SCOE 10X and purchased Natures Miracle as a stop gap. What a mistake. I went through a gallon in one session, and then another, and I still smell urine in the treated areas.

I also have an elderly Standard Poodle who is incontinent and I miss not having a product that I can apply directly to her hair when she sits in urine.

I am going to buy the biggest bottle I can afford this time and remember to re-order early.

One thing I would like to request...a battery operated sprayer! Thanks!

It Works or it's Free!

Suellen Roberts - Peaks Island, ME   (Tuesday, May 13, 2014)

SCOE 10X is ABSOLUTELY amazing. I have no more cat odor from a visitor's cat staying with us the past 7 mos. It even removed the odor from a dead mouse in our car!

  Cat and Dog urine
Crystal Vega - Altamonte Springs, FL   (Saturday, May 10, 2014)

I clean houses and someone called me to clean a property in which the tenants, that moved out, allowed their pets to urinate every square inch of the home.

I approached the entrance and the urine odor literally punched you in the face before opening the door.

I bought this product based on the reviews and I'm glad I did. I sprayed every inch of that house and saturated the floor in SCOE 10X. It took longer than 30 minutes to get rid of the odor but at the end there was not a cinch of cat urine smell to be found.

The owner was amazed when she came to drop off the check. This stuff is great, I was very pleased and so was my client.

It Works or it's Free!

Aja Waters - Camden, NJ   (Wednesday, May 07, 2014)

I got a 13floz. of odor neutralizer form Walmart for $10, it was already diluted so the 13floz was all that I was going to get out of the product. I had to saturate the area where the urine was so the 13floz. didn't really stretch far. I ended up having to spend $50 in total just to have enough to neutralize the areas where my cat had peed.

What I like about SCOE 10x is that you get a 13floz bottle for $30 but it actually makes a gallon when diluted. I really love this product it did exactly what it said it would do there is not a hint of cat urine at all.

I will be ordering more of this product in the very near future.

Terri Hill - St. Ignace, MI   (Tuesday, May 06, 2014)

SCOE 10X is a fantastic odor neutralizer! Best I've found!

It Works or it's Free!

  Very Satisfied!
Sheila Ramsey - Poland, OH   (Monday, May 05, 2014)

Great product! Works as expected. Very satisfied!

  The BEST!
Barbara Carter - Rockford, IL   (Monday, May 05, 2014)

GREAT stuff! Used many products over the years. This is the BEST without a doubt.

It Works or it's Free!

  Love this stuff!
Karen Ring - Akron, OH   (Sunday, May 04, 2014)

I went away for a few days and the cat sitter did not notice that the door to litter box was closed, needless to say 'Pee You'' cat urine. I tried using my carpet cleaning machine, other store bought eliminators, and the smell just seemed to get worse.

I looked on line and found SCOE 10X. I followed directions and guess what, THE SMELL IS FINALLY GONE! This stuff is terrific!

I have a beautiful home and the thought of walking into a stinky house just sickened me. Now my house doesn't smell and I am forever committed to this stuff, I would recommend this product to anyone.

  Cat Urine
Mary Rice - Stone Mountain, GA   (Thursday, May 01, 2014)

I have used SCOE 10X over the past 2 years to eliminate cat urine odor in a load of laundry and the floor underneath a litter box. It completely removed the odor!

It Works or it's Free!

  Cat odor
Anvernette Hanna - Brooklyn, NY   (Saturday, April 19, 2014)

SCOE 10X is the only product on the market that completely eliminates cat odor.

  Cat Urine
Grace Dantoni - Oradell, NJ   (Friday, April 18, 2014)

I have a cat that loves to spray (Vet told me she has anxiety). I try to watch her and stop her when she tries but sometimes I am not successful. I have tried other products that claim to work but the smell is still there.

I tried SCOE 10X and it is absolutely amazing. It takes out the smell 100%. I will not use any other product again. If you have any urine issues - SCOE 10X is the way to go.

It Works or it's Free!

  Wet Dog Smell in SUV
Cherie Hogan - Mancelona, MI   (Tuesday, April 15, 2014)

If I could give this product 100 stars I would! I own a small truck dealership in the land of lakes in Northern Michigan. A Jeep Liberty rolled in that had been owned by a person with two very wet, very stinky dogs. This SUV sat here for months and even though the Jeep had been cleaned using an extraction machine the smell slowly began creeping back in.

I rolled the windows down and tried to air it out, I put an open can of coffee grounds inside and rolled the windows back up and let it set for three weeks, I put Bounty dryer sheets in it, I put my 'Living Air' ozone machine inside and let it run for short, everything was done to get rid of the smell which progressively got more intense over the months.

I then did a google search...'how to get rid of wet dog smell' and SCOE 10X popped up. I was ashamed of myself because I already owned this product and had used it successfully on cat urine.

So I mixed up a batch, brought my carpet injection needle with me, and sprayed and injected every square inch of the Liberty including the head liner, under the seats, the door panels, dash, etc. The injector needle I used in a pattern about one foot square. Because the dilution ratio is 8 parts tepid water to 1 part SCOE 10X it cost me about $1.00 in product.

Before I was even finished the smell was 90% better. Later that day the smell was completely gone!

I sold the Liberty and informed my customers that the former owner had a couple of dogs, that I had treated the Jeep with a natural product called SCOE 10X and if they ever needed to bring it back for a second treatment I would be happy to oblige.

On a recent visit by these customers, they allowed me to check their Jeep, and absolutely no dog smell exists inside the Jeep. This product is truly amazing, in fact, it is incredible!!!

Earlier in my review I mentioned cat urine. That is how I found this product in the first place. I had two warring cats and it took me awhile to figure out what was going on.

Once again, I tried all kinds of products with all kinds of bogus claims and finally found SCOE 10X by searching the internet. I was sceptical but desperate.

So if you've made it this far reading my review, I hope I will save you time and money by telling you that SCOE 10X does everything it claims it does.

It saved me having to tear up and replace my carpet. It is odorless. Within seconds the cat urine smell is gone. It hasn't stained anything I've used it on. It works equally well on ceramic tile, walls, cushions, and I use it on my screens, sliding glass doors, and deck boards where the neighbor's spraying male cat has made his rounds.

It is the only product I know that works on skunk urine. If you think it's too good to be true, that it can't possibly live up to it's are dead wrong. It's worth every dime.

I bought the big bottle (I didn't realize how long it lasts) and it's shelf life has long since expired (according to the label) and it's still as effective as the day I bought it. Don't waste your money on another product...SCOE 10X is all you'll ever, ever, ever need!

  Great product!
Sterling Rand - Eugene, OR   (Wednesday, April 09, 2014)

Time after time SCOE 10X has done exactly what was required!

My experience with SCOE 10X is I had a closed room that housed 2 dogs and a carpet soaked with urine + a cat that sprayed.

I removed the carpet and sprayed with SCOE 10X including the soaked tack strips, closed the room and returned the next day. NO ODOR! 6 years later, still no odor. Great product.

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X really works!
Karen Craig - Minneapolis, MN   (Thursday, April 03, 2014)

We just got a new puppy, so thought I better have some SCOE 10X on hand. Puppy is adorable but she does have some accidents occasionally.

This stuff totally works as advertised, I am happy to report. I am re-ordering today! Thanks for this safe and super effective product!

Leah Neuhauser - Louisville, KY   (Monday, March 31, 2014)

I had a pair of dress pants that my cats....well....pretty much used as a litter box until I discovered what they were doing.

I tried to wash them in the washing machine. I washed them several times and tried pet deodorizer products but after at least 5 washes , I gave up. I'm not sure why I kept the pair of pants rather than just throw them away.

When someone told me about SCOE 10X I pulled that smelly pair of pants out and thought 'you say SCOE 10X is so good? Well we will see about that.'

So when my first bottle of SCOE 10X arrived I excitedly sprayed that pair of pants according to the instructions.

I was so skeptical. But when they dried, I sniffed them. And sniffed them and sniffed them but could not detect even a hint of cat urine!

Since then I've used it lots and I've recommended it to clients (I'm a vet). Amazing!

I have yet to find a job that SCOE 10X can't do. I'm so impressed!

It Works or it's Free!

  A Pissed Off Cat!
Cheryl Jung - Orlando, FL   (Friday, March 28, 2014)

No pun intended, either. My 8-yr old male cat is being medicated with kitty prozac due to his anxiety causing spraying. We pulled up every inch of carpet and laid tile in our house in AZ b/c of the odor. Now, we are renting a home in FL and that is not an option.

This stuff works!!!! Highly recommend it! My house no longer smells like a litter box and I won't have to sweat whether or not I'm going to lose my security deposit.

Ron Mueller - Datil, NM   (Sunday, March 23, 2014)

SCOE 10X is the most amazing product I've ever purchased. I tried it out on the container in which I deposit my cat's litter.

SCOE 10X completely removed all odors! My wife's comment was "WOW"!

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X worked!
Marie Tighe - Sea Isle City, NJ   (Sunday, March 23, 2014)

Have tried all kinds of sprays, carpets cleaners etc. to get rid of urine odor from a small dog who continually pees on the carpet.

SCOE 10X destroyed the urine odor!

  Recommend highly to friends and family!
Dale Boyd - Granby, CT   (Friday, March 21, 2014)

I volunteer at a cat shelter and have used SCOE 10X very effectively when we have kitties who spray or are ill.

I also have 4 dogs and 6 kitties at home and use only SCOE 10X when someone has been ill or had an accident.

It Works or it's Free!

  Male cat urine :-(
Rachel Coria - Holland, MI   (Wednesday, March 19, 2014)

Cat pee is the kind of smell that hits you in the face like a wet towel. You immediately feel like strangling anyone who happens to be within arms reach including yourself, and tossing the cat out the window.

Our little kitty is a darling, but we hadn't been able to get him neutered due to a severe urinary tract infection. So when he became of age, he began doing his manly duties around the house.

I frantically searched the net for a miracle and found SCOE 10X.

I used it and it worked well, but the real test was when the cat urinated in a sizeable section of our carpeted walk-in clothes closet. YUKKERS!

I thought for sure my husband was going to make tacos out of him. The smell was overwhelming. He had saturated the carpet especially in one area. It took me a week, but I treated the carpet according to instructions (except for the carpet injector and black light), and hoped for the best. I have to admit that I had my doubts.

HOLY SMOKIES!! There isn't even a trace of pee odor! I am impressed!

This product is not a joke. Buy it, and save your kitty from being tossed out the window.

  My 6th Order!
Joanne MacDonald - Lemon Grove, CA   (Monday, March 17, 2014)

I love SCOE 10X. This is my sixth order because the product really works. It's not cheap but it's worth it!

It Works or it's Free!

  Great Stuff!
Debra Dillard - Pauline, SC   (Saturday, March 15, 2014)

My cat was accidently locked in my car overnight. Needless to say she had a bathroom break while locked in. I was sick with the thought my relatively new car would now smell like a litter box especially in the hot, humid south summers.

I ordered and used SCOE 10X all over the car mat. Amazingly the next day I opened the door and could not smell anything. I was totally surprised by the lack of odor.

It has been over a year and I have never once smelled cat pee in my car again. Thanks for a great product!

  Kitties soiling and odor.
Pamela Caswell - Farmington, NH   (Wednesday, March 12, 2014)

SCOE 10X is the only product that has worked when I contend with my kitties' problem of soiling and odor!

It Works or it's Free!

  Works Great!
Teresa Stevenson - Derry, NH   (Tuesday, March 11, 2014)

SCOE 10X works great! It got the cat pee smell out of my baseboard heater. I have used so many other product that did not work all!

  Yes to SCOE 10X!
Meril Price - Los Angeles, CA   (Tuesday, March 04, 2014)

Almost all the cats I've had lived to be over 20 years (one was 27). I wish I'd had SCOE 10X then. I have spent hundreds on arthritic girls who couldn't make it to even a shallow box. My younger little fixed kitty loves to lie in the sun by the screened door. She and a neighborhood tom are flirting through the screen and he sprays to show his love.

I use SCOE 10X and the odor is gone!

And one more thing: I'm a smoker (ugh, yuck!, but it's my drug if not of choice but deep addiction). Cigarette smoke permeates everything, bedding, closets, rugs on and on. Again, I have tried all the odor removers etc and online products and had no luck at all.

What has worked is a modification of the instructions. I mix SCOE 10X per directions, then dip a thin cloth (old cloth diapers are perfect), in the fluid. Wring it till a little wetter than damp. Then I walk around the (with closed windows) house waving the cloth through the air. I dip a little more as the cloth dries out a bit.

I also hang a dampened cloth in clothes closets the clothes can't be packed tight close the door after putting a 4' fan inside. 20 minutes later the smell is gone.

This system won't do the deep paint and cloth deodorizing that the instructions recommend (can't afford that), but it sure does help. A LOT!

I repeat every week or two and that wall of stale smoke is gone. So for whatever stinky stuff comes along, I'm ready!!

It Works or it's Free!

  Cat urine odor smell gone!
Jeremy Meddaugh - Schofield, WI   (Tuesday, March 04, 2014)

SCOE 10X totally eliminated the cat urine smell from the carpet when no other products could. Thank you so much!!!

Lila Cox - Zachary, LA   (Tuesday, February 25, 2014)

SCOE 10X is an amazing product! I have wasted tons of money buying OTC products that have not worked. Wish I would've known about this one a long time ago!

It Works or it's Free!

  Thumbs UP
Mike Crawford - Georgetown, KY   (Sunday, February 23, 2014)

I bought the smallest amount of SCOE 10X to make sure it worked on cat urine. Today I placed an order to keep it on hand as it worked well beyond my expectations!

Not only did SCOE 10X remove the urine odor, it did so without leaving any of that breath taking fragrances found in other cleaners.

Thanks folks! You made a product that actually works!!

  Cat Urine Odor
Karen Freund - Glendale, AZ   (Monday, February 17, 2014)

I recently bought a house where the previous owner had 7 cats and 2 dogs. I wasn't worried about the dog odor but I know how impossible it can be to remove the smell of cat urine.

I bought the house anyhow and started researching the web for products to use. I figured I'd try SCOE 10X and, if nothing else, I'd return it for my money back.

I followed the instructions EXACTLY and was AMAZED by the results. At first I thought I was just imagining a difference so I left the house and came back an hour later. Still could not smell cat. We have been tearing down walls and occasionally I think I smell cat again so I spray down the area and absolutely no smell of cat.

I couldn't be happier! I recommend this product to everyone!

It Works or it's Free!

Laraine Weaver - Columbus, OH   (Monday, February 10, 2014)

Love SCOE 10X! My dog is none too smart when it comes to skunks!

  Great product!
Jessica Lagman - Santa Ana, CA   (Friday, February 07, 2014)

I have tried everything in the pet store with the guarantee that it would eliminate odor. They would be pleasant for a while but I would have to re-spray several times a day, spending hundreds dollars a month!

With SCOE 10X you can't tell we have any problems with cat spraying and cat urination! Great product!

It Works or it's Free!

  It Works!
Lynda Rogers - Gaffney, SC   (Tuesday, February 04, 2014)

I admit, I was skeptical about this product, even after reading the reviews, but was desperate to find something that would remove kitty pee & poop odors from my carpet.

My kitty became terribly depressed after her brother died & refused to use the litter box. I was just about ready to have my carpet replaced. I'd tried EVERYTHING to remove the odor and nothing worked! But found SCOE 10X thru a Google search & thought I'd give it a try.

I'm amazed. IT WORKS!!! Will be ordering more for any future problems.

  I'm a believer!
Margaret Rhodes - Norwalk, WI   (Monday, January 27, 2014)

I bought SCOE 10X expecting it not to work (like all the other products I've tried), but it works great!

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X!
Michael Gorbach - Pass Christian, MS   (Friday, January 24, 2014)

We recently adopted a young dog from the local SPCA and we intend to make her an inside pet (part of the family). About 2 weeks into her adoption she decided to squat and urinate on our new sofa. I tried cleaning and absorbing as much as possible, but the sofa was ruined! I was ready to drag it to the street. We looked on line found your product and tried it.....We were amazed.

We followed your instructions and there is NO SMELL OF ANY SORT. It's impossible to find where she had her accident.

What a GREAT product! We will pass the word to all our friends. Thank you, Michael

  It Works!
Jacob Tse - Brooklyn, NY   (Thursday, January 23, 2014)

SCOE 10X works exactly as they say! I used it for my carpets where my dog urinated and after 20 minutes the magic happened: no more disgusting smell!

I recommend the product 100%

It Works or it's Free!

Susan Jennings - Pomona, CA   (Wednesday, January 22, 2014)

OMG the skunk odor is GONE!!!

  Who Could Ask For More!
Karla Jones - Pocahontes, TN   (Monday, January 20, 2014)

I hate writing reviews but count on them when buying. So I'll be short and sweet. SCOE 10X WORKS and is ENVIRONMENTALLY friendly! What else could you ask for?

It Works or it's Free!

  Removing Cat Urine Odor
Carol Proesel - Orlando, Fl   (Friday, January 17, 2014)

SCOE 10X is wonderful! My cat used my leather sofa as her box and I searched online and found this wonderful product. You will not be disappointed! The smell is gone!

  Blood Stains
Nikki Robertson - Deer Park, TX   (Friday, January 17, 2014)

My granddaughter plays on an elite soccer team and developed a serious nosebleed in the middle of a game. She had blood all over her white uniform all the way down to her socks and shoes. My husband handed me the uniform and stated that we would need to order her a new uniform since the blood had dried and set in. I quickly pulled out my SCOE 10X and began saturating the stain, following up with a good wash in tide and cold water.

I was so happy when I pulled the uniform out of the washer to see that ALL of the blood was gone!

I keep this product on hand at all times because in addition, I own 3 yorkies!!! SCOE 10X is worth it's weight in gold!!!

It Works or it's Free!

  My 5th Order!
Claire Gaffney - Taylorsville, KY   (Monday, January 13, 2014)

SCOE 10X is the best odor eliminator I have ever used!

  Amazing Product!
Phyllis Weber - El Portal, CA   (Sunday, January 12, 2014)

First, I used SCOE 10X for cat pee and spray and it worked quickly and easily.

Then my daughter's dog had a bad accident on our wood floor, right outside of my yoga room. I did one treatment and the smell was still there, so I read the online directions and soaked the wood floor with it and put a plastic tarp over it for the night. The next day I mopped it up and the smell was entirely and forever gone!

I am super sensitive to smells and we thought we would have to replace the oak floor, so this product is more than worth the money!

It Works or it's Free!

  The Best!
Samantha Bentley - Richmond, TX   (Tuesday, January 07, 2014)

SCOE 10X is the best product to get rid of male cat urine. I love it and recommend it to everyone for everything!

BTW: this is my 5th order!

  SCOE 10X really works!
Jennifer Spalding - Gregory, MI   (Sunday, January 05, 2014)

Thanks, BioFog, for making a product that really works!

I've tried the on-the-shelf products from the pet stores that say they do the same thing, but your SCOE 10X product is the only one that actually removed the cat urine odor AND the cat never went back to that spot to spray again.

I've also used it to remove skunk spray, that took more than one application, but it only took a day and the smell was neutralized.

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X Works!
Stephanie Abbott - Antioch, TN   (Friday, January 03, 2014)

SCOE 10X is the first product I've found that truly removes the smell of cat urine. Many others make that promise, but they did not work!

  I love SCOE 10X!!!
Anna Meise - Sauk City, Wisconsin   (Tuesday, December 31, 2013)

I work in an office and spray the underarms of my business blouses and jackets and let it dry. Since the rest of the shirt is not dirty (only underarm sweat) I just spray the armpits and let dry.

Spraying the underarms of my business blouses and jackets has saved me hours of doing laundry and hundreds of dollars in dry cleaning expenses.

It Works or it's Free!

  It Works!
Nancy Morrison - Metairie, LA   (Friday, December 27, 2013)

So thrilled SCOE 10X works. I will have to keep ordering till the pets (pests) are house trained.

If it didn't work, I'd have to tear my carpet out, immediately.

I was telling a friend about SCOE 10X as he was house hunting. He ran across an awesome deal of a house but there was a suicide death in the house that was not found until the odor escaped the house. So I told him to jump on the deal because I found the stuff that will definitely solve that issue.

I am so allergic to perfumes, I was a little afraid to try SCOE 10X but, there was no fragrance at all.

I had been using bleach in my carpet steam cleaner and I could barely sleep at night due to the stink of urine and bleach. So thrilled that SCOE 10X got rid of the bleach stink, too.

Shipped fast too, especially surprising due to the holidays.

  Amazing Product!
Carol Jacobs - De Pere, WI   (Tuesday, December 24, 2013)

SCOE 10X is amazing! I was ready to throw out my couch because of aging cat accidents. Cat urine is a smell you can never get out….until I tried your product!

What clicked for me was seeing the applicator bottle with the injection needle - it made sense that I had to have to product go deep into the cushions to get rid of the residual smells. It worked 100% - I can now keep my couch and the cat!

I have tried everything to get rid of the smell - and I mean EVERYTHING - but within two hours of using your product, it was completely gone!


It Works or it's Free!

  3rd order!
Beth Simionescu - South Lyon, MI   (Monday, December 16, 2013)

I bought my original order because I am a mom of three! boys! No matter how hard I tried to get the urine smell out of their bathroom, nothing worked. Finally I ran into this stuff on the internet, tried it out of desperation, and VOILA! The smell is gone.

I recommend this product to every single boy mom I know and people are ecstatic about the results.

This time I even got to use it on my cat! He had gone out and gotten sprayed by a skunk (not really close but close enough to smell). I grabbed the SCOE 10X, had my husband hold him and rubbed a bunch of the product all over him. Within minutes he smelled way less and by the next morning, he had licked himself clean and DID NOT SMELL AT ALL!!!! It was safe and when he started licking, he didn't even seem to notice any difference in taste, nor did it make him sick in any way.

I now use this product anywhere smell can build up like my garbage cans, the boys' closets, the litter box area, and my husband's extra dirty outdoor work clothes and shoes. Unbelievable. These people are geniuses. Enjoy it!

  Pet Stench Gone!
Tim Rouch - Missouri City, TX   (Friday, December 13, 2013)

This is the second occasion I have purchased SCOE 10X. The initial time was on leather couch upholstery heavily scented by pet urine. The product was effective in eliminating the odor.

This time we removed a gross carpet from a room in horrible condition because of pet stains. The concrete under the carpet and pad was stained and smelled like a kennel. It took two days and six applications in the heaviest spots before the stench was gone and contamination removed.

At times I had my doubts whether it would be truly effective but I didn't want to risk laying new carpet over such a terrible smell.

I tried different application methods including scrubbing the cement with a steel brush after soaking it with SCOE 10X as well as just letting the mixture sit in a puddle rinsing well and wiping it up before reapplying.

I highly recommend the product but just be aware in heavily stained areas it will take numerous applications.

It Works or it's Free!

Marie Santiago - McAllen, TX   (Wednesday, December 11, 2013)

SCOE 10X is a fantastic product! It really works....Amazing!

  It Works!
Dan Coverdale - Ventura, CA   (Monday, December 09, 2013)

We've used SCOE 10X for old dog odors, new puppy odors, for the sub-floor on replacing old carpet, for when the stray tomcat got in the house. It's the only product that works, period.

It may seem a bit expensive, although keep in mind it's a concentrate. But, if you want something expensive, just try paying for some product at the pet store or the home improvement store, then drag it home and waste your time trying to get it to work. THAT'S what I call expensive!

Bottom line: SCOE 10X is a great product & well worth the money.

It Works or it's Free!

  My 10th Order!
Charles Mohundro - The Woodlands, TX   (Monday, December 09, 2013)

SCOE 10X is the only product we have ever found that will eliminate pet urine odor from porous concrete!

  Cat urine removal
Laurie Olson - Centennial, CO   (Monday, December 02, 2013)

SCOE 10X is the only thing that works on cat urine removal! And why I have ordered four times!

It Works or it's Free!

Joanie Jenniges - Mendota Heights, MN   (Saturday, November 30, 2013)

I last used SCOE 10X a few years ago when my 20 year old cat could no longer find the litter box. Our 15 year old cat had her first accident this week so I ordered a large bottle the day before Thanksgiving. It already arrived today, I used it and the odor is gone!

I swear by this product and highly recommend it for cat urine. SCOE 10X Rocks!

  Telling the truth!
Melani Bradford - San Jacinto, CA   (Friday, November 29, 2013)

The statements made by the manufacturer are CORRECT!

I have used SCOE 10X on cat urine in the house and also cigarette smoke odor in car. It is awesome and it really works!

It Works or it's Free!

  Pet urine vs. carpeting
Stacy Stackhouse - Westmont, IL   (Tuesday, November 26, 2013)

I love SCOE 10X for odor removal! It really works on pet urine vs. carpeting!

  Totally awesome!
Karen LeBlanc - Nashua, NH   (Monday, November 25, 2013)

I have a sick cat. In the past when he had an accident and I used different products to clean the spots the odor would come back.

But SCOE 10X works excellent so I use it everywhere and have friends and family use it and they love it too!

It Works or it's Free!

  Household of six cats!
Nancy Woods - Rio Rancho, NM   (Monday, November 25, 2013)

I have tried many other products for cat spraying and SCOE 10X is the only one that truly works in a household of six cats.

Patty Carroll - North Port, FL   (Sunday, November 24, 2013)

We had a terrible smell in a car my husband bought and thought we could get rid of it once we got it home as it was a great car with low milage.

Tried everything to get the smell out and SCOE 10X was the only one that eliminated it!

Its been weeks and the odor has not come back!

I told my brother who works at a car dealership in PA and he is going to order some too as some of the used cars that are traded in has smells.

Thank you and will definately buy again. Do Not Hesitate people, this stuff works great!

It Works or it's Free!

  The Best!
Cynthia Fisher - Toledo, OH   (Saturday, November 23, 2013)

SCOE 10X is hands-down the best odor-eliminator I have used to offset both puppy and cat urine in my home. Other products, in my opinion, do only about half the job and are a waste of money. But SCOE 10X is safe, reliable, and most importantly, EFFECTIVE!

  Finally, something that works!
Suzanne Gross - Altamonte Springs, FL   (Tuesday, November 19, 2013)

SCOE 10X has completely eliminated the cat urine in our leather couch, after 6 months of trying other products!

It Works or it's Free!

  No More Odors!!
Patricia Shirley - Victorville, CA   (Thursday, November 14, 2013)

I have 2 toy dogs & 1 cat, all indoor pets. SCOE 10X works great!!!! The only product that works!


  SCOE 10X is more than fantastic!
Sandra Cheszar - Saylorsburg, PA   (Tuesday, November 12, 2013)

SCOE 10X is more than I ever expected. I have tried EVERYTHING on the market and have been nothing but disappointed!

I have a cripple cat that misses the litter box all the time. I used to walk through my front door and smell urine even after I had cleaned. But no more!

SCOE 10X is all they say it is and more!

It Works or it's Free!

  I love SCOE 10X!
Virginia Davidson - Kennewick, WA   (Tuesday, November 12, 2013)

I love SCOE 10X! It really works to eliminate odors--all kinds of nasty organic odors. It's a product I don't want to be without, even though I no longer have pets.

  SCOE 10X Works!
Cathren Falco - El Paso, TX   (Monday, November 11, 2013)

Great product! SCOE 10X really worked for me. I have three cats and it eliminated all litter box smells!

It Works or it's Free!

  Rodent urine
Michael Catlin - Nokesville, VA   (Wednesday, November 06, 2013)

I was recently given a beautiful honda prelude that had been a mouse motel for the past 6 years. It would make you sick as soon as you got a good whiff of the interior. After cleaning out all droppings and nests I then tried many different products that did nothing at all.

I ordered and used SCOE 10X. The smell went away almost instantly and has not returned! It has been a week since application and have had a couple of cold and a few warm days with no trace of urine smell!!

I can drive the car without my eyes watering and a fresh scent in the interior. The product works just as advertised. Follow the directions and you will not be sorry!! Thank you for a premium product.

  This stuff is soooooo awesome!
Donna Palmer - Harrah, OK   (Wednesday, October 30, 2013)

I just wanted to tell everyone how good this stuff is. I have 4 dogs in the house and 1 insists on peeing on my floors. I tried everything from shampooing to all the deodorizers, even replacing my carpet in 2 rooms and nothing helped. She just insists on peeing in the house.

I found you on google and decided to try your product, and IT WORKED SO GOOD. I don't smell any dog urine at all. Thank you soooooo much I thought I was going to have to get rid of the dog lol. Again thank you for making this awesome product, I will be ordering more soon.

It Works or it's Free!

  The Best!
Susan Johnson - Petaluma, CA   (Tuesday, October 29, 2013)

SCOE 10X truly is the best odor eliminator around. And it is totally odorless itself. This is also my ninth order.

  Great stuff!
Chris Hortman - Georgetown, KY   (Friday, October 25, 2013)

My big dog went out, came back freshly sprayed by a skunk and ran into our house. I opened the back door to get him into the garage. My work coat was on the knob also. The whole house, coat, me and all else smell like skunk. HOUSTON we have a problem!!!

I jumped on the net and bought this stuff and hoped it did what it said it could do. THE ANSWER IS A YES YES YES. This smell was fresh in my house, on me and the dog. Thank you modern chemistry. 10 stars.

Thanks!! No skunk smell in Kentucky

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X!
Rich Potbury - Millington, MI   (Tuesday, October 22, 2013)

Tried another commercial cleaner on a car gutted of its interior to remove a very bad mouse pee smell throughout the whole car. It didn't work.

I ordered SCOE 10X. I sprayed the whole car inside top to bottom. The smell is Completely gone! Not a trace of mouse pee smell left!

This is the best stuff to remove urine smell I have ever seen! I would recommend this to anyone looking to remove a bad stubborn Odor!

This stuff does exactly what the company says it will do. Truly a great product!

Jenean Worthington - Rocky Mount, NC   (Tuesday, October 22, 2013)

Awesome product. Truly amazing that it did indeed take the odor of cat pee out of the carpet.

It Works or it's Free!

  A Miracle!
Donna Bennett - Newport News, VA   (Monday, October 21, 2013)

This product is a miracle find for me! After spending hundreds of dollars in the past to try to remove pet urine odors from my home, I got lucky and found SCOE 10X.

Wish I could just get the word out to everyone....Don't waste your money on any other product if you want serious odors removed. This is the one that REALLY WORKS! I will continue to be a loyal customer with them.

  No more pee smell!
Beth Clay - Lenoir, NC   (Thursday, October 17, 2013)

I was very skeptical that SCOE 10X would really work. I had tried everything sold in a store, it seemed and nothing worked. I even tried the vinegar trick.

I have two sweet dogs that I adopted from the local humane society that evidently have a peeing issue when they are nervous. My sweet doggies urinated on my leather sofa. I could wipe the surface but not the inner parts or under the cushions. The smell was horrible when you sat down it just choked you. I was ready to throw my sofa away.

I received my SCOE 10X and used it as directed on the parts of my leather sofa that smelled like pee. Within minutes the smell was GONE.

I recommend this product to anyone who has smelly issues in their home. I was so happy with the sofa results I sprayed my dogs room and used it in my washer to wash the dog blankets. It worked on all of that as well.

Money is not something I like to waste that's why I am taking the time to write this so other people will know that its worth the money. It sure is cheaper than a new leather sofa.

It Works or it's Free!

  Only thing that works!
Ruth Mylius - Elmhurst, IL   (Wednesday, October 16, 2013)

I have tried dozens of items trying to get stains and smells out. SCOE 10X is the only thing that has worked. THANK YOU!

  Yup, it works!
Angela Mastandrea - Oak Ridge, TN   (Tuesday, October 15, 2013)

We had neighborhood male cats spraying our front door, more than once. What a pain getting that smell out especially in the summer! Came across SCOE 10X and said what the heck.

Well, it paid off. I did not have to wash the front glass door and spray around the door multiple times! I even gave some to my neighbor and will be ordering again. Thank you SCOE 10X!

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X!
Alandra Ortis - Granada Hills, CA   (Monday, October 14, 2013)

One of my cats kept urinating on my mattress and I have a sensitive sniffer, not to mention it is just gross. I went on the internet and found this magic stuff.

Let me tell you it is a miracle! I know this is the stuff they use in Heaven...because there are no bad smells in heaven! I recommend this with all of my heart! I am giving this as gifts because my sensitive sniffer is inherited, so I know my family will appreciate it.
Love it!

  Amazing - it's all true!
Pete Guhl - Eden Prairie, MN   (Sunday, October 13, 2013)

We had a year old cat pee which we've tried everything from the pet store with no joy. I've even used all the home remedies with vinegar and hydrogen peroxide with no luck.

A single application of SCOE 10X and the stink was permanently gone! We had also left raw chicken in my wife's trunk for several days... a single application of SCOE 10X and it was also permanently gone!

I've just place my third order. Thanks so much!

It Works or it's Free!

Tammy Howe - Zimmerman, MN   (Friday, October 11, 2013)

This stuff is amazing! We bought the expensive stuff from the pet store thinking it would get rid of the terrible odor where the cat sprayed in our room. We were wrong! I went on the internet and found SCOE 10X and read all of the wonderful reviews, and boy am I glad I did!!!

Ordered it up and the odor is gone!!! I have just placed my second order so we have plenty available for our new puppy that we are working on house training. Thank you so much for your product!!!!

  Senior & Sick Animals
Toni Ezell - Laurel, MS   (Wednesday, October 09, 2013)

We rescue animals quite a bit and also have a pack of 5 dogs and 2 cats who will live with us until the end of their time on this earth. SCOE 10X is the only product I've found that works to get rid of odors.

When you have seniors or sick animals they can't help things but this is the best stuff I've ever found and recommend it to everyone I talk to about these issues. And this is 8 times I've ordered SCOE 10X.

It Works or it's Free!

  3rd Order!
Deborah Haynes - Menlo Park, CA   (Sunday, October 06, 2013)

This is my 3rd order of SCOE 10X because it is the only product that actually eliminates cat urine odor!

I have constant troubles with cat urine odor but SCOE 10X also eliminates other odors when needed.

Kim Beavers - Piedmont, WV   (Thursday, October 03, 2013)

I just received my SCOE 10X today (10/3/13) and immediately tried it when I got home. It really works!!

I put some in my carpet cleaner and scrubbed the problem area and let it dry. Could not believe it!! I thought I would never get the smell out of my carpet. Best investment I ever made!!

It Works or it's Free!

  Hotel Odors
April Leopard - Anderson, SC   (Thursday, October 03, 2013)

I run the smoke free, pet friendly Home-Towne Suites hotel. I have tried nearly every product on the market trying to eliminate odors. SCOE 10X is a miracle!

We use it on upholstery, pillows, mist the air, and hvac filters. But the best use of it for us is as an additive to our carpet cleaning machine. It removes all traces of smoke and pet odors. Thank you for making such and amazing product affordable!

  Excellent product!
Julie Spencer - Lewisburg, PA   (Sunday, September 29, 2013)

I first began using SCOE 10X several years ago when my then 2 year old son was potty training. I discovered that he had been urinating in his closet instead of the potty! Unfortunately, I did not immediately discover this until his room started to smell. The carpet was brand new and I thought I was going to have to replace it all.

Thankfully, I discovered SCOE 10X and it worked great! It completely eliminated the urine smell from his room, and I have been using it ever since!

I have a house full of kids and pets, so this product has become a must-have in my house!

It Works or it's Free!

Lynn Steinmetz - Toppenish, WA   (Friday, September 27, 2013)

SCOE 10X works great!

  SCOE 10X!
Terri D. - Beach Park, IL   (Wednesday, September 25, 2013)

I tried the sample size of the product as we do not have a large home, but had a very unhappy male kitty.

I am very happy with SCOE 10X and plan to use it from now on!

I like that it is safe and non-toxic, dries great, does not stain, and you do not smell anything, and also the price is great compared to the pet store products. Thank you!!

It Works or it's Free!

  WTH Is That Smell??
Dione Gonzales - Glendale, AZ   (Thursday, September 19, 2013)

I am sure we have all at one point or another come across a smell so horrendous it could knock you right out of your socks. Last year I was dealing with a neighbors dog who kept doing his business on my patio. After several talks with the dog's owner and my HOA nothing was getting better and 8 months later I began to look for a product to get rid of the smell lingering on my patio.

I found many products that promised this and that but then I found another person asking the same question on Yahoo Answers. 'How to get rid of pet odor?'

Someone suggested in the comments a product called SCOE 10X. So I did some research and eventually decided to try it.

I received my package pretty fast and it was easy to mix the solution with warm water in the spray bottle they sent. After letting it sit the required 20 minutes I immediately went out and sprayed my whole patio. Almost instantly I noticed the smell was gone with no strong harsh chemical smell from the product itself. It does have a slight smell but it was nothing like the gallon of bleach I had doused my patio with.

I used that spray on every little thing that I thought smelled bad and each time I was shocked to find the smell disappeared. A few days later I went back to the website and was reading up on this amazing product that seemed to be magic in a bottle.

That's when I discovered it was safe to use on my skin as well. Being incontinent and having to catheterize myself I frequently get UTI's and so I began using it as a body spray wash. I even used it in the laundry on my soiled clothes.

Needless to say I have continued to use this product and tell anyone who will listen about this fantastic odor eliminator. The bottle says it works on urine, feces, body odor, skunk, garbage, vomit, pet odors, and many more.

I recommend this product to everyone. My dad even used it on his big trash can outside and was shocked at how little he had to use for the rotting trash smell to wash away. I could go on and on but you will just have to try it for yourself.

Kathleen Pierce - Ovid, MI   (Tuesday, September 17, 2013)

SCOE 10X works really, really good at removing cat urine odors!

It Works or it's Free!

  The Best!
Andre Foti - Williamsville, NY   (Monday, September 16, 2013)

SCOE 10X is the best odor elimination product made!

  Nothing works better!
Diane Merlo - Zephyrhills, FL   (Sunday, September 15, 2013)

There is NOTHING that works as well as SCOE 10X!

It Works or it's Free!

Yuliya Khan - Hallandale, FL   (Saturday, September 14, 2013)

SCOE 10X is absolute perfection!!!Amazing product!!!

  Skunk smell gone!
Charles Cizek - Elgin, IL   (Wednesday, September 11, 2013)

SCOE 10X is the best on the market. Don't waste your time on pet store products or grandma's recipe. Works fast and is safe. Smell never returned.

It Works or it's Free!

  I am a believer!
Deborah Isaac - Tampa, FL   (Tuesday, September 10, 2013)

If you have pets, SCOE 10X is the best product to clean carpets when a pet accident occurs. Believe me, I have tried every product on the market, from pet stores to professional cleaning supply stores. None work better than SCOE 10X!

Easy directions and a very pleasant odor when carpets dry. Removed all odors and stains and my carpets looked like new! I am a believer!

  You're the Best!!
Sylvia Hodges - McAllen, TX   (Tuesday, September 03, 2013)

I recently bought a rent house where in one of the outbuildings a previous tenant had kept a number of large dogs. With the cold Oklahoma winter, the dogs had obviously soiled the concrete floor, sheetrock, and the lower parts of the studs with urine and feces.

I tried everything I could think of, and spent a lot of time, effort, and money on products then I gutted the small house and removed all insulation & sheetrock. Still STUNK horribly. More chemicals, more work, and allowed it to 'air out' for days.

Finally used SCOE 10X and 20 minutes later the odor was GONE. I was afraid it would come back 1 week, hot weather, and closed up....still NO odor!
I'm a believer! Thank you!

It Works or it's Free!

  A Miracle!
Sandra Watrous - Buffalo, NY   (Saturday, August 31, 2013)

You will not believe this, but my 5 year old Boston Terrier who has only been paper trained, refusing to go outside to do her duty, showed me that miracles do happen. Although it has only been 2 days since I used SCOE 10X, so far all I had to do was take her soiled newspapers outside after spraying my floor with the product, and when I opened the door to let her out, she sniffed her way to the urine smelling papers and amazingly did her duty outside for the first time in her 5 years of life.

I am hoping that she continues to do so since my older dog (a Pug) has always gone outside and she now follows my pug outside.

Again, so far it has been a miracle for me not to have those smelly papers at my back door and the room smells clean for the first time since I brought her home as a puppy. God Bless the people who came up with this formula.

Thankfully yours, Sandra Watrous

  Cat Smell
Rosemary Ohland - Houston, TX   (Friday, August 30, 2013)

SCOE 10X is the answer to the cat smell in my basement!

It Works or it's Free!

  The smell is GONE!
Katie Seich - Edgewood, NM   (Friday, August 23, 2013)

When I bought my house 6 yrs ago, the neighborhood stray moved in because I had cats. Spraying ensured and nothing could eliminate the odor. Even after new carpet, I could smell odor. I tried every product, home remedies, vinegar, baking soda and was at a loss.

One application of SCOE 10X and the room smells fresh! I am delighted it does what it says it will do! Buying more to have on hand.

Dena Pitts - Gig Harbor, WA   (Thursday, August 22, 2013)

I am SO thrilled to report that my last-ditch effort to rid our SUV of cat and dog 'accident' odors was a huge success. I was embarrassed to have anyone else ride in our car. Now I'm not!

I thought long and hard about paying the price for SCOE 10X, but my only other option was to pay as much or more for a professional detailing that probably would only mask the odors and therefore be a waste of money.

I followed the application instructions scrupulously, and after almost 2.5 gallons of SCOE 10X and 9 hours of labor, the car finally doesn't stink! (The odors have been accumulating from the last several years of road trips with the pets.) I highly recommend this product!

It Works or it's Free!

  Cats and Dogs
Amy Harrell - Winton, NC   (Thursday, August 22, 2013)

I read the other reviews and watched the advertisement before buying this product. I remember thinking to myself: If he can make skunk odor go away, then the small odors of my four legged friends should be no problem.

And it worked like a charm! The odor just went away, completely! I am a animal lover, always have been. But I don't want any guest to know by the smell of my house, that I have pets. I want them to know I have pets when they physically see them, and not a minute before. SCOE 10X allows me to do that.

It's a great product and I highly recommend it to anybody. Thanks a million SCOE 10X. You're the best!

  Thank You!
Lynda Iversen - Fountain Valley, CA   (Monday, August 19, 2013)

Love your product! SCOE 10X is the only product I have found that works! I love my pets again. Before was really upset with their behavior now it's tolerable. Thank you so much!

It Works or it's Free!

  Oil smell gone!
Harriet Horn - Sioux City, IA   (Monday, August 19, 2013)

I love SCOE 10X. It has gotten the oil smell out of the basement that has been there for years!

  3rd Order
Gladys Wheeler - Fuquay-Varina, NC   (Saturday, August 17, 2013)

Just placed a new order and felt the need to post another 'thumbs-up' for this product. Realized that each 64 oz. bottle I've ordered has lasted a year and I use it practically every day because of an elderly cat who can't seem to find the litter box every time.

Although it is a bit pricey, when I think about how long it lasts and the fact that it actually works, it doesn't seem so expensive (and the stuff in the pet stores isn't exactly cheap and has never worked for me with cat odors).

This is a wonderful product and if you follow the instructions exactly, it will work for you!

It Works or it's Free!

  Love SCOE 10X!
Deborah Stanley - Mechanicsburg, IL   (Friday, August 16, 2013)

I absolutely love SCOE 10X! It actually works unlike anything else I've tried.

  Very Happy!
Susan Hoover - Grants Pass, OR   (Friday, August 16, 2013)

I bought SCOE 10X with some wariness to its claims, but am amazed at how well it worked! The shipping cost was fair, got here quickly and I am very happy with the way everything was presented and delivered.

It Works or it's Free!

Kari Yamane - Detroit Lakes, MN   (Thursday, August 15, 2013)

I have been looking for something to remove cat urine smell completely and this is it!! SCOE 10X is the best product that I have ever used. It's amazing!!

Mya Cross - Cary, NC   (Thursday, August 15, 2013)

This stuff works! I have a cat who makes it a business to spray in corners everywhere in my apartment. It smells terrible and nothing I would use helped..only masked the scent.

I tried SCOE 10X and it worked! Applying generously to the area and the next day the smell was gone and my home smelled fresh again.

This is a must have for folks with spraying cats. Unfortunately my cat continues to spray so I will just buy more...

It Works or it's Free!

  Gasoline odors
Lauri Singer - Bonney Lake, WA   (Wednesday, August 14, 2013)

A gas can tipped over in the back of my Jeep and saturated the carpet. I tried everything to get the smell out. Baking soda worked for a little bit but it wasn't until I tried SCOE 10X that I was able to completely wipe the odor out.

I highly recommend this to others. Works extremely well for pet urine also.

  Works very well!
Tomee Palesse - Waukesha, WI   (Tuesday, August 13, 2013)

SCOE 10X works very well for getting rid of dog urine odors from carpeting.

It Works or it's Free!

  My 3rd Order
Georgina Evans - Long Beach, CA   (Tuesday, August 13, 2013)

SCOE 10X is a highly effective product!

Byron Hedstrom - Mulvane, KS   (Friday, August 09, 2013)

I highly recommend SCOE 10X. I have a old farm truck that mice got into. Tried many products to get rid of smell and nothing worked. Found SCOE 10X on the internet and decided to try it. I have been very pleased!

It Works or it's Free!

  Amazing-Pet Urine Odor/stain Remover
J Warner - Seven Fields, PA   (Friday, August 09, 2013)

Our 6 yr old fully house trained dog started peeing in every room of our house when our son left for college this yr. We have tried every odor eliminator/urine stain remover on the market and professional carpet cleaners. Odor and staining was severe.

I Googled industrial strength urine eliminator and found SCOE 10X. Incredible! The intense urine odor is completely gone, as is the yellow staining.

My husband and I were stunned and relieved. Our next step was to tear up the carpet, which we will eventually do. But it doesn't have to be done tomorrow!!!

Mary Jo Duellman - Fountain City, WI   (Thursday, August 08, 2013)

I am so very impressed with SCOE 10X!!

It Works or it's Free!

Yumi Kanda - Phoenix, AZ   (Thursday, August 08, 2013)

SCOE 10X works!!!

  Pet urine, feces, vomit
Patricia Boughner - Taunton, MA   (Wednesday, August 07, 2013)

SCOE 10X is the best product EVER for odors! I use it mostly for pet urine, feces & vomit odor for my elderly cat. It truly works as stated!

I recommend it to everyone. I ordered 64oz. It will last for over 1 year (will be ordering again soon).

Thank you so much for a great product!

It Works or it's Free!

  Cat Issues!
Linda M. Armstrong - Dahlonega, GA   (Tuesday, August 06, 2013)

My daughter moved in with her 6 cats - in addition to my 4. Needless to say, we had cat issues - the worst being cat urine down my a/c floor vents. We had to turn the A/C off because the odor was unbearable.

I had resigned myself to spending a fortune to have the vents replaced but decided to try on-line first.

Because of the rave reviews, I ordered the SCOE 10X.... took vent covers off and sprayed it down the vents. It took 2 applications, but it WORKED!

No odor, we are using A/C (and heat).... and I don't have to spend money, time, and mess to have the vents replaced!

  Ordering more!
Roslyn Hewitt - Dallas, TX   (Monday, August 05, 2013)

SCOE 10X lived up to what it only problem is that I got too little of it. Resolution? I will be ordering more!

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X Works!
Nicole Taff - Blakeslee, PA   (Friday, August 02, 2013)

SCOE 10X is an amazing product!!! I have recommended this product to many people, simply because it works!!!

  This stuff really works!
Dana Lloyd - Louisville, KY   (Friday, August 02, 2013)

Cat lovers everywhere - if you have issues with urine, get familiar with SCOE 10X! This stuff really works!

It Works or it's Free!

  My 4th Order!
Roberta Grapenthin - Sheffield Village, OH   (Wednesday, July 31, 2013)

I have 3 cats and my daughter recently moved out of town. We are watching her 2 cats and the trauma of being separated from her caused them to mark my couch.

SCOE 10X eliminated the stain and odor where all the over-the-counter products failed. This is my 4th order and I highly recommend the product!

Julie Baker - Denver, CO   (Wednesday, July 31, 2013)

I have tried many other pet odor eliminators purchased from the pet store...but THIS one WORKS the best! Worth the price!

It Works or it's Free!

Joyce Gustwiller - Antwerp, OH   (Tuesday, July 30, 2013)

I had a terrible odor in the basement of a house I had just bought. Smelled like cat urine. Even when painting the baseboards the smell was coming through the vents. It was awful!! I used lots of products with no luck. After using SCOE 10X twice the smell was gone.


  SCOE 10X Exceeds My Expectations!
John Hole - Danville, WA   (Tuesday, July 30, 2013)

I manage an apartment building where one of the units had an extremely strong odor of urine. I applied SCOE 10X and by the next day the odor had been eliminated.

This product exceeded my expectations, and I highly recommend SCOE 10X for the elimination of strong persistent odors.

It Works or it's Free!

  Cat Urine
Michele Singletary - Junction City, KS   (Sunday, July 28, 2013)

In my office is where my cats starting peeing on the carpet and I tried everything to remove the smell. I was doing research online as to what to use next and came across SCOE 10X.

Well just like always, I was skeptical but ordered it, thinking that it is going to be cheaper than removing the carpet and laying laminate down. I used it asap when it arrived and OH MY GOD, THE SMELL IS GONE!!!!!

It has been 3 days since it has dried and I am amazed that the strong urine smell is completely gone. We get right next to the carpet and smell it and 'NO' trace of urine is to me found!!!! I am so excited that I will be telling everyone. Don't hesitate to order because it really, really works. Thank you, SCOE 10X!!!!!!!!

  SCOE 10X Works!
Peg Tomanio - Queenstown, MD   (Saturday, July 27, 2013)

Only odor product I've ever found that really works! This is my 2nd order!

It Works or it's Free!

  A marvelous find!!
Sonja Caliendo - Burlington, WI   (Friday, July 26, 2013)

SCOE 10X is THE ONLY product I have encountered that actually works to rid the odor of urine with a pleasing smell from the product itself (not perfumed, or masking the odor. Actually getting rid of odor without adding another smell). Also it works on stains in clothing. A marvelous find and will continue to use!

  This stuff rocks!!
Noreen Uppstrom - Maryland Heights, MO   (Thursday, July 25, 2013)

Do you feel beat down from the stench of cat urine?? No worries!! SCOE 10X kills it!!! This stuff rocks!! Open your doors with confidence and keep SCOE 10X handy, it works!!

It Works or it's Free!

  Cat Urine On Mattress
D. L. Bradshaw - Waterbury, CT   (Thursday, July 18, 2013)

My son's cat was acting out when he went on a vacation. I kept smelling urine in the bedroom. First I found it in the closet in a plastic container full of handbags. She had used them as a toilet. I threw everything out, but the smell lingered.

Then I discovered she had urinated on the bed in four spots. I didn't notice because he has a dark furry blanket and it didn't show. But I discovered when I pulled it back that it had gotten into a very expensive mattress. I thought it was done. Then I received your product. It took all the smell away.

I also cleaned the floors in the closet and the smell disappeared. He had also brought home a rug that had been peed on by male cats. He put it on the floor in the garage. I smelt urine every time I went in. I took the carpet outside and sprayed it generously with your product and left it in the sun for 3 days. It is now free of smell.

I am ordering again and will always keep SCOE 10X in my home. Thank you for a great product.

  Cat urine
Michelle Kratz - Desoto, TX   (Thursday, July 18, 2013)

We had spots on our carpet from cat urine. After using SCOE 10X there was no more smell at all! It's wonderful!

It Works or it's Free!

  Cat urine odor
Toni McGrevey - Doylestown, OH   (Wednesday, July 17, 2013)

Oh happy thing I have ever in our basement with 5 cats....tried everything else.....thank you!

  I couldn't be happier!
Cissie Pace - Arroyo Grande, CA   (Tuesday, July 16, 2013)

Before purchasing SCOE 10X, I had tried every product and wives tale concoction to relieve the horrid urine smell from our furniture.

I've been dealing with the problem for months. Just ONE application of the SCOE 10X and my problem is GONE! I have to admit I was skeptical, but this worked just like it said it would! I couldn't be happier!

It Works or it's Free!

  Works on cat urine!
Laura Berry - Firestone, CO   (Tuesday, July 16, 2013)

SCOE 10X works! It takes a lot, but the smell does go away and the stupid cat seems to stay away and not repeat in that area. I was hoping NOT to have to spend that much, but if I do it now - I wont' have to keep buying the other stuff that only works for a little while and the STUPID cat goes back and redoes the business.

  Great Product!
Kim Vinson - Mc Calla, AL   (Thursday, July 11, 2013)

SCOE 10X is great! I've not found anything that works on cat urine, but this does!

It Works or it's Free!

  Love SCOE 10X!
Leslie Crabb - Davenport, IA   (Thursday, July 11, 2013)

Love this product! It got rid of the dog urine odor from my puppy in my kitchen!

  SCOE 10X is the best!
Robin Binion - W. Farmington, OH   (Thursday, July 11, 2013)

SCOE 10X is the best! It saved my husband's favorite leather jacket after our cat peed on it.

Also, my grandson pees the bed and SCOE 10X gets the smell out of the bed, sheets and his clothes.

Thank you,

Robin Binion

It Works or it's Free!

  The Best!
Alex Hudson - New York, NY   (Wednesday, July 10, 2013)

SCOE 10X is the best product on the market for pet urine problems!!!

  Wonderful Product!
Clifford Goodwill - Grand Junction, CO   (Wednesday, July 10, 2013)

SCOE 10X is a wonderful product! I don't know how I stumbled on to it, but it is the best thing that has happened. I will be purchasing more in the future!

It Works or it's Free!

Joy Gilson - Hudson, NH   (Tuesday, July 09, 2013)

My cat got sick recently and decided to pee on my carpeting. I tried something from Petsmart, but that just made the pee smell 10 times worse. After trying home remedies and lots of tears wondering what I would do I came across SCOE 10X on the internet and ordered it.

I was skeptical it wouldn't work, the pee smell was so bad . But I mixed it up and a half hour later I had a big smile on my face and all was right again .

Thank You BioFog! I will never use or waste my time with anything else ever again. SCOE 10X is a truly amazing product.

Nancy Bonzar - Cleveland, OH   (Tuesday, July 09, 2013)

No home should be without this!! My grandson thought they would lose their apartment deposit as a result of the cat peeing in a closet for over a year.

I let them use my SCOE 10X and the landlord was thrilled how nice the place was!

I have a Chaweenie dog and he has gotten skunked twice and my sons boxer once. SCOE 10X to the rescue!

First time didn't know about SCOE 10X and tried everything else. Found this online and now I will never be without it!!! It truly works. Even was able to save the dog's leather collar when my husband sprayed it down and let it set overnight.

What a wonderful product! Thank you BioFOG!

It Works or it's Free!

  My 9th Order!
Denise Christman - Waukee, IA   (Monday, July 08, 2013)

I have used SCOE 10X for years! Love the product, company and website! Price is a little high but worth EVERY penny!

  SCOE 10X!
Cheryl Brumfield - Danville, VA   (Sunday, July 07, 2013)

Best stuff I have ever used! Our home is built on a concrete slab, no basement. With carpet down, regardless of what I have used, the cat smells may go away temporarily, but when it rained for a couple of days or the house was shut up when we were out of town, the smells would always return.

After using my first order, I have not had even a hint of a cat smell!

Placing my second order and plan on using this forever. Thank you so much!!

It Works or it's Free!

  It really works!
Susan Hickman - Tipp City, OH   (Friday, July 05, 2013)

I love SCOE 10X!

  Cat urine and a loveseat
John Rutkowski - Morgantown, PA   (Monday, July 01, 2013)

I used SCOE 10X to get cat urine odor out of a loveseat and it worked perfectly! I still use the loveseat. There is no hint that a cat ever urinated on it.

Willie was a good Cat, he was very sick and we did not realize it. So not his fault.

It Works or it's Free!

Lisa Nunes - Cranston, RI   (Thursday, June 27, 2013)

I was sick as I waited for my package to arrive wondering what I would do if this product did not work. My cat has been missing her box and my house smelled awful. Embarrassed to have anyone over. Embarrassed to tell anyone and ask for help.

Tried bleach. Tried baking soda, etc. I was doubtful and had convinced myself that I would have to try a professional fire/mold/sewer clean up service because this wouldn't work and it was probably a scam. I was WRONG!!!!

I just finished cleaning up and with my nose UP AGAINST the floor and litter box, I smell no trace of urine. I have never written a product review before and am one of those people who read all of the reviews but still have to see for myself one way or the other.

I hope this helps you to try SCOE 10X. I am a skeptic turned believer. So relieved and feeling so much better about what to do if this happens again! You will not be sorry!

Rita Thompson - Barnhart, MO   (Thursday, June 27, 2013)

I purchased this thinking it wouldn't work any better than what my Vet had suggested. I had 15 yrs of cat urine to eliminate before I got new flooring.

I was wrong! I will NEVER use anything else! All the accolades about SCOE 10X are true and more. I'm ordering my second bottle today!

It Works or it's Free!

  Awesome Product!
Dean Curtis - Linden, MI   (Wednesday, June 26, 2013)

SCOE 10X is an Awesome product! I've been using it for several years and am always amazed at the results.

Just so you guys know, I also submitted a great review on 'Ripoff Report' website after I saw some guy bashing the owner and product. I hope you guys remain in business forever!

  Olfactory Hallucination
Rodger Asai - Denham Springs, LA   (Wednesday, June 26, 2013)

I don't know why I have this product. It is now clear that there never was any outrageously wretched dog urine odor in several areas of the house.

Obviously we were all having some kind of group olfactory hallucination which has now subsided.

That we have a partially used bottle of your product is mere coincidence.

It Works or it's Free!

Vicki Barba - Kansas City, MO   (Tuesday, June 25, 2013)

SCOE 10X has easy instructions to follow and truly works....luv, luv luv this product. In fact, I have already recommended to a neighbor who inquired for a relative. THIS IS THE BEST!!!

  Wow, I can't believe it!
Stacia Graham - Aurora, CO   (Sunday, June 23, 2013)

My two small dogs urinated frequently in my formal living and dining area to the point I wouldn't even go in the rooms. I could honestly smell urine when I walked into my home.

I tried several pet odor removers from Petsmart that seem to make it worse and thought we would have to replace the carpet.

One treatment with SCOE 10X and within an hour could not smell urine at all. I will be ordering more!

It Works or it's Free!

  Rotten meat odor gone!
Theresa Peters - Ocala, FL   (Thursday, June 20, 2013)

I went away on vacation for 3 weeks and returned home to find my freezer was off and everything in it rotten. The smell was awful.

I tried everything I could think of to get rid of the smell in my freezer which was only a couple years old. Nothing I tried even came close to eliminating the odor.

I went online in search of a solution and found SCOE 10X and boy I am glad I did. This stuff is amazing. I followed the directions and sprayed my freezer and boy what a relief.

My freezer no longer stinks! This stuff is great and would recommend it for all odors. Thank you SCOE 10X!

  Cat Urine Gone!
Bernadette Ramirez - Farmersville, CA   (Wednesday, June 19, 2013)

I used SCOE 10X for the first time and it worked great!

I had to remove the drywall from an area in my 2nd bathroom, it was so soaked w/cat urine it got into the wood struts resting on the floor behind the drywall.

No home remedy or chemical would remove the odor, the smell was so bad. I sprayed the wood/floor with SCOE 10X and the odor is totally gone!

It Works or it's Free!

  It worked!!!!!!
Laura Kasch - Hobart, IN   (Wednesday, June 12, 2013)

I waited for our first hot June day to test this out. All you cat lovers know as soon as it warms up the odor gets stronger.

Monday night I went on a moving furniture, sweeping and cleaning rampage. Followed directions and as I went about saturating my cats favorite peeing areas (not always the litter box)I couldn't believe how instantly it was working.

But my real test would come today as temps reached 88 degrees. No air conditioning, I had to see (sniff) for myself. What else can I say but it works...happy happy happy.

That smell was the only major complaint my husband ever had about my cat. It's worth the money. Just not to hear anymore complaining about the smell, now it'll be how come your cat always lays on me. Well dear because he knows you really love him too. Teehee

  Gas on shoes
Jim Davidson - Kennewick, WA   (Friday, June 07, 2013)

I am an environmental scientist working on one of the largest radioactive and chemical cleanup projects in the world, the Hanford Site in eastern Washington State.

My wife has used SCOE 10X for a number of years with great success, but only recently did I have an urgent need to use it. I spilled gasoline on my office shoes while I was filling a gas can to mow my lawn. I thought time would take the smell out, but that did not work. The smell was still there. I did not want to go to work smelling like a gas truck and I did not want to get rid of the shoes.

SCOE 10X to the rescue! It did an amazing job of removing the awful gasoline odor from the shoes. It took a few applications, but so what, it worked and worked well.

It Works or it's Free!

  Cat Urine
Joyce Scott - Calumet City, IL   (Friday, June 07, 2013)

We were living in a rental house after we had a house fire. One of my cats urinated on the carpet. The entire house stunk. I tried a variety of products, home remedies and nothing worked. I was sure I was going to have to replace the carpet.

I saw SCOE 10X's guarantee and had to try it as a last ditch effort.

After all the time we had to live with that smell and then after using SCOE 10X it was gone in less than a minute.

Would never waste my time using anything else! This is my third order.

Dana Gundlach - Circle Pines, MN   (Thursday, June 06, 2013)

SCOE 10X is an outstanding product! I was in the carpet cleaning industry for years and never used anything that worked as well as SCOE 10X!

It Works or it's Free!

Jim Hess - Elkhart, IN   (Wednesday, June 05, 2013)

This stuff is amazing. Our pets are getting old and unfortunately we have to deal with some urinating here and there as they are having more difficulty controlling their bladder.

It is physically and emotionally difficult to go through this stage and SCOE 10X is the ONLY thing that has worked to eliminate the smell of urine in our carpet.

In the past we have used vinegar and had minimal results. I would highly recommend this product!

Ben Walock - Horace, ND   (Tuesday, June 04, 2013)

We had a bathroom we raised puppy's in and it smelled so bad we could not even walk near it without getting grossed out.

I used SCOE 10X once and the smell went completely away. I am now able to use my bathroom again!

It Works or it's Free!

  Yep, the Best!
Edward Mizzell - Summerville, SC   (Sunday, June 02, 2013)

SCOE 10X is the best odor eliminator! That's why I have already ordered four times.

  The Best!
Linda Gerber - Port Republic, NJ   (Friday, May 31, 2013)

SCOE 10X is the best product I've ever found! That's why I am ordering again!

It Works or it's Free!

  My Fifth Order!
Elizabeth Brown - Wawarsing, NY   (Friday, May 31, 2013)

SCOE 10X is wonderful and it really works. I've tried so many other products that didn't. Between my dogs getting skunked and my cats who are very old and having accidents SCOE 10X works great!

  My 13th Order!
Judi Lunn - Silver Spring, MD   (Friday, May 24, 2013)

My daughter and I always order SCOE 10X for odors. There is nothing comparable! We will continue ordering.

It Works or it's Free!

  This is the absolute best!
Peggy Rothman-freeman - Phoenix, AZ   (Thursday, May 16, 2013)

Seriously, there is nothing else that compares with this perfect product. I am a huge animal lover. Unfortunately I am also a neat/clean freak. This is the best product I have ever used. I think this is my 4th order. Thanks for supplying this fantastic cleaner. I love you for it!!!

  My 7th order!
Charles Wilmoth - Norton, OH   (Monday, May 13, 2013)

I wouldn't be without SCOE 10X! It cleans up whatever our 7 kitties give us!

It Works or it's Free!

  Cats, Dog and Doves
Gloria Massolo - Salinas, CA   (Friday, May 10, 2013)

I have purchased SCOE 10X 3 times now. I just have to say it is amazing! It works! I have cats, dog and doves and it works great for all of them.

  Cat Urine In Automobile
Stephen Falcone - Southampton, NJ   (Thursday, May 09, 2013)

Last weekend, we had to put our very old cat down. Midnight always hated riding in the cat carrier so my wife decided to hold her on her lap on the ride to the vet. About half way to the vet, Midnight emptied her enter bladder on my wife, the front passenger seat, the seat belt, the side door, and the carpet on the floor. I am sure that you get the picture. I tried to clean up the mess with Mr. Clean. The smell was overwhelming.

After two cleanings with Mr. Clean, I could only use the car with the windows down. I thought that I was going to have to sell the car.

I received my first order of SCOE 10X yesterday. After last night's first SCOE 10X cleaning, I was able to drive to work this morning with the windows up and not have to smell cat pee with every breath.

In fact, the only time that I really noticed the cat pee smell was after work when the car had been sitting with the windows closed for a period of time.

I only ordered the starter kit because I did not think that this product could eliminate cat urine.

The starter kit was not sufficient to totally cover all the effected areas of the car.

I have just submitted my second order that I am convinced will totally eliminate the smell. Thank you, SCOE 10X for saving my car!

It Works or it's Free!

  To My Surprise It Worked!
Jewell Harris - Albion, MI   (Tuesday, May 07, 2013)

I received my starter kit on Friday and used it on my carpet where my dog urinated. I followed the instructions and to my surprise it worked!!! There is no more 'pissy' smell!!! Thank you so much for such a wonderful product. I will surely recommend this to others!!!!

  The Best!
Brendan Reilly - Flushing, NY   (Friday, May 03, 2013)

Biofog makes the best odor remover. SCOE 10X works very well to remove pet odors. It is not cheap but you get what you pay for. I have ordered this product 11 times so far...

It Works or it's Free!

  Pet Odor
Debra Dickson - Chandler, AZ   (Friday, May 03, 2013)

SCOE 10X is absolutely fabulous! I've tried everything and this is the best! I just wish it could run after the animals as they find new spots to relieve themselves. But, SCOE 10X is incredible!

  Works as advertized!
Kenneth Bilbrey - Greensboro, NC   (Wednesday, May 01, 2013)

Two weeks ago I searched the internet for a solution for pet urine odor elimination. I quickly found SCOE 10X and ordered enough to make 1 gallon and also ordered the black light.

I received the product and black light and mixed the concentrate according to the directions.

While waiting the 20 minutes for the solution to finalize I used the black light on the carpet and was amazed at how much damage my dog had done.

Using the product as directed I was then amazed that it worked just like advertised.

Today I just purchased SCOE 10X again.

I have to tell everyone that this product really works the way the website says it does. Do not have any hesitation in purchasing this product, you will not be disappointed. Also, they describe the black light as being professional and it is. I am surprised at how professional the black light really is.

It Works or it's Free!

  Our secret...
Glenda Criss - Garland, TX   (Friday, April 26, 2013)

Customer of BioFog since 2007, order 2 times per/yr. I have my sisters using it also; they love the product. 1 sis works abroad, so she orders 2-yrs worth.

It is our secret as to what we use it for, however, wish the entire universe knew. Our secret. LOVE IT, LOVE IT.

  A must have for cats!
Charles Wilmoth - Norton, OH   (Friday, April 26, 2013)

SCOE 10X is the only product that does what it says it will do. With 7 cats in our house, this product is a must have. I've placed at least 7 orders!

It Works or it's Free!

  Fantastic Results!
Michael Dees - Calera, AL   (Thursday, April 25, 2013)

I am a 73 y.o. male who suffers from incontinence accidents due to botched prostate surgery 10+ years ago. Since that time, I've tried using many 'odor eliminators', mainly buying enzyme products.

During a search for another of those, I found SCOE 10X. The results have been fantastic!

Being on a fixed income, the crowning cherry would be a lesser price for your product, but I will continue to buy anyway. This is my 2nd order.

  SCOE 10X!
Cindy Stickel - Cheyenne, WY   (Tuesday, April 23, 2013)

SCOE 10X is a great product! I recommend it to eliminate pet odors! This is my third order!

It Works or it's Free!

  Pet Odor
Cookie McGirr - Clinton, OH   (Tuesday, April 23, 2013)

SCOE 10X is the best pet odor remover I've ever found!

  Another Order!
Diane Dekmar - Kingston, PA   (Monday, April 22, 2013)

Tried another product first, didn't work. Needed something stronger, better. Searched the internet and found SCOE 10X. Very satisfied and am placing another order today!

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X!
Paula Reh - Shelbyville, KY   (Sunday, April 21, 2013)

This is my 2nd order. I previously purchased SCOE 10X because my dogs were sprayed by a skunk and ran in the house.

SCOE 10X is the only thing that got the skunk odor out of my house. Don't need it often but when you do it really works. It doesn't cover up the odor; it elimates it! Never want to be without it.

Raymond McVay - Dallas, TX   (Thursday, April 18, 2013)

WOW, I had a huge problem with stray Cat's. They had moved into the loading Dock of my office tower. We have used everything we could think of including Bleach. SCOE 10X was/is Amazzzing! Only needed 1/2 Gallon on 1,000 sqft. Thanks!

It Works or it's Free!

  It Really Works!
Mabel Benson - Millsboro, DE   (Tuesday, April 16, 2013)

I really love this stuff! I buy it because it really works! I've tried many other products but SCOE 10X really works better than anything else I've ever tried!

  SCOE 10X!
Sharon Huse - Sherburn, MN   (Monday, April 15, 2013)

SCOE 10X is THE BEST product for elimiating cat urine.

It Works or it's Free!

  All I can say is WOW!
Cynthia Matthews - Mayflower, AR   (Thursday, April 11, 2013)

My product arrived today and all I can say is WOW!

In the last two weeks, for whatever reason, my cats, (who are fixed) decided it would be a good time to spray a number of areas in my home. I have no clue why all of a sudden they started to do this, but after two weeks, I was at my wits end.

As I have a very sensitive nose - (in fact have been told by my husband that I would be a good candidate to sniff out drugs at the airport) At any rate, the odor was making me nauseous - I tried a number of different products, no success - now I had several smells driving me NUTS - the smell of cat pee along with the scents they use in the cleaners . . .horrible.

Got the product, mixed it up (had a difficult time waiting!) but after exactly 20 mins - went to work on the areas that they sprayed.

AHHHH - heaven. My house is back to normal - smells clean and fresh.

Until the product arrived, I was giving serious thought to getting rid of the cats - was devastated at the thought, but absolutely cannot stand the smell of cat urine. Because I have a sensitive nose, I can smell it a mile away - I was at my wits end. This product may have averted a very sad thing.

THANK YOU, and I will be ordering from you again real soon.

  Feline Urine
Mary Kaduk - Florence, AL   (Wednesday, April 10, 2013)

Using SCOE 10X completely neutralizes feline urine odor. Love it!

It Works or it's Free!

  Love this stuff!
Janelle Woody - Odessa, TX   (Tuesday, April 09, 2013)

I love SCOE 10X. This is my fourth order. Great for eliminating odors!

  This Stuff Rocks!
Kim Hunt - Napa, CA   (Monday, April 08, 2013)

This stuff ROCKS! Stray cats all around my home and one of mine sprays. I'm sooooooo happy to find SCOE 10X!

It Works or it's Free!

  It actually works!
Carol Miller - Red Bluff, CA   (Thursday, April 04, 2013)

I'm rating SCOE 10X highly due to the fact it actually works as well as advertised!

And, I really love it!

  Love It!
Baron Whitaker - Pueblo, CO   (Thursday, March 28, 2013)

We use SCOE 10X for cleaning the carpet, washing clothes, in the cars, the kitchen, and the bathrooms. We haven't found a place not to use it.

Love it!

It Works or it's Free!

  Cats & Dogs
Marsha Stoll - Jefferson City, MO   (Wednesday, March 27, 2013)

I have cats and dogs and SCOE 10X is great at gettig rid of all of the odors!

  SCOE 10X!
Patricia LeBlanc - Tacoma, WA   (Friday, March 22, 2013)

I love your product, it does what you advertise - eliminates cat urine odor. Thank you!

It Works or it's Free!

Cindy Mitchell - Montgomery, AL   (Thursday, March 21, 2013)

SCOE 10X takes pet odor OUT of whatever it is in, including #2 in the kitty litter box!

  cat urine
Elliot Wicks - Reston, VA   (Thursday, March 14, 2013)

Over the years we have had problems with a number of our cats urinating on carpet. I tried many products to eliminate the odor, including a number of the enzyme-based products. They helped, but none completely eliminated the odor. They really didn't solve the problem. The smell was particularly evident when summer came and the rooms warmed up. If the odor is not eliminated, the cats come back to urinate on the same spot.

I tried SCOE 10X several months ago, and I couldn't believe how effective it was. The odor was completely gone, and the cats didn't come back. There was no stain on the carpet.

I'm amazed at how well this product works, and I highly recommend it, and I wish I had found it years earlier. I just wish it was a bit less expensive.

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X Really Works!
Joan Weichey - Butler, PA   (Thursday, March 14, 2013)

This stuff WORKS on cat urine soaked into concrete. It saved my house!

  Happy Customer!
Tom Steel - Freeland, WA   (Wednesday, March 13, 2013)

I am happy. I used SCOE 10X. It performed as advertised. I will recommend your products to others.

It Works or it's Free!

  Pet Rescue
Karen Terrando - Houston, TX   (Monday, March 11, 2013)

I was given a bottle of SCOE 10X when I adopted my dog. That sample bottle made me a believer - there is nothing that comes close to eliminating pet odors and stains. Great marketing strategy!

  I'm a Forever Customer!
Melissa Boggs - Atlanta, GA   (Saturday, March 09, 2013)

I first found SCOE 10X probably about 5 years ago. My Hubby and some hunting buddies disturbed a skunk under the house they were staying in. Everything reeked! I came across this sight while searching for something to remove the odor. I decided to give it a try and boy I'm glad I did!! It took the odor out of everything, even his leather phone case, the steering wheel on his truck, etc. We thought he'd have to replace all of his hunting gear, but it worked on all of it!

Since then, I've used it on pet stains for my dogs and cats. It works great on cat urine and I've never found anything that takes that odor out. My older cat just marked the sofa so I'm ordering more to use on that. I try to keep it on hand at all times. Use it as directed and don't skimp. It's definitely cheaper than replacing the furniture.

Thanks for such an awesome product!!

It Works or it's Free!

  Fantastic for cat accidents
John Schrecongost - Saltsburg, PA   (Friday, March 08, 2013)

We have eight cats - all indoors - and occasionally there is an accident on the furniture or carpet. We have tried many products to eliminate the odors and haven't found anything that works as well as SCOE 10X. Even the cats don't seem to be able to pick up the scent after we have used it. Highly recommend!

  Love this stuff!
V Tippett - Emerald Hills, CA   (Sunday, March 03, 2013)

I originally discovered SCOE 10X several years ago (can't even remember what I searched to find it) but I purchased it and used it to eliminate odor from my husbands stinky work-out clothes. I wanted to throw everything away and start over, but he would not let me.

I tried this instead and it worked wonderfully. Fast forward about 5 years, we moved into a new house and had a baby around the same time. Our poor little dog didn't handle it so well and decided to use the guest room as her personal pee room.

It was awful. I ordered more SCOE 10X. I put a ton on the carpets. It worked a little. So I ordered even more and saturated everything. I kept it super wet like the instructions said. A few days later, I rented a carpet cleaner just to draw out all the liquid from the carpet. It helped a lot but did not eliminate the odor completely...or so I thought. I was disappointed, and kept the door closed, mostly to keep the dog out. After about a month, the odor was completely gone. No trace at all.

In regards to using the product, it smells really nice, like a mild soap. I took away the superficial odor immediately. I've just ordered my next supply - time to rejuvenate the workout clothes again. It works great for this because we just keep the 5 gallon bucket in the laundry room and send the stinkies through the bucket before the laundry. It lasts a good long time.

Thanks SCOE 10X!!

It Works or it's Free!

  Very Pleased!
Judy Deacon - Rowland Hts., CA   (Friday, March 01, 2013)

I've tried just about every urine deodorizer made and some have been good some have a pleasant fragrance and seems to do the job for a day or so, then the odor comes back. Some have an overpowering scent that actually gave me headaches and I couldn't tell if it actually removed the odor bacause all I could smell is their overpowering stench.

SCOE 10X has both a pleasant scent and I've been pleased that it completely removes the urine smell.

I've been very happy with this product.

Cathy Turley - Jacksonville, AL   (Monday, February 25, 2013)

I to, did not believe this would work. Because I have tried everything. SCOE 10X really works!!! Can't keep enough on hand!

It Works or it's Free!

  Cigarette Smoke in Car
B. Baldwin - Bloomington, IL   (Wednesday, February 20, 2013)

Bought a used car for the teenager and it absolutely reeked of cigarette smoke. Came across the SCOE 10X product online and read all of the reviews and thought I would give it a shot.

Long story short, applied to entire interior dash, headliner, seats, floorboards, windows as directed by instructions. Let it dry for the better part of a day. Odor eliminated! Stuff is great and I will buy it again.

  SCOE 10X
Pat Abruzzo - Destin, FL   (Monday, February 18, 2013)

I am not usually a doubting Thomas but if I didn't purchase and apply this product myself, I would not believe it!

We are renovating a house that was previously rented. The renters had several animals. At least two dogs and most likely a cat. The urine odor in the laundry room, tile floor, was so disgusting that we could hardly catch our breath! Most likely cat urine but not 100% sure. I had already washed the floor several times with PineSol but to no avail.

We thought we would have to rip out the ceramic tile but I found SCOE 10X on the Internet and decided to give it a try. It's amazing! It worked after one application! AND the price is right! Don't hesitate to give it a try.

It Works or it's Free!

  Old dried cat urine -GONE!
Emily Cheek - Lebanon, NH   (Monday, February 18, 2013)

I bought a house a little over a year ago which housed about 20 cats, even though the carpet had been replaced in my bedroom, my cats still kept marking the same area.

I tried EVERYTHING! I even googled ways to take out the smell for good, to no avail. I was almost to the point of ripping up the carpet and just leaving the floor bare, when I tried again to google any other ways to get rid of the smell when I came across this website. I went through everything on this site and all I saw was good reviews (which kinda made me skeptical), I finally decided I'd give it a try and bought the starter kit.

I am AMAZED at the difference in my carpet, even after just a couple of minutes I could tell it was working, the starter kit only did a small area but I intend to find all the urine spots and buy more to rid my carpet of this horrible smell for good! I highly recommend this product, thank you so much for creating it!!!

  In love with SCOE 10X!
Vickie Cogburn - Fresno, CA   (Wednesday, February 13, 2013)

I am in love with this product. It cleans, removes dirt and stains most importantly it removes the odor.

I have cats and SCOE 10X makes my house not smell like a 'cat house'. LOL.

My brother-in-law has a dog that urinated in the house, SCOE 10X wiped up the urine, cleaned the smell, and took out the stain.

This is an amazing product. Besides, you mix it yourself so you're not paying for water.

It Works or it's Free!

  Great product!
Ander Kelley - Dexter, MO   (Tuesday, February 05, 2013)

SCOE 10X worked fantastically on my carpeted stair landing which my cat had decided to turn into his personal non-litter box.

We followed the online instructions, used the carpet injector, and the odor is completely gone.

SCOE 10X worked great! We will definitely buy again if the need arises, and we've recommended this product to our friends.

  SCOE 10X is fantastic!
Jeanne Drouillard - Livonia, MI   (Monday, February 04, 2013)

I'm training a puppy in housebreaking and SCOE 10X is fantastic.

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X works great!
Evelyn McAnelly - Hondo, TX   (Monday, February 04, 2013)

This is an amazing product that really does eliminate pet urine oder. I as so pleased that I am making a second order today.

  Question: How do you stop an old dog from marking?
Jeff Berg - Las Vegas, NV   (Thursday, January 24, 2013)

Answer: You cant't

I am the owner a 12 year old Bicheon that has had an indoor marking problem since we got him at 12 weeks old from a breeder we were friends with. We could not solve the marking problem with training, the vet, pheromones, caging, you name it.

Over the years the dog has destroyed carpets in two houses and is starting on a third (along with an adopted brother who joins in the marking! I tried every, every product on the market including professional cleaning. Nothing helped and I was at my wits end.

I found your product about two years ago. Although it helped in my old house, it was too late and I didn't use the product correctly. You can not only remove urine odor but old and new urine stains.

BTW, every carpet in Las Vegas is white or off-white. making every accident noticeable.

So , here's what worked and what did not work:

I know the product is very expensive, but if you scrimp on use, it does not work to really remove all the stain.

You need:

SCOE10X (mixed according to instructions)
Lots of paper towels
SCOE10X in a spray bottle

1. SOAK the urine and I mean soak. Use a black light to show you the entire stain
2. Take a toothbrush and brush the product in vigorously after about 10 minutes. Then cover with a paper towel sprayed with SCOE10X. Keep the area wet, keep the paper towels wet and keep turning them..They will soak the stain out of the carpet along with the SCOE10X. Keep adding paper towels over time. Try and keep the area moist for 24 hours. If you do this right, the paper towels will soak the stain away.

So, I'm converted.

Jeff Berg

It Works or it's Free!

  works great
Tom Morrissey - Raynham, MA   (Monday, January 21, 2013)

wish it were a little cheap er buy it more often, try to be a good renter the place i live allows dogs thank god my min-p in comet pee some time 1 every six months and some times i do not find till much later... anyway i keep buying it works much better than the stuff you buy at petco but the stuff at petco is cheaper and the stuff at petco you have to use more... love this stuff..

  No more cat urine odor!!!
Kim McDonald - Houston, TX   (Monday, January 14, 2013)

I had a problem with dried cat urine on my sofa cushion and in my carpet. I tried Nature's Miracle from the pet store but this time the odor would not budge.

In desperation, I decided to look online in hopes of finding a real miracle cure. The SCOE 10X site came up and the reviews looked promising so I decided to try it. After treating both areas a couple of times the odor is GONE!

Your product is AMAZING!!! I will recommend it to everyone I know and I will definitely buy it again if needed. Thank you so much!!!

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X is Awesome!
James Hensch - Valrico, FL   (Monday, January 07, 2013)

Just a quick note to let you guys know your product is awesome! Had my daughter and granddaughter vist over the holidays, had more than a few 'diaper leaks' on my favorite double recliner.

Tried everything but nothing worked, even tried 'urine be gone', you know the one on tv, needless to say, no luck. Just got your product today, (ordered it only two days ago) followed the instructions, mixed 1 part concentraite to 8 parts luke warm water, let activate for 20 + minutes, used the spray bottle and soaked the seating surfaces, 5 minutes later, no more odor!! Gone, poof! just like that.

It is nice to find a company like yours that makes a SUPERIOR product, your SCOE 10X is simply the best!!

  SCOE 10X
Sandy Brummer - Escalon, CA   (Thursday, January 03, 2013)

I fully expected to be trying out the guarantee on SCOE 10X. I am, instead, in awe. I purchased this product as a last ditch effort to remove new and OLD pet odors.

I'm being totally honest when I say NOTHING helped. I've shampooed the carpet with carpet cleaners, Mr. Clean, Lysol, vinegar, and various other cleaners at various times during the last few years. They seemed to work for a few days, and then the insidious odors would gradually reappear.

I bought this and figured when it wouldn't work, I'd bite the bullet and redo the floors. Imagine my surprise and glee to find that after using the SCOE 10X once, as directed, the smells have disappeared. I used this product over a month ago, so I'm hopeful that they have disappeared PERMANENTLY!

I highly reccommend this product for anyone with pets! It works! One of the few products now that actually does what it says! What a good buy!

It Works or it's Free!

Lourdes Santiago - Mohegan Lake, NY   (Saturday, December 29, 2012)

It's true! We have tried so many different products we can't even begin to tell you and nothing worked! Not until we purchased this product!

One of our babies has a condition, she can't help herself and leaves 'gifts' for us all over. We spray with this and it stops the odor AND stops her from leaving gifts there again! I love my cat and this has helped tremedously.

I hope this review helps others with similar problems from having to take more drastic measures and considering ridding themselves of their beloved cats!

  Skunk Odor
Susan Watson - Canonsburg, PA   (Saturday, December 22, 2012)

I am TOTALLY in awe of SCOE 10X ! My golden retriever was sprayed by a skunk and it was unbearable. It was late at night and I needed something fast. I found 'home remedies' on line but the effect was minimal at best. The next day I bought a product at the pet store, but again, it barely made a difference.

Desperate for help I went to the internet again and stumbled across SCOE 10X. The reviews were compelling so I thought I would try again. I couldn't be more impressed. It does exactly as it claims. Within a minute or two of massaging it into my dog's fur, the smell was totally GONE! Not even a trace of smell remains. It's as if it never happened. It's absolutely one of the best products I've ever bought. Thanks so much!

It Works or it's Free!

  I LOVE MY SCOE10X!! It's (almost) unbelievable!
Daniel Millen - Southfield, MI   (Monday, December 10, 2012)

Don't even begin to question its claims. It works EXACTLY as they say. Expensive to begin with, but worth twice the price.

My cats took to peeing nearly everywhere except in their litter box. This product doesn't mask the smell it NEUTRALIZES the very microbes that cause odors, ELIMINATING the smell completely.

You think I'm kidding? Too good to be true? I'll buy your unused product from you if it's not everything I (and scores) or others say it is. You'll thank me for this, I promise., if they only made 'Cat Eliminator'....'

  Gas Spill
Barbara Hardy - Mechanicville, NY   (Thursday, December 06, 2012)

I spilled gas in my back seat carpet, and was devastated. The car was a lease and soon to go back. I didn't know what I was going to do.

Googled clean up for gas and tried them all. The only thing that worked was SCOE 10X. I couldn't beleive my nose.

After cleaning up the best I could, used the SCOE 10X and ther was NO SMELL. I could put my nose to the carpet and NO SMELL.

Thank you so much. I recommed it to all my friends. I work at a vet hospital and recommed to out clients.

It Works or it's Free!

  So glad it works!
Renee Cutts - Tabernacle, NJ   (Wednesday, December 05, 2012)

I have a pup that is wearing my patience with house training, and searched for and used several products and homemade remedies to no avail, I couldn't get the urine smell out of my hardwood floors.

I threw away several area rugs because I thought they were hopeless to clean. Finally through a google search, I found your product and tried it out.

It is the only product that works, no smell, no stain, thank goodness!!! Now if I can only get the house training to work! Your product is a keeper! I will never be without! Thanks!

  Great Product!
Diane Sturm - Terre Haute, IN   (Tuesday, December 04, 2012)

I've had inside pets all of my life and have probably used a good portion of the products on the market to remove pet urine odor.

The majority of the products didn't work and the one that did........didn't remove the odor completly and soon that spot was 'found' and someone else marked the spot.

I don't remember how I heard about SCOE 10X, but I am really glad I did. I used it according to the directions and IT WORKS!

I had two really problem areas and after soaking those areas completely, I covered them with plastic for an hour or so (so the product didn't dry but continued to work). It is amazing!

A great product that I recomend to everyone. Even told my vet about it and he's letting people know.
Thanks again !

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X!
Dawn Terry - Morton, WA   (Tuesday, November 20, 2012)

SCOE 10X is the best stuff I have used. It keeps the urine smell out of my house when I have a cat or dogs doing the dirty deed in my house. I will advertise it on my FB page and to all of my friends.

Great stuff, If you havent tried it 'DO!!'

  SCOE 10X!
Tammy Andeline - Jermyn, PA   (Sunday, November 18, 2012)

I really can't say enough about this product. I advertize it all the time. It took care of the cat urine smell I had previously never gotten rid of with anything I used before. I keep it handy as now we got a puppy. Thank you!

It Works or it's Free!

  It really does work!
Sheila Baran - Poland, OH   (Wednesday, November 07, 2012)

I ordered the starter kit a few days ago and was anxious to try it on an old cat urine stain on my microfiber recliner. I was amazed at how SCOE 10X completely eliminated the pungent odor that has been frustrating me for 7 months trying to get the smell out.

After 3 professional cleanings and home remedies, I finally had to remove the chair from my home for disposal. It had sat in my garage for a month and I decided as a last ditch effort to research online at removing pet odors.

Thats when I came across your product and decided to give it a try. Well, let me tell you, I was shocked at how it removed the odor completely that I have decided to order some for backup.

Thank you so much for giving me my comfortable chair back!

  Finally, something that really works!
Larry Roberts - Yucaipa, CA   (Monday, November 05, 2012)

I tried SCOE 10X because my two Cocker Spanials insist on confronting a recurring visiting skunk, and losing every time. They are slow learners.

Naturally, they share their resultant stink with the household. I've tried many different products and concoctions. Most do not work at all, a few work but poorly, so I didn't hold out much hope for SCOE 10X, but thought I'd give it a try if as a 'last gasp effort', if nothing else.

The instructions remarked that we would know it worked in the first 10 seconds. Absolutely correct!

This is a wonderful product that certainly performed as claimed. I couldn't be more satisfied, and I have the strongest feeling that my two Cockers agree.

Highly recommended, definitely five stars!

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X - a wonderful product!
Amy Tavares - Penn Valley, CA   (Sunday, November 04, 2012)

SCOE 10X is such a life saver that the next cat or dog that comes into our household should be named either Scoebie, Scoefield, or Scoebee-do. No disaster is ever to big for SCOE 10X!

  AWESOME Product!!
Lisa Waldman - Aurora, CO   (Wednesday, October 31, 2012)

We have an 11 Yr. Old Dog that seems to forget he Should NOT Pee in the house but sometimes does. We tried Air Freshen Sprays, Odor Sponges, and Excessive Steam Cleaning and had no success of getting rid of the smell.

I found SCOE 10X on line and ordered the Starter Kit! I now have a Pee Odor Free house. Can't wait to see what else it works on. I'm buying a Full Size Bottle to keep it on hand. I highly recommend this product!!!

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X!
Janice Williams - Warren, OH   (Monday, October 29, 2012)

WOW! SCOE 10X worked!

I received the product at 2:50 pm and I mixed it and waited the 20 minutes. I went to town on my odors... dog, rabbit and basement. And GUESS what? ODORS ARE GONE! I MEAN GONE! I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT!!

I ordered more. I will never be without. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I am going to cry because I have a hound dog that I rescued and he has no understanding yet and NOW I have no worries HOW DO I THANK YOU!! EXCEPT thank you so much!!!!!!!

  SCOE 10X!
Bonny Harwell - Chickasha, OK   (Sunday, October 28, 2012)

It works, it really works! Thank you so much. I was skeptical having tried so many other products and mixtures. I am so impressed and will tell everyone about this product! I was literarily on the floor sniffing the carpet and it was wonderful! Thank you again!

It Works or it's Free!

John Aitken - Daytona Beach, FL   (Friday, October 26, 2012)

I bought a house that the previous tenant says lodged at times 15 stray cats. The stench of cat P was horrendous. (That's why I got the house for next to nothing). I ripped out the carpets and the pads underneath were dripping wet with cat P. I let it all dry and mopped the floors and lower walls twice (a few places 3 times) and the smell was GONE! Even in damp muggy weather there is NO smell whatsoever. Fabulous product!

Louise LeMarr - Bellaire, MI   (Friday, October 26, 2012)

SCOE 10X really does work on old cat pee! I wanted to be sure to give it a fair chance, so I followed directions precisely.

To get the residue from former cleaning products out, I poured very hot water on the carpet then used the wet-vac to get the old cleaning stuff out. Waiting for that to dry and smelling the damp carpet made me very leery that I would ever be able to write a good review.

But I continued to follow exact instructions and have never been more impressed with a product! I can lay down on the carpet and put my nose against it. NO SMELL AT ALL!


It Works or it's Free!

  Animal urine stink in basement!
Darrell Flippin - Kansas City, KS   (Wednesday, October 24, 2012)

SCOE 10X works! We had carpeting in our basement that was 15 years old with various dog and cat urine on it and on the woodwork...we removed the carpet and I sprayed this product along the edges and on the removed ALL of the odor! I highly recommend it for bad odor!

  Nasty Funky Urine Odor
Denise Intintoli - Federal Way, WA   (Tuesday, October 16, 2012)

For the past 6 months I have tried every product I could find to get rid of a terrible odor of urine from a dog or cat or both in my dining room.

It has been here in the house since we moved in. I tried industrial strength products which never helped and every household product out there. Thank heavens for SCOE 10X! I have my dining room back. The odor was so strong it affected 4 other rooms.

When SCOE 10X arrived I used a black light. I did notice an area with a strong odor which I treated.

I have my house back and will never buy anything but SCOE 10X! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Any other product is a waste of money. SCOE 10X RULES.

It Works or it's Free!

  Skunk Smell
Mary Fox - Copper Hill, VA   (Monday, October 15, 2012)

My dog picked up a skunk by the tail and was sprayed right in the face. I soaked him with SCOE 10X and it got rid of of the smell.

The skunk smell was also in our house. I sprayed a fine mist all over the house and the smell was gone in a couple days. I'm ordering more to have on hand. Great product!!!!!

  Cat Urine
Nancy Voyles - Hoopeston, IL   (Thursday, October 11, 2012)

Somehow a cat peed in my car. I even had it professionally cleaned & detailed but it still smelled.

Did some research & tried SCOE 10X. 8 to 1 ratio like it said & used the injector every couple inches & soaked the carpet pretty good. It still wasn't gone the next day but the carpet was still wet.

This was on a Thursday & by Saturday it had pretty much dried & NO SMELL! It's been 2 months now & no smell returning. This is a great product.

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X!
Patricia Jones - Tacoma, WA   (Wednesday, October 10, 2012)

This is the best product I have ever used. It does exactly what you say it will and keeps my rescued male cat from spraying daily. Now he only does it when he is stressed. It even worked on the outside doors and kept neighbor cats away. Amen....

  SCOE 10X is Amazing!
Kay Wilson - Glen Burnie, MD   (Friday, October 05, 2012)

I received my product on Wednesday and finally decided to use it Thursday evening. I have used every type of store bought cleaner to eliminate cat pee stains and odor and to my amazement SCOE 10X removed the stains and completely eliminated all pee odors. I’ve been battling this corner for over 6 months now and I just can’t believe your product worked on stains that old! Thank you so much for creating a product that really works!

It Works or it's Free!

Denise Hawkins - Imperial, MO   (Tuesday, October 02, 2012)

I have tried EVERYTHING to remove the cat urine smell from our micro fiber sectional. Purchased SCOE 10X last Thursday, received it Monday, used it Monday evening..... IT IS A MIRACLE!!

I treated one area per the instructions, and went to check it this morning and the smell is GONE!!! I am SO IMPRESSED with this product !! I will be ordering again!! THANK YOU THANK YOU

  Thank you for giving us our house back!
Jennifer Blanchard - Manassas, VA   (Monday, October 01, 2012)

My husband and I were at our wits end with taking our house back. We had probably lived in denial about the urine odor in the house after working in cat rescue for many years. It was terrible. As soon as you walked in the house you smelled it.

I always took pride that my house did not smell like a 'cat house' and was completely embarrassed to have anyone over. We thought we were going to have to rip out our hardwood in our main foyer. husband decided to try this out just to see if it would work. I was skeptical. But...IT DID!

I am absolutely amazed! We tried everything! All the brand name products at the stores, other odor eliminators online....and this finally fixed our problem. Our cats have not urinated again in the areas that we have treated as they did before with the other products we used. You walk into the house now and instead of smelling urine, you smell whatever plug-in scent we are currently using. It is wonderful. It really works. I can't believe it.

It Works or it's Free!

Jennifer Podhirny - Pueblo West, CO   (Thursday, September 27, 2012)

I have spent tons of money buying tons of different 'Pet stain/odor removers' as well as using mom's home remedies, not to mention many tears, trying to get the dogs 'accident' smell out of our microfiber couch.

I was skeptical of this product as you can imagine because NOTHING else has worked but figured I had nothing to lose at this point and was prepared to buy a new couch.

Skeptical no more AND smell no more!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this stuff. Thank you so much. I will be buying more!!

  I LOVE your product!
Lisa Gusimat - San Jose, CA   (Monday, September 24, 2012)

I used SCOE 10X on a corner in my home that had cat urine and no matter what I did, I could NOT get rid of the smell. It drove me crazy, but I couldn't afford to replace the carpeting. I used SCOE 10X exactly as directed and now the smell is completely gone. Not even professional carpet cleaners could do that. Thank you again.

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X!
Tony Rivera - Pittsford, NY   (Wednesday, September 19, 2012)

This stuff is great!!!!

I used it in one of our Resident's (Heather Heights of Pittsford) bathroom floor around the toilet that was covered with leftover urine. Next day urine smell was gone!

  100% satisfaction with SCOE 10X!
Robin Lane - Union, SC   (Monday, September 17, 2012)

SCOE 10X works as it states. I used it on leather furniture covers and foam cushions with the 8 to 1 dilution. The end results are wonderful. I couldn't be happier.

I emailed customer service before treating the leather covers. They were very polite and gave me guidance. Thank you so much for developing your product!

It Works or it's Free!

  Customer Service
Sue Thomas - Rohnert Park, CA   (Wednesday, September 12, 2012)

I'm writing this review for their customer service.

A lot of online reviews said they had a hard time either getting to talk to a real person, getting a refund or whatever. I'm here to tell you I had many questions before I started and 'Jodi' at Biofog answered every one of them within an hour of me sending the question. I never had to speak to anyone via the phone as I got plenty prompt attention via email.

So - all you people who had bad customer service - not sure what your problem was - I have NO complaints.

Sue Thomas

  Gasoline Odor
James VanderPas - Sparta, NJ   (Tuesday, August 28, 2012)

I spilled 3 gallons of lawn mower fuel in the back of my Honda hatchback and it weeped through the seat backs and soaked into seat cusions and pooled in the seat wells. After about three weeks, the gasoline dried out. Then I removed seats, shampooed them, soaked them and dried the seats. These efforts did not solve the problem.

Subsequently, I purchased 64 Oz of SCOE10X and made a five gallon mixture. With the seats out, I soaked them throughly, making sure the solution touched every molecule of gasoline in the foam. After drying the seats in the sun for two days the problem was eliminated.

I had started an insurance claim (with $500 deductible) and was able to close the claim, my only expense being the approx $100.00 cost of SCOE 10X which included shipping.

It Works or it's Free!

  The smell of nothing
Kelly Bush - Owosso, MI   (Tuesday, August 28, 2012)

This stuff is great, saved my cats (1) life. Never thought in my wildest dreams that I would get rid of the smell. You guys are truely a god send, keep up the great work you do.

  It really works on cat urine
Lorene Ballew - Jasper, Ga.   (Monday, August 27, 2012)

I tried everything on cat urine and nothing worked, until SCOE 10X. If you have cat urine smell in your home or around your home this is a must!

Thank you for this great product!

It Works or it's Free!

  Skunk odor
J Darbyshire - Goleta, CA   (Saturday, August 25, 2012)

I have been working with skunks for 40 years + so I know a thing or two about skunk odor.

I discovered your product at my veterinarian's office. Two nights ago I had some very wild rehabbed skunks due for release and they let me know in no uncertain terms they were ready! It was like a firing squad.

I used your product for the first time and I can't stop talking about how effective your product is, immediately. I have never seen anything like it. The Director of the Humane Society was with me and she tried your product with the same results.

The next morning at a class I taught I demonstrated SCOE 10X to County Animal Control and they were stunned at its quick action. Good job!!!! I will be a lifelong customer. Expect a lot of referrals from me!

Steve Toller - Dublin, OH   (Saturday, August 25, 2012)

SCOE 10X saved me at least $3000! I had a sick cat that urinited on two expensive rugs and a leather couch. The urine soaked into the couch cushions and deep into the leather. I saturated everything with SCOE 10X and in two days, there was not even a hint of urine odor! The rugs had the same success.

I just placed another order so I will have some in reserve.

This is one of the best products I have ever purchased online. Worth every penny and more!
I highly recommend SCOE 10X!

It Works or it's Free!

  Cat Urine
John Wheeler - Fuquay Varina, NC   (Saturday, August 25, 2012)

Ordered for the 1st time last August (64 oz.) to tackle cat urine smell that was taking over the house. Just placed a 2nd order.

With cats (have 3 at present and there always seems to be an elderly cat with problems), it seems to be an ongoing battle, but everywhere I've used SCOE 10X, it has worked wonderfully.

Mixing instructions are very specific be sure to follow them to the letter!

  Review of SCOE 1OX
M. E. Heatherington - Marshall, NC   (Tuesday, August 21, 2012)

I'm on my second bottle, first one (ordered last Christmas) having been used up. It's really good stuff. The promotional literature 'stunningly effective,' etc. tells the truth.

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X
William Seward - Alexandria, VA   (Monday, August 20, 2012)

This liquid really works. I had a rat pee situation where I had used multi-washing and pet spray with no success at all. SCOE 10X took the smell away.

  Truly AMAZING!!!!
Laura Hilburn - Gainesville, FL   (Sunday, August 19, 2012)

My mom had read about and suggested SCOE 10X - I was skeptical at first, but man I would've tried anything at this point...I am glad I did!!!

My Jeep Wrangler was so smelly, especially when it was rainy or damp out, that I had to make excuses and apologize for it if I knew someone was going to be in it!!! Lord only knows what was causing the smell...mold, spills, animals crawling in it at night (top is down a lot) was bad! So I got my SCOE 10X and went to town on my car.

I sprayed every last bit of carpet, cloth lining, and practically drenched all my seats. The car smelled fresh and clean..almost odorless. The true test came within the next couple days when it rained..I expected to go out to the same musty grossness as before but lo and behold SCOE 10X WORKED!!!!!!

Nothing short of AMAZING!!!!

My mom, knowing of my success with the Jeep, decided to try it on an antique cedar chest that held my grandmothers wedding dress and a huge box of moth balls for over 50 years. We drenched the chest once and I would say about 60% of the smell was gone. Mom went back about a week later with a second application and again nothing short of AMAZING!!! No more moth balls!!

The applications for this product are endless and it works!!!!!!!!!!

It Works or it's Free!

  Cat urine
Sherry Rader - Scarborough, ME   (Friday, August 17, 2012)

Thank god! A product that actually works!

  Thanks for a great product!
Barbara Dott - Kanab, UT   (Wednesday, August 01, 2012)

Just wanted to drop you a line and say THANKS for such a great product!

SCOE 10X is the best product I've ever used because it simply works, consistently and completely. It's easy to mix, easy to store and easy to apply. I have 3 dogs and 9 cats, but I never want my house to smell like I have any. SCOE 10X has made that possible.

It's worth every penny!

It Works or it's Free!

  Works on racoon urine!
Brit Ritchey - Eggleston, VA   (Tuesday, July 31, 2012)

I live on a farm and wear my Muck boots daily. While carrying a raccoon in a live trap, he urinated and it fell into my boots. Let me tell you, raccoon urine smells even worse than tom cat urine.

Muck boots are made out of neoprene so they are like sponges. Prior to trying SCOE 10X I tried many many odor eliminators, all to no avail. Out of desperation I ordered this product. I had to treat the boots three times but the third time was the charm. The product really did remove the odor.

Since then I've used it on a cat urine soaked into old wood floors, on a litter box and on a very stinky dog. It's worked like a charm every time.

This product really works and I'd recommend it to anyone.

  Awesome Product!
Rose Howell - Jemison, AL   (Monday, July 30, 2012)

I ordered a starter kit and two small bottles last week. I got to try it out today. I sprayed it in my ac vents where one of my cats had urinated a while back.

I had used a ton of different things to try and get the smell out and nothing worked until today!!!!!!

Glad I ordered extra!!!! I have 15 cats and 1 dog and cleaning is a constant!! They come in and out and I am a clean freak so I don't like 'stinky'.

I will be a regular customer and will spread the word on SCOE 10X!! Thanks for making my life a litter easier. :-)

It Works or it's Free!

  Cat with kidney problems
Polly Smith - Pinehurst, NC   (Monday, July 23, 2012)

We've had indoor cats for years and never an odor issue. We were down to our 17 yr old and he developed kidney issues.

Suddenly he was hiding his bathroom issues all over the house. I knew the litter box wasn't being used and tried to watch and catch him using other places. After we lost him I could smell urine all over the house.

I tried various things from the pet store. Then searching the web, I found your site. We had lived in Marietta and were familiar with Alpharetta. I ordered SCOE 10X from you and a black light. It took a while to track down all the places, but when I found them and sprayed your product, it worked!

The last place seemed to be from a floor duct when the heat was on. I sent a note to your company, asking if SCOE 10X could be sprayed down the duct. I received an immediate answer of YES.

After getting the smell out of the house, we adopted a 6 yrs old from the Humane Society.

THANKS SCOE 10 10X! Your product saved our floors and carpet and another cat found a home.

  Just try it!
Nancy Tcherneshoff - Mesa, AZ   (Wednesday, July 18, 2012)

I originally bought SCOE 10X because I have an old cat that pees in his sleep. I tried everything to get the smell out of my couch, but it ended up just smelling like 'flowery urine'. So I tried the starter kit and it worked like a charm!

Then I found a stray puppy. Sweet little guy, very protective - so when I let him out at my parent's house one night, he chased a skunk out of their yard. Unfortunately, it sprayed him full on in the face before it left.

I was upset because I knew I couldn't let him in the house like that, but it was late in the evening and he'd never stayed outside for more than an hour by himself.

I remembered the SCOE 10X that I had for my cat, so I ran and got it. I couldn't spray it in his face, so I sprayed it on my hand and rubbed it all over his face and muzzle. I then sprayed him all over the rest of his body.

I left him outside for a bit to let him dry off, and when he came in the house, my parents didn't believe that he had actually been sprayed by a skunk!

SCOE 10X is an amazing product.... Thank you for helping me keep a traumatized little stray from being even more traumatized!!

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X Review
Charlotte Fowler - Midlothian, TX   (Monday, July 16, 2012)

I am ordering my second bottle of SCOE 10X. This product is amazing! I have used it on pet odors of all types (urine, feces, vomit....) and saved a vehicle with spilled gas on the carpet. It completely removed the odor in all cases. Great product!

  Skunk smell
Bonnie Carson - Edmond, OK   (Sunday, July 15, 2012)

My new Jack Russel terriers were let outside around 11:00pm (late night for me) and then I noticed the skunk smell and saw my dogs rolling in the grass.

I immediately used your website to determine the dilution ratio for SCOE 10X (which I already had) and with the help of my son-in-law, saturated the dogs coats with it, worked it in, waited a few minutes, rinsed off and the smell was completely gone!

I've used SCOE 10X to also eliminate the area on my living room rug that my cat Esther was using to voice her displeasure at other cats in the house.

Smell totally gone and rug is clean and the stain is gone.

I simply can't be without SCOE 10X for the unexpected things of life!

Thank you for a great product!!!

It Works or it's Free!

  Foley Urine Bag
Diane Koeth - Mt. Vernon, WA   (Saturday, July 14, 2012)

SCOE 10X has just saved my carpet and a recliner! I have tried so many products and I can truly say that this product works.

I was planning on having all the carpet removed from my bedroom because I would get the smell under control then it would come back after a complete cleaning of my rug and recliner.

I broke my pelvis 3 years ago and was confined to my bed, so I had to use a bedside foley bag for my bladder. The drain latch came loose during the night and my rug was soaked with well over 2000 ml of urine. My sister immediately shampooed my rug and I've shanpooed it at least 4 times but the smell would never leave. Each time I thought I had finally gotten rid of the smell, but it would return in just a few days. I have tried ever product that's out there and nothing would remove the odor until I tried SCOE 10X and it's amazing how the smell was gone instantly and so far it has not returned!

I am taking care of my granddaughter's dachshund female dog and she released her anal gland on my cloth recliner and also my carpet, I tried everthing out there to try and get rid of the horrible smell that comes from the anal gland. I was going to throw the recliner away, but I sprayed it down with SCOE 10X and the smell is gone.

I am planning on buying a larger supply of SCOE 10X and I'm going to recommend it to my daughter who has 3 inside cats and hopefully she'll buy some for her litter boxes!

Thanks for such a great product!

  Dog Urine Odor on Sofa
Mary Waid - Elgin, TX   (Thursday, July 12, 2012)

I was given a sofa that was in prefect condition except that the former owner had two dogs who loved to mark their territory. The odor was so strong that I kept the sofa in my garage.

When I found your web site and saw the video I still wasn't sure if the product was going to work the way it was supposed to, so I only ordered a starter kit.

I followed the directions and I was amazed at how well the product worked. I ran out of product before I was able to do the love seat so I'm ordering another bottle.

I'm sorry I didn't order a bigger bottle the first time because now I have to wait until I treat the love seat before I can bring it into my living room.

Thank you so much for a great product!

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X Review
Diane Bender - Canton, OH   (Monday, July 09, 2012)

I had cat urine on my couch that has been there for weeks (as far as we know). SCOE 10X took the smell away completely!!!!

  We LIKE This!!!
Lynne F. Fisher - Dearborn, MI   (Monday, July 09, 2012)

We have 6 cats, and recently one (due to a bladder infection) started inappropriate unination. A second, (due to plain, old ornriness!) decided to follow suit! Our draperies were the prime targets, although other areas were included. May I say that we were amazed by SCOE 10X!!!! Not only was the odor gone, so were the stains!!!

We happened to have an appointment at the Vet the day after using SCOE 10X, told her about it, and she made copies of your literature!!! The 'trial size' was so successful, I am ordering refills!

It Works or it's Free!

  Leather Couch
Carrianne Smith - Phoenix, AZ   (Friday, July 06, 2012)

I recently had a family get together at my home. My male cocker spaniel has issues with men. When we went to bed that night he urinated all over my new leather couch, enough is soaked through top to bottom!!!

This products saved my $4,000 leather couch and my dog from my husband.

Just got a puppy and needless to say I'm ordering more! You should advertise or sell in pet stores it's a life saver!!! Thank you so much!

  This stuff really works!!
Sue Lebarron - North Tonawanda, NY   (Friday, June 29, 2012)

Just got a new puppy and am ordering more SCOE 10X! I always have some readily available for those 'puppy' accidents. It eliminates the odor and no stain is left behind. I recommend it to everyone!

It Works or it's Free!

  Fantastic, THANK YOU!!!
Gary Thomason - Brier, WA   (Thursday, June 28, 2012)

Just days before many relatives were to visit our house, the cats did their business in the dining room, unacceptable!

I spent ~ $200 on carpet cleaning products and odor eliminator from the pet store. The odor just got worse and the stains became huge...

I decided to remove the carpet and put in wood flooring (who wants carpet in the dning room anyway). Shopped for hardwood floors and got some major sticker shock.

So, as a last resort, I googled up 'remove cat urine from carpet' and it lead me to this webpage. What did I have to lose, so I gave it a try.

Well, it arrived within 4 days and all I can tell you is that the stink was gone within 20 minutes of applying this product, as advertised! SCOE 10X far exceeded my expectations, and I will be using it from now on.

The owner of this company will probably become a bazillionaire - this stuff is fantastic!

  Speedy Shipping
Kathy Fain - Ocean Springs, MS   (Wednesday, June 27, 2012)

My emergency need for SCOE 10X (2 easy mix refills with a spray bottle) precipitated by my daughter's loving kitty urinating in her favorite Don-Ed Hardy designer wool boots resulted in next morning delivery. I asked for next day delivery which was a good bit less expensive than next morning delivery and was delighted to receive my package sharply at 0900.

The kitty's status has been preserved as the love of her life and his long life assured as if it was ever in jeopardy. He may resume getting treats now.

At the same time I ordered a gallon to always have handy for mixing for these emergencies. Much to my delight and surprise that order arrived only one shipping day later.

BioFOG is truly outstanding in every way. Each time I talk to Jodi in customer service she impresses me as a knowledgeable, courteous, and considerate person there to make my life easier in any way the company can help.

It Works or it's Free!

  Love this!
Rose Murpy - Montello, WI   (Wednesday, June 27, 2012)

Had my doubts about SCOE 10X. But am so thankful I tried it!

SCOE 10X works great! All odor is gone! Am going to order more. I have one more spot to use this on. I am so glad I found SCOE 10X!

Kwanna (McEntire) Hoffman - Hutchinson, KS   (Tuesday, June 26, 2012)

Oh How I love you Guys!!!! Everytime I stepped into our house I would have flashbacks of the Old Cat Woman that lived across the street from us when I was a kid. Her house had more than 80 cats and they weren't allowed out.

We have three males and one female and they did quite a number on this former bacholor pad. I had my work cut out for me. I was at my wits end opting to look online for one last resort or burning the house down.

I ordered SCOE 10X and informed everyone on FaceBook this would be the last attempt at a clean and odorless house. I received lots of advice, home remedies and sympathy.

I was so excited to get SCOE 10X in the mail, we used it immediately. IT WORKED!!!

I am so very impressed. I tell everyone about it. You have an awesome product. I will never be without it. THANK YOU.

It Works or it's Free!

  It works!
Jane Hiniker-Searls - Everett, WA   (Saturday, June 23, 2012)

We have a male cat that sprays and I have tried every product I can find. Nothing has worked as well as SCOE 10X.

Areas with multiple layers of cat spray had to have repeat application but it did remove the odor in the carpet. I just reordered more product.

Thank you so much for making my home odor free again!

  Only Product To Purchase!
Kathy Fain - Ocean Springs, MS   (Thursday, June 21, 2012)

SCOE 10X is the only product I have found that has removed the odor of fresh as well as well-aged cat urine from leather purses, wool boot lining, couches and everything in between.

Customer service from BioFOG, Inc., is sheer perfection. Jodi is always courteous and immediately answers my techical questions. She has called me back to offer reduced shipping costs on multiple orders a service I consider above and beyond the call of duty.

There is no other company I trade with in this matter.

And Tracy is on the ball in the order department complying with helping me fill each order completely and timely.

I ordered extra this time for my animal rescue pal!!!!!

It Works or it's Free!

  Great product!
Geri Birman - Estero, FL   (Wednesday, June 20, 2012)

I would not be without SCOE 10X.
Best product on the market!

  Quality Product and Great Customer Service!
Tracey Hetherington - Fleming Island, FL   (Tuesday, June 19, 2012)

I purchased the 'starter kit' and when I received it I had a question about how to mix it up. I called after hours to ask, but I had to leave a message thinking I would have to wait to the next day to be called back.

Barely five minutes later a very nice girl, I believe her name was Amber, (not sure) called me to answer my question very satisfactorily!!

I then used SCOE 10X and it is a miracle worker!! I strongly recommend it to anyone with pet odor problems! The sooner the better!! :o)

It Works or it's Free!

Terry DeVries - Brighton, CO   (Wednesday, June 06, 2012)

Our older kitty (17) liked using our clothes closet baseboard instead of the convenient litter box. It was so bad that we were thinking we were going to have to tear up the new carpeting. After trying Natures Miracle and a 1/2 dozen other store remedies this SCOE 10X is the only thing that has worked!

Kudos to whoever invented such a product. I feel that I now have my house back again and the other two cats don't seem to mind at all and still use the litter box. Thanks again.

  Fab! Wonderful!
Debby Lenker - Northumberland, PA   (Sunday, June 03, 2012)

I cannot say enough about SCOE 10X! We have rescued cats & I felt like they were taking over our house! They are family, BUT they started to use my floors for their bathroon!

Anyway, I discovered this product & the smell is gone! I feel like a new person & in control of my house again! Yes, we still love our cats dearly!!!

It Works or it's Free!

  Cat urine smell
Rolfes Chassidy - Englewood, OH   (Wednesday, May 30, 2012)

I have a 4 yr old female cat and when we had her fixed she peed on our carpet. I tried Natures Miracle, Odor Ban and they didn't get rid of the smell they just masked the odors.

So I Googled what would be the best product to help get rid of the smell. And SCOE 10X came up, so I bought it and much to my surprise it worked!

I'm so impressed that I will defiently tell everyone that I know. Thanks for making a product that doesn't mask the odor but gets rid of it.

  Great Product!
Michele Wagner - St Charles, MO   (Wednesday, May 30, 2012)

After reading good and bad reviews I ordered a small bottle to do my bedroom that my dogs left spots on my new carpet. I treated this room 4 weeks ago and it still smells and looks great. No cover up smell left. Fresh and clean smells after 4 weeks is just amazing! I will be getting more to keep in stock just in case.

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X Works as Advertised!
Donna Brown - La Grange, IL   (Tuesday, May 29, 2012)

Tried everything to get kitty odor under control. Never owned a cat until recently and was surprised at how pervasive the odor was. Researched options and tried SCOE 10X. Followed easy instructions with terrific results.

Proof was that the day I treated my carpets, I was called out of town for 3 days. House was closed up, record high temps, expected to come home to the usual odor which is so much more noticeable after I've been away for a while. Walked in the door to a fresh smelling house! Fantastic!

  The Product Works
Marguerite Holden - Albuquerque, NM   (Friday, May 25, 2012)

It may appear to not work at first. Try applying it several times if necessary, but it will work if you give it a chance.

It Works or it's Free!

  Cat urine
Sonia Planas-Jimenez - Teaneck, NJ   (Thursday, May 24, 2012)

I bought SCOE 10X a few months ago because my male cat sprayed my bed. This product really works! I was amazed!! I saturated the area a few times and then allowed it to dry completely and so far you can't smell a thing. Thank you SCOE 10X!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  SCOE 10X!
Carli Rockers - Waconia, MN   (Tuesday, May 22, 2012)

I was a major sceptic! My male cat peed on my bed. I thought I would have to live with that cat urine smell forever. I tried so many things and nothing else worked! The first time I used SCOE 10X, the smell is completly gone!!! Thank you so much!!

It Works or it's Free!

  Carpet Saver!
Michelle Custer - Hudson, IL   (Friday, May 18, 2012)

My cat started peeing on my brand new carpet less than a month old. I was just sick about it. Found SCOE 10X on-line and read all the reviews and thought I'd give it a try.

It completely got rid of the odor entirely, so happy with it, getting a bigger bottle of it to treat an area rug that I had put up as I was not able to get the smell completely out of it from using 2 bottles of Nature's Miracle (waste of $$).

SCOE 10X really works! I am beyond thrilled with it! I would recommend this product to anyone.

  SCOE 10X!
Brenda Roach - Murphy, NC   (Saturday, May 12, 2012)

SCOE 10X is really GREAT!!!! It really does work. Can't say enough about it. Am ordering more for any upcoming 'accidents'.

It Works or it's Free!

  Kid & Pet odors
Beth Ann Beck - Bellville, OH   (Friday, May 11, 2012)

I first bought this product in March of 2009 for carpet odors from pets. This product got rid of all the urine smell, saved the carpet & us a lot of money.

Three years later we have a baby w/vomiting issues. I'm ordering more SCOE 10X today and not wasting any more time or money on products in the stores that clean the surface but leave the odor.

Thank you SCOE 10X for making something that does both!

  SCOE 10X!
Annette Schiffer - North Bergen, NJ   (Friday, May 04, 2012)

When my 9-yr old neutered male started 'indescriminate urination' on a wall in my stairway after bringing in cat number 6, I thought... this is it!

I tried EVERYTHING I could find and NOTHING worked to stop him or the smell. Finally, I decided to try SCOE 10X and the smell dissipated within a few days and now Tiger is only being a bad boy maybe once a week instead of daily and, hopefully, as he and the newest member of our family work things out, it will stop completely.

But I really think alot of the credit has to go to SCOE 10X. I just ordered a refill to make a gallon's worth just in case... after all, accidents do happen!

Don't waste your money trying all the others... they DON'T WORK... this does!

It Works or it's Free!

Sue Vesta - Fort Worth, TX   (Sunday, April 29, 2012)

I have 4 cats and 1 dog who are reasonably well behaved in the toileting and litter box department but we have a problem with next door's supposedly 'indoor' male cat - who I love - coming through our non-magnetic cat door and spraying.

Although skeptical I ordered SCOE 10X after reading all the reviews. I'm thrilled to report it works great. I've sprayed this stuff around like a mad woman over baseboards, wall areas above them, door trim & anything else that got in my way. Next day the smell was gone.

I've just ordered a 64 fl.oz bottle. I'm going to keep this made up ready to go. Thank you so much for developing this product. It makes me feel so much more relaxed about the problem knowing I can eliminate the smell while sorting out the problem of keeping the neighbor's cat out.

I did make up a slightly stronger solution...1 in 8...more is better I thought. I've even sprayed it around my cat's litter boxes area...just in case. I hate smells!! Works great...I won't be without it now.

Thank you!

Tara Del Buono - Vineland, NJ   (Friday, April 27, 2012)

We have four dogs, and we had just bought brand new furniture and carpet. We also bought gates to keep the dogs out of this area. One night we were out and my son was on 'dog watch', the next morning we kept smelling an odor.

We realized the one dog must have gotten into the living room and peed on the couch and the carpet (he is very old and has accidents), I was devastated!

I thought it was all ruined until I used SCOE 10X. The smell is completely gone!!

I can not thank you enough! I thought I was going to have to replace these items. While in Petsmart I recommended your product to someone who had a run in with a skunk!

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X!
Lee Talkie - Summerville, SC   (Friday, April 20, 2012)

I had tried about everything to get my nuetered male cat's spray out of house items. I ordered and tried SCOE 10X and have been amazed at how well it works taking odors out of everything from clothes, floors, couch etc. Will DEFINITELY BE USING it all the time!

  SCOE 10X & Skunk!
Charles Cizek - Elgin, IL   (Tuesday, April 10, 2012)

All we can say is that our Dog has been sprayed by a skunk 2 times. The only thing that took the smell away was SCOE 10X.

Really tried all that was out there short of cheap bleach. Highly praise this product!

Have told all our dog owning friends to purchase SCOE 10X. Never go camping with out it. Remember to read and follow the instructions !!

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X works great!
Sue Van Deventer - Terre Haute, IN   (Monday, April 09, 2012)

I would have to give SCOE 10X a 10 rating! We rented a house and every room was full of dogs and human urine. We tried everything people had told us to use and within a day the smell was back. So I got on the internet and found SCOE 10X. To my surprise and happiness it worked with one try!

I'm getting ready to order more for the rest of the house. Yes, all 5 rooms smell of urine human and pet. Try it! It is great! Thank You!

Yolande Labbe - Davenport, FL   (Saturday, March 31, 2012)

There is no question that SCOE 10X works. It is the BEST EVER deodorant. I have been using it every day for 3 years now. No mess, just clean and odorless for the whole day with no need to reapply.

As for the dog, I was not as successful for the reason that the dog got sprayed in the face by a skunk. It was impossible to reach everywhere and because she was licking herself like crazy which made her sick and she threw up.

The only time SCOE 10X would not work would be if you could not succeed in getting EVERYTHING completely wet for 10 to 15 minutes.

I LOVE SCOE 10X because it completely eliminates odor.

Thank You! Yolande Labbe

P.S. I highly recommend it as a deodorant. I will never go back.

It Works or it's Free!

  Boat Odors
Todd Smith - Leominster, MA   (Saturday, March 31, 2012)

I bought the trial size and had enough to spray down the engine room of my sailboat. I left it for a couple of days and what a difference!!! Like a brand new boat...

I just ordered a bigger size so I can do the rest of the boat especially the septic holdig tank and head ares. My boat is 36 years old so it takes a little longer but this stuff really works great!!!

  Best kept secret!!!
Becky Peterson - Plymouth, CT   (Saturday, March 31, 2012)

Unreal results.... that's all I can say. Give SCOE 10X a shot (what have you got to lose?). If you don't, you'll miss out on one of the best kept secrets in odor removal!

It Works or it's Free!

  Great Product and Outstanding Customer Service!
Elizabeth Wintrode - Chalfont, PA   (Thursday, March 29, 2012)

I love SCOE 10X. I have been using this product since 2007 when I had seven cats. The customer service is excellent.

Two things I especially like about this product is the very light odor which does not MASK the odor you are trying to remove like most other products, and how gentle this product is on my skin, my dogs, flooring, counter tops, bathroom fixtures and flooring etc.

Getting rid of urine odor is serious business, and for someone to not try SCOE 10X would be foolish or they don't really have much of a problem.

Love your product!

  SCOE 10X is Great!
Mary Weegman - Lester Prairie, MN   (Tuesday, March 27, 2012)

I ordered some SCOE 10X to use in the fieldstone basement of our 110 year old farmhouse. Over the winter dust settles in the corners and attracts the cats. The cat urine odor was unbelievable and I was at my wit's end.

I followed the directions and sprayed the concrete floor, as well as 8 inches up the wall. SCOE 10X worked!

One of the cats, (known to be a sprayer) walked all around the basement and didn't do anything, because he couldn't smell anything! Everyone should try this product!

It Works or it's Free!

Maida Jones - Anaheim, CA   (Saturday, March 24, 2012)

I had just had my sofa re-upholstered...and my cat targeted one cushion immediately by urinating on it! I used this fabulous product and...VOILA! Odor and stain gone forever!! I am so very impressed with SCOE 10X that I recommend it to many!

  How Great it Works!
Lisa Slavic - Jackson, WI   (Saturday, March 17, 2012)

I live on a farm where we've had problems with cats in the past. So my mother has this cat she raised from 'the minute' it was born. It’s never been right. All of a sudden it’s spraying everywhere. We tried everything. Nothing worked.

Then we got SCOE 10X. SCOE 10X really works! The only problem is it works so well the cat doesn't smell where he sprayed so he finds new spots. Now I have to find those!

It Works or it's Free!

  Dog Urine on Couch!
Angela Shade - Lees Summit, MO   (Thursday, March 15, 2012)

Was so excited to receive this product after reading all of the reviews. Had been trying to get the smell of urine (from my dog) out of my couch for the past couple of weeks . . . with no luck.

After using SCOE 10X the smell is gone!!!! I never write reviews, but thought this product definitely deserved one. Thanks!!

  Urine/Dog Odor
Kay Thomas - Litchfield Park, AZ   (Tuesday, March 13, 2012)

SCOE 10X is fantastic. I do animal rescue and at the moment I have 6 dogs. Accidents happen and I was frantic with the smell. I have tried all odor eliminators and every product known and nothing worked. SCOE 10X entered my life and saved my sanity. The absolute best odor remover product I have ever used. I gave some to everyone I know. Thanks for all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X!
James Bow - Attica, MI   (Sunday, March 11, 2012)

We do animal rescue and rehab. As with anything dealing with animals there will be mishaps. Cat urine being one of the worst to get out of carpet. SCOE 10X is by far the best ever. Don't waste your time and money on anything else. SCOE 10X is the only successful and permanent odor eliminator we've used. SCOE 10X is also pet safe.

  My couch smelled like a homeless person!
Beth Swanson - Austin, TX   (Friday, March 09, 2012)

My dog had vomited on my couch several times and the smell was unbearable. He is no longer allowed on the couch. Regardless, I tried everything! Nothing worked, and my couch then smelled like a homeless person with perfume on! It was beyond foul!!!

I used SCOE 10X and the smell has gone away! LOVE LOVE LOVE SCOE 10X. Thank you for making such an amazing product!

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X!!
Angela Goode - Baltimore, MD   (Thursday, March 08, 2012)

Wow, purchased this, used it, and the results were wonderful. All I can say is wow. I'm impressed, I have tried so many products and this is the first with instant results. Thank you!

Now I will order the larger bottle.

Again, thank you so much, what a difference no more embarrassment, when I come home, not knowing what to expect if guest are with me. Moved to a new home and my cats have been so nervous and upset, that this has become a problem, but not anymore.

Carrie Prakope - Bethel, CT   (Thursday, March 08, 2012)

I HAVE TRIED two dogs not just urinate all over the carpet, but they urinate on top on each others urine. I have gone through 4 dining room rugs and two living room rugs in a yr and a half. (I just built a new house and had hardwood throughout bc I already knew this was an issue) I was beginning to think I could just not have rugs. The smell was overwhelming when I walked into my house. It was really stressing me out.

I used SCOE 10X for the first time tonight and as I was using it the smell was already gone. I used the black light after to see the stains and they were gone along with the smell.

This is the BEST PRODUCT I have ever used. Thank you for restoring peace back into my home.

It Works or it's Free!

  Happy Customer!
Laci Cole - Trumann, AR   (Tuesday, March 06, 2012)

I had tried EVERYTHING to get rid of the smell of my doggie's accidents in the house....and nothing had worked.

SCOE 10X is amazing and you've gained a life-long customer!!!

  Thank You!
Denise Cottell - Phoenixville, PA   (Friday, March 02, 2012)

SCOE 10X saved an antique love seat that my male cat used to let us know he was upset with the dog. I don't usually write reviews but this is the BEST product I have ever used and is true to its word! I have told everyone and my Mom is now using in her home, new puppy......

It Works or it's Free!

  God Send!
Kat Settembre - Carnegie, PA   (Friday, March 02, 2012)

You have saved my sanity! I have been having problems with an indoor, overly anxious, neutered cat that is still marking territory inside my house (ugh!) and have tried ALL the other products that have claimed to 'remove' the stain and odor, but seems more like covering up (miracle, world's dumbest, resolve, etc).

I can't tell you how happy I am I found you! I find the markings via nose or black light and follow the instructions and couldn't be happier with the results!!!!! I'm talking: window sills, leather couches, material couch, pillows, carpet, wood- everything!

Now if you could just help me fix the cat's problem I would give you 10 stars!!!!!!!!!!!

But in the meantime, I have people come to my house that don't even realize I have cats! I arm myself with SCOE 10X and at least have peace of mind on that end.

Susan Dawson - Leavenworth, KS   (Thursday, March 01, 2012)

This is the MOST amazing stuff ever made. I am a clean freak and my daughter's dog still has accidents in our home and nothing was removing the urine smell. When I saw this stuff advertised I gave it a shot and WOW!!! It removes the smell and the urine smell does not come back. BRAVO to the makers of this superb product!!

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X!
Trina Liebowitz - St. James, NY   (Saturday, February 25, 2012)

Best Product on the market - I've tried them all! My 4 year old male dog was unneutered and marking his territory inside the house to the point he was no longer going outside to urinate. After trying almost every product I could find in the pet stores, I found this online and gave it a try. I had serious doubts it would work, because nothing else I tried did. But SCOE 10X came through with flying colors!!! It really removed the odors!

And thankfully the makers of this product had the common sense NOT to make it scented!!! Some of the other products not only did not work, but the scented fragrances the manufacturers added were almost as bad as the smell of the dog urine....

Please don't give up on whatever smell you're trying to get rid of until you've tried this product.

It really does work!!

  6 Stars!
Heather (last name removed by request) - Marietta, GA   (Thursday, February 23, 2012)

We have 4 kids and a dog, as well as a construction business, so I need a good odor eliminator for a long (sometimes hilarious) list of odors.

2 years ago I did a web search for 'best odor eliminator'. After reading various blogs and ads, SCOE 10X came up several times. I ordered it, hoping for good results but frankly not expecting it.

Well, I am a repeat customer and absolutely LOVE this product! Our latest blunder was spilled gasoline in the back of our van. I tried vinegar and coffee grounds (both from web advice) to no avail.

I remembered SCOE 10X, but for some reason had it in my head that it was only for organic or protein-based odors. Last week I picked up the bottle of SCOE 10X for a pet odor and re-read the label. I laughed out loud when I read 'gas & fuel' on it's label.

I RAN out the door and soaked the carpeting in the van. We now have a fume/smell free vehicle again! Woohoo!

Love, love, LOVE this stuff!

I finished my stash of SCOE 10X and am re-ordering. :)

It Works or it's Free!

  Great Product!!
Denise Ingram - Ringgold, GA   (Thursday, February 16, 2012)

SCOE 10X really works! Well worth the money!

Mike Jewett - La Vergne, TN   (Thursday, February 16, 2012)

I've purchased numerous supposed odor eliminators... a BIG NOTHING! This product has been used by me for CAT URINE, WET DOG & URINE, SMOKE, and general odor. When mixed and used exactly as directed, it worked 100%. Would love to buy shares in this company!

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X!
Susan E Cummings - Lake Luzerne, NY   (Monday, February 06, 2012)

OH MY GOODNESS, I just got this today. I have to admit that I was skeptical as to the validity of this product. I bought the 128 oz. SCOE 10X. I was scared I may have wasted my money. I cannot believe how fast and how good it worked. I sprayed just before I had to go to work and thought there was no way this was going to work, especially so fast. I am astounded as to how fast it worked!

I have a cat that has a bladder problem and didn't like going in the finished basement (where her cat box was) so we brought her box up stairs. The area she urinated was evident with the professional blacklight. As I sprayed the SCOE 10X, I could see the iridescent area the black light showed, actually disappear as I sprayed the area. Within a few minutes (literally) the odor was no longer there.

We had called a professional carpet cleaner and we were told they would not be able to help us. We were told we should 'just rip the carpet up' that 'replacing the carpet would be our only option'. So, hearing that from professional cleaners, I was even more skeptical that once I got this, I would have wasted my money....

WELL....I am AMAZED as to how GREAT this product is. I do not write reviews for anything, but, felt as skeptical as I was I NEEDED to write and tell anyone that has reservations as to how good this product is. I AM A BELIEVER!

I hope you never stop making this wonderful product. You saved us from having to rip out our carpet (that was only a few years old) So thank you for the wonderful product. You saved us money in the long run. Well worth the money as far as I'm concerned.

  Blown away!!!
Victoria Correa - Port St. Lucie, FL   (Saturday, February 04, 2012)

Ususally I dont write any reviews, but after trying SCOE 10X I was blown away!! I just want other people know that it is the best!

We are renting an apartment from a relative and my 2 year old had accidents during potty training time and she kept doing it in the same place so it really had a horrible smell. I tried everything on the market but all I got was a worst smell + fragrance.

I was really desparate about this situation + thinking about our landlord being our relative made my desperation doubled. So I gave a try to SCOE 10X.

I applied and in less than a minute I smelled the difference! LESS than a MINUTE! That is AMAZING!!! What I had to do for a better result is to really, really wet it so it goes under the carpet where the most smell is. Completely satisfied!!!

It Works or it's Free!

Bobby Grapenthin - Cleveland, OH   (Saturday, February 04, 2012)

We breed Siamese kittens and two of our females came into heat the same week (this never happens!) Both decided to mark the couch in the same place. I tried Nature's Miracle, and all the others from PetsMart and nothing happened. All I got was more smell and fragrance. I bought SCOE 10X totally out of desparation. I was awestruck. It removed the odor even after I had the couch professionally cleaned and it had re-appeared. I tell all my clients about this stuff now. Do you have a breeders program??? LOLOL!

  Cat urine odor gone!
Kathy Sturni - Tampa, FL   (Friday, February 03, 2012)

SCOE 10X is amazing. Our cat kept urinating in the same spot so the odor was very bad. I tried other products but SCOE 10X really works! I am ordering more. A big thank you!

It Works or it's Free!

  Pet Odors Gone!
Nancy Boyd - Richmond, KY   (Wednesday, February 01, 2012)

When we moved into our home, there was one room upstairs that had dog and cat odors. We had our carpets professionally cleaned and you could still smell it. We decided to lift the carpet and change out the padding but before replacing the new padding, we sprayed the wood flooring really good with SCOE 10X. Laid the new padding down and the clean carpet and it is like new again. I am ordering more for a foreclosure we just bought!

Debra Johnson - Houston, TX   (Monday, January 23, 2012)

I had a real problem with the odor of cat urine on my Pergo floors when my kitten was sick. It was really unbearable for me. I used this stuff one time in the worst area and the odor is gone there. I also poured it on the carpet upstairs when I caught a new feline family member spraying there. I am ordering more now for the rest of the house. Thank you, BioFOG!

It Works or it's Free!

  It works! I love you!
Jackie Jones - Forest Hills, NY   (Saturday, January 21, 2012)

My cat got urinary crystals prior to a blockage, and he peed on my couch and rug. I thought I would have to throw them out. All the other products had reviews where some people said it worked and other said not (Nature's Miracle). Trail smells as bad as urine. I was in despair, but SCOE 10X had all 5-star reviews, so I tried it. My couch doesn't smell anymore I had to treat it twice, and I did miss a spot and will do it again, but I know that the outcome will be good. I'm thrilled!

  SCOE 10X!!
Dorothy Miller - Washington, DC   (Tuesday, January 17, 2012)

It works!!! I am using SCOE 10X to get rid of cat urine odor.

It Works or it's Free!

Allan Frontin - Ocala, Fl   (Wednesday, January 04, 2012)

After I removed all of the other 'garbage products' I had used to get rid of cat urine odor out of my carpet, I then used SCOE 10X.... My carpet is now odor free... For the first time in months!

SCOE 10X is the best product I have ever used for the purpose of odor elimination!

All of your 'claims' about what your product accomplishes are true!!!

  Best Odor Eliminator!
Robin Hart - La Mesa, CA   (Tuesday, January 03, 2012)

When my older male cat was diagnosed with cancer, the younger male apparently decided that he had to take over 'protecting' the house, and started to spray at every doorway. I'd never had a cat that sprayed so I started looking for solutions. Nothing was working. Then I found SCOE 10X. It works like a miracle!

I used a black light to find out where Charlie was marking and then sprayed the area thoroughly with SCOE 10X. Sometimes the urine odor would momentarily intensify as it went to work, but shortly thereafter the smell was gone. After persistently cleaning up after Charlie, he just as suddenly decided to stop spraying (thank goodness) but I keep SCOE 10X on hand for litter box accidents. I even pour it down the drain if the drain gets smelly.

I appreciate that it's safe for me and my cats so I don't have to worry about us coming into contact with the liquid. I am a customer for life!

It Works or it's Free!

  Review of SCOE 10X
Jennifer Richards - Willowick, OH   (Tuesday, January 03, 2012)

I just used SCOE 10X for the first time and I have to say that it is amazing. We are potty training our son and he kept peeing in bed. Nothing would work to get the smell out. For months I kept trying different things and still nothing would get the smell out.

Finally, after using SCOE 10X, I was able to get the smell completely out of the bed and I'm so glad!

We were ready to go buy a whole new mattress and now we don't need to. Thank you SCOE 10X!

  Cat Urine Gone!
Jim Lathan - Lugoff, SC   (Sunday, January 01, 2012)

Believe me when I say it works and it works almost on contact. Following the directions, I let the solution set for 20 minutes. As I was spraying, I noticed the smell was nearly gone on contact. After a long set time, I sprayed the porch off with a pressure washer and wow it's like new and smells fresh. Thank you guys!

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X and a Skunk!
Sue Bagli - Chattanooga, TN   (Thursday, December 29, 2011)

My 3 year old dog, AJ, got a little to friendly with a skunk. We used SCOE 10X and the smell disappeared. I was amazed it worked with one dose. Great product!!!

  Totally AMAZED!
C. Rugani - Cincinnati, OH   (Wednesday, December 21, 2011)

After searching AND searching for a product that would help eliminate my beloved geriatric cat's accident odors, I finally have found this wonderful product.

THANK-YOU SCOE 10X for creating this one of a kind product. All of the reviews are accurate as this product does everything it claims. Do not let price prohibit you from trying will be convinced with one application. Easy to mix, easy to use when you follow the directions. Almost instant results.

This is not a 5 star product it deserves a 10+++++!
Thank you!!

It Works or it's Free!

  Dog Urine in Den
Andre Clayman - Fayetteville, NC   (Monday, December 12, 2011)

Having moved to my Mom's home from an 8-year location with 2 dogs, in order to keep Mom out of a nursing home, the elder dog, Daisy, discovered the solitude of the den, and proceeded to urinate in places around the large room.

Unbeknownst to me, she had urinated in a large area, that, due to the move, was covered for some time by boxes (I must have moved them over the stain before noticing the spot).

At any rate, I tried everything, including web-based suggestion using vinegar, fabric softener, etc, besides the pet store products. Nothing worked, as the odor would soon re-appear. After stumbling across your homepage, searching the web, I was intent on defeating this acrid odor of urine in the den.

A little nervous about the cost and the formal instructions regarding use, I received my bottle and contemplated the instructions before finally using the product. I have been absolutely amazed at the effectiveness of SCOE10X and cannot rave about your product enough.

After the initial 'organic' smell that accompanies the product, I was amazed that as it dissipated, the urine odor did as well. It is a miracle treatment in a bottle.

I cannot thank you enough and have used additional product from my bottle for my 92 year old Mom's 'mistakes' in her bedroom. (Could I have found a better product to assist with old age incontinence? No way!)

Thank you so much! (and my sensitive nose thanks you too.)

  Skeptical Believer
Kenton Seay - York, PA   (Monday, December 12, 2011)

I was a skeptical believer that SCOE 10X would work as advertised. I have a suede couch that my cat urinated on right on the crease between two non removable cushions so the urine not only wet the cushions but also went down inside the couch.

My wife eventually found it after the urine had completely dried. We looked up possible cleaning solutions on the internet but all were for recent wet urine issues.

Needless to say we tried them anyway and the baking soda, vinegar, and other possible solutions failed miserably. The very strong urine smell that remained made the couch all but unbearable to use.

While I was searching the internet again I ran across SCOE 10X's web site. Two things won me over and convinced me to give it a try. 500+ reviews with a 5 star rating still and the guarantee of my money back plus shipping and handling if it didn't work.

After the product arrived I followed the mixing directions, then completely soaked the cushion tops. After it had dried I was completely amazed that 95% of the smell was gone. I still had a faint odor so I did a second application after which the smell was completely gone. I then used two soup cans to hold the cushions apart and performed two applications inside the couch.

I now have a couch that is smell free and I am very happy that SCOE 10X didn't leave any stains as well. The couch looks and smells just like it did before and I couldn't be happier. If you have any pet urine issues on your furniture SCOE 10X is the product to use. It is simply fantastic!

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X really works!
Tad Tadlock - Bastrop, TX   (Sunday, December 11, 2011)

Earlier this year my wife and I purchased a foreclosure home. The previous owner was an invalid with animals that she never let out of the house. The smell was overwhelming and did not go away even after we gutted the interior. I discovered BioFog's SCOE 10X and after we treated the slab, walls, stairs, and upstairs floors, the smell went away. Amazing!!

  Awesome Product!
Patricia Mears - Hueytown, AL   (Wednesday, November 30, 2011)

We had been trying to remove cat urine odor from our basement by using OdoBan, vinegar and water and numerous other products made for pet odors. Needless to say none of it worked. I had been looking at this product for quite a while but felt that it was pricy. I finally decided to order a bottle and try it. I started on part of the floor last night and the odor is gone! I have not completed the project yet but wish I had bought this sooner. I will definitely tell others about it!!!

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X Truly Does Work!
Lori Hendricks - Bothell, WA   (Saturday, November 26, 2011)

I ordered my first bottle about a year ago after my dog had several accidents in the house and I could not get the smell out. I was skeptical about this product working but I was also desperate! I thought the product expensive, but if it worked, it would be worth every cent. I want to tell you it truly works. I cannot smell any urine odor in any of the spots. I am now ordering my second bottle. It is concentrated and when mixed as per instructions works perfectly. Thank you for your wonderful product

  SCOE 10X Works Great!!
William Lorch - Watervliet, NY   (Tuesday, November 22, 2011)

This is great stuff. The cat pee odor in my house is all gone, so I told my landlord I am not getting rid of my 3 cats!

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X!!
Aileen Brasko - Stuttgart, AK   (Tuesday, November 22, 2011)

This is great stuff. The cat pee odor in my bedroom is gone. Just follow the directions and it will work for you also.

  Been using SCOE 10X for over 5 Years...
Louis DeGraff - Colwater, MI   (Sunday, November 20, 2011)

I have been using SCOE 10X for at least 5 years in and around my house...I originally purchased it for a cat urine problem our realtor failed to inform us of prior to purchasing our house...but I was lucky...I found your product and took care of the problem...

I tell you this stuff works for more than just animal urine. I have used it for vomit, blood, dirt stains, baby poop and pee. I also use it to clean the cat box. There is simply nothing else like it. If you have children who like to spill milk on the couch, it works for that too...

If you buy this stuff and follow the directions it will work for you...Believe me...I always have a bottle or two handy....

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X vs Cat Urine!
Linda Muto - Norwood, NC   (Saturday, November 19, 2011)

OMG! I've always been a skeptic about products saying they eliminate urine odors. YET, I keep purchasing them in high hopes. SCOE 10X is a miracle cure! I don't know why or how it does it, but it does. We have a Persian that likes to 'miss' the litter box. Got the odor out and it is still gone!! KUDOS!

  Cat Urine in My Car.
Heather Skinkis - Davie, FL   (Monday, November 14, 2011)

I mistakenly let my cat roam free in my car while going to the vet. The one time, I let him free, he urinated on my rear passenger seat. After the vet, I went to the grocery store and purchased Resolve with Pet Stain, Woolite with Pet Stain, and Pee Pee (a product in the pet isle). About the only thing these items did was take 1% of the smell out of my car.

I had a mobile detailing company shampoo my whole interior of my car and it got rid of most of the smell but not all of it.

I must say I thought for sure I was going to have to get rid of my car.

I then went on line and found SCOE 10X and decided to order it. Once it arrived, I followed the directions for the urine solution mixture which is 1 part SCOE 10X to 8 parts lukewarm water.

The smell is completely gone! You know it's a GREAT product if it can remove cat urine odor!

It Works or it's Free!

  Forever not housetrained!!
Marcy Powell - Bryan, TX   (Saturday, November 12, 2011)

I have a little dog who will NOT be housetained (well, she IS housetrained by her way of thinking, just not mine), due to some previous idiot who probably left her in a cage 24-7, so she didn't have any choice but to sleep in her bathroom (some people, huh)...but she prefers rugs, carpet, towels, etc.

So, after giving up on having kitchen or bathroom rugs, I STILL have carpet throughout most of the house and she's initiated every area as her pee palace! To make it worse, the house is not on a slab. There are hardwood floors underneath the carpet and though the urine doesn't get through to the hardwood, I have to saturate the carpet where she goes to make sure the SCOE 10X gets where all it needs to.

I use SCOE 10X most EVERY day, as she jumps down off the bed at night and goes to another room to pee....have never caught her in the little bugger! I always look, I always find and SCOE 10X ALWAYS works. I love this stuff and just ordered a LARGER bottle this time.

I also used it in the garage, where a 'possom had found it's way in last winter, apparently on a fairly regular basis and made an 'out of the way' area it's personal bathroom. Most of the smell has been eradicated and I'm sure it would all be gone if I can just find the space I didn't 'hit' with SCOE 10X.

I love that SCOE 10X is safe to use around the dogs and cats too! THAT is a HUGE plus...

Again, LOVE this stuff and hope to ALWAYS have it available!

  This stuff really works!
Stephen Brown - Dallas, TX   (Thursday, November 10, 2011)

You guys aint stuff really works......

Just got my shipment, mixed it up with lukewarm water...waited 20 minutes...and sprayed down my dumpster out back in the I can say is that if it can handle that mess, (with no remaining smell at all)....then it can handle anything....

I am a long time user of a competing product (the one bed bath and beyond hawks)...and SCOE 10X is better...and cheaper.....nuff said????

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X Review
Tammy Anderline - Jermyn, PA   (Tuesday, November 01, 2011)

SCOE 10X is the most amazing product I have used. I had a problem with cat urine and had tried all kinds of things. There was always a film on the baseboard that never went away. You would think the odor was gone until the weather changed. Once I used SCOE 10X there was no film and never have I had a smell when the weather changed. Now I have a puppy so I need to order more. Thank you for this great product!

  The Best odor eliminator ever!
Dr. Diane England - Bloomfield, NY   (Monday, October 24, 2011)

This is the best stuff I have ever used. It eliminates odor in seconds and the odor does not come back.

It Works or it's Free!

  Dog urine...
Barbara Kieth - Tupelo, MS   (Wednesday, October 19, 2011)

Hi, I have a little male dog that like's to hike on my furniture. I tried all the stuff at the pet store to get rid of the smell. I even called the so called professional and it was going to cost me $85.00 and they wouldn't guarantee it. I got online and came across SCOE 10X, I ordered it, used it, and it worked like a charm. Thank You for a wonderful prouduct! I will be reordering...

  Byebye peepee!
Jessica Thiel - La Mesa, CA   (Wednesday, October 19, 2011)

I recently moved and my cats and the neighboring cats were having a turf war and by that I mean one cat would urinate on my carpeted porch and then my cats would urinate over their urine to reclaim territory. I tried everything to get rid of the smell...I finally searched online and bought SCOE 10X hoping it would be my answer and it absolutely was! I sprayed it just as it is directed on the bottle and the smell was completely gone...completely!! The cats can't even trace where they were battling! Love love love SCOE 10X!

It Works or it's Free!

Donna Shea - Savannah, GA   (Tuesday, October 18, 2011)

I had truly tried everything to get the smell of cat urine out of my Mexican tile and my bathroom rugs. We adopted an unwanted kitty from the shelter, and either she or one of the other five kitties exhibited bad bathroom behaviors. The behaviors are now in check, but the smell lingered. I had tried every other product on the market, even straight bleach. Until SCOE 10X, nothing lasted for long. I am so grateful!

  Great Product!
Linda Perrucci - Winter Garden, FL   (Sunday, October 16, 2011)

I just wanted to add my voice to all of those who are raving about this product. A little pricey, yes, but definitely worth every penny!! We could not get the odor out of the livingroom rug and when you walked through the door the smell was awful.

One treatment with SCOE 10X and you don't smell anything but dinner cooking when you walk through the door. Thank you so much for this product.

It Works or it's Free!

Angelia Tucker - Snead, AL   (Monday, October 10, 2011)

Yes, I was skeptical. I read the reviews and decided to try it. The carpet was saturated with dog urine and had seeped through to the wood. I was replacing with hardwood and could still smell the urine. When SCOE 10X arrived, we used it and is the BEST product EVER for odor.

I had tried everything in the book for dog urine and nothing EVER worked!! (Not even vinegar and water) You DO have to use this product just like it says and make sure you buy enough for whatever your cleaning.

  Wool Rug & Cat Urine
Julie Giusto - Columbia, SC   (Sunday, October 09, 2011)

Our cat was ill and was using our wool dining room rug for a litter box. I tried everything. I found SCOE 10X on the internet, read the reviews, and decided to try it. It is unbelievable! Totally took the odor out. We hung the rug up, sprayed it down, let it dry, and the smell was completely gone. I am ordering more product to have on hand for other tough household odors. Thanks SCOE 10X!!!!

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X Is Great!
Mike Beattie - Travis AFB, CA   (Thursday, October 06, 2011)

We are toilet training our cats (yes, toilet training), and one cat refuses to use it for urinating about once a month. SCOE 10X is awesome! It gets the smell out of the tile floor, out of the baseboards, out of the carpet, and the occational towel that falls on the floor! It even got rid of the smell of old stale urine that was in the apartment when we moved in! I will and have recommended it to many people with pets!

Donna Lilien - Charlotte, NC   (Wednesday, October 05, 2011)

We have a Yorki with a kidney problem, so he urinates frequently even though he's outside a lot. I have used SCOE 10X on my rug, and it works! It takes patience and persistence, but I've never experienced a carpet/rug cleaner that truly takes away the smell of dog urine 100%!

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X!!
Jean Brown - Rockford, IL   (Friday, September 30, 2011)

SCOE 10X is amazing. My friend came for a visit with her new puppy. Accidents happen, but SCOE 10X removed the smell of dog urine from my carpet. Thank you!

  Got cat urine smell out of basement concrete!
Larry Turowski - Rochester, NY   (Thursday, September 29, 2011)

Thank goodness! Completely removed the cat-urine reek from the basement concrete!

I bought a ranch with a severe cat-urine smell in the basement. The cat had the run of the place for who knows how many years. It was awful.

At first I thought taking up the parquet floor would remove the smell. Nope. It still reeked. I did some research and it sounded hopeless until I found SCOE10X.

Let's be honest, SCOE10X seems expensive, so I was a bit hesitant to waste money. With the first gallon we did the whole house, basement and upstairs (about 1200 sqft each). It took care of the upstairs. The smell was gone! But the basement still stunk, though not quite as eye-wateringly as before.

Bought another gallon and used all of it on the basement, letting it soak a whole day. The smell was gone. GONE!

I will definitely be using this stuff on other properties.

Spend the money! Follow the instructions! It is absolutely worth it!

It Works or it's Free!

  Exceeded (already high) Expectations!
Daniel Millen - Southfield, MI   (Tuesday, September 27, 2011)

I am STUNNED! I can't believe your product helped get out the stench of my cat's urine on my couch and my chair. Was about to pitch them both (along with the cat, frankly!). Your product is just beyond words. It really, REALLY works EXACTLY as you say it does. Just moments ago I ordered the 32 oz. bottle to make a gallon, as I have other problem spots in my house, car, etc. I don't know where you've been, or why I didn't find you until now, but I'm SO THANKFUL I did and will tell everyone about your most excellent product. Best to you! Thanks for saving my cat's life, too! 8^)

  You couldnt smell ANYTHING!
Melanie Damman - Hollywood, FL   (Monday, September 26, 2011)

I just wanted to THANK YOU (guys and or girls) for this product! I am owned by 5 cats (yes they own me) and I recently bought my very first home. The move was really hard on one of the cats and she urinated on two of my sofas several times. I really thought I would have to throw them out! I was upset because they went perfectly in my new family room, but I couldnt even go in there, the smell was THAT bad!

So I decided after trying a couple other products from the store, to check online. I found your site and thought I would try it and got a small bottle of it and the sprayer. Well, it worked sooo good that I came back to buy enough to make a gallon.

I used it yesterday after cleaning the cat-boxes and I can not believe that the smells on those are completely gone too! I always just thought, that I would have to deal with the boxes smelling a little bit,, (even after cleaning them with soap) after all I have 5 cats... But once I cleaned them and then sprayed the boxes and area around the boxes, let them dry, and put it all back together... You couldnt smell ANYTHING! You would never know I have 5 cats!

So thank you sooo much,,, you saved my nose from dealing with all of that AND saved me a ton of money too! I was planning on throwing out my sofas until this product!

It Works or it's Free!

Dave Fruchtman - Tucson, AZ   (Monday, September 26, 2011)

I was about to throw away my freezer after it defrosted and the food spoiled in it. The smell could gag a maggot. I tried SCOE 10X as a last resort based on the amazing claims and IT WORKED! Absolutely amazing!

  So Pleased!
Paulette Simon - Dayton, OH   (Thursday, September 15, 2011)

I can not tell you how happy I am with how SCOE 10X works!! One treatment and the smell is completely gone. Thanks for making such a fine product.

It Works or it's Free!

  El Mejor Invento! (The Best Invention!)
Carmen Valentin - Bronx, NY   (Tuesday, September 13, 2011)

Este producto es lo mejor que se han inventado para sacar olores. Yo tengo 5 Yorkie Terries el cual ahi veces orinan en el piso de madera. Ni con clorox, Fabuloso, Mistolin etc. etc. le sacaba el olor. llegue al punto que ya tenia q vivir con los olores que dejaban mis perros. Compre el Scoe 10X solo para tratarlo y acabo de ordenar uno mas grande el que hace 2 galones 1/2. La casa huele super y no tan solo eso ya llevo solo 1 semana y mis perritos ya no orinan en el piso de madera solo en los pads si no es que estoy en la casa.

This product is the best thing to have been invented to remove odors. I have 5 Yorkie Terriers which at times urinate on the wood floor. Neither Clorox, Fabuloso, Mistolin, ect. removed the smell. I arrived at the point that I would have to live with the odors that were left by the dogs. I bought SCOE 10X only to try it out. I just ordered a bigger one which makes 2 ½ gallons. The house smells super and not only that its been 1 week since treatment and my dogs no longer urinate on the wood floor, they only urinate on the puppy pads when I am not in the house.

Rose Marie Denison - Peekskill, NY   (Sunday, September 11, 2011)

All I have to say is WOW WOW WOW !!!!!! I have tried several different cleansers and powders and SCOE 10X is the ABSOLUTE BEST !!!!! My cat has been urinating on my slate tile floor for months and the smell was horrendous, especially on humid days... I used SCOE 10X and problem solved!!

Thank you so much for a product that actually does what it says it does...IT WORKS!

It Works or it's Free!

  SCOE 10X!!
Debbie Duernberger - Iola, WI   (Sunday, September 11, 2011)

SCOE 10X is an amazing product. It is the only thing that would eliminate cat urine smell. I have used this on carpeting and barn board. I am so thankful this product worked. I am telling everyone about SCOE 10X as it is the only product that has totally eliminated the smell.

Thank you SCOE 10X for such a wonderful product.

  SCOE 10X Wins!
LeeAnn Sims - Attleboro, MA   (Sunday, September 11, 2011)

I am the owner of multiple cats, which results in multiple pet odor troubles. I have tried everything in the never ending battle against cat urine, and SCOE 10X wins, hands down. I won't waste my money anywhere else now that I've found something that REALLY does what it claims to do....eliminate odor!

It Works or it's Free!

  Cat pee odor completely wiped out!
Paula Quertermous - Clinton Township, MI   (Sunday, September 04, 2011)

I had to review this product because it works like you wouldn't believe. Bought a HUD house where previous owner had obviously had cat(s) - male and female I am guessing - who peed everywhere. We had to rip out all carpets and when we got down to the concrete slab floor, thought the problem of cat pee odor would be resolved. It wasn't. It was embedded in the slab and a couple of wood floors and also a good 12 inches up every wall where the male cat(s) had sprayed. Also on a portion of the base of our walls is a boiler heat baseboard and the smell emanated from there too.

I purchased SCOE 10X after googling my problem and this site had the most testimonials. I sat up late one night speed-reading about 300 of them and even saw one where someone else had bought a HUD house and had the same issue. So I bought the large gallon and the sprayer and even the black light fancy deal... it arrived within about 48 hours, I mixed according to directions having read how important it is to use room temperature water and to let it sit the requisite amount of time before spraying. Then I sprayed. And sprayed. I have a 2058 sq. foot house and had exactly enough by mixing two full sprayers full. Did the floors, 12 inches up every wall, and sprayed into the baseboards fins for the boiler heater after removing the covers. Also sprayed the covers separately and then my husband power washed those before we put them back on.

I was skeptical because the smell was overpowering from the cat pee and everyone who came in got watery burning eyes from it. I got the feeling a pet hoarder may have lived there prior to our purchase!

We went home for the night, came back in the morning, opened the front door and the smell was gone. Unbelievable. This product is amazing. Believe the testimonials! I'm a convert for life. Although I am not getting a cat. Ever.

  SCOE 10X!
Ivette Dalessandro - Staten Island, NY   (Saturday, September 03, 2011)

I will never stop buying SCOE 10X. I've tried so many other products and SCOE 10X doesn't mask the odor, it removes it without fumes. If its a heavily odorous spot it may need two applications but that's only if its a deep odor. I'm so impressed with this product. When I run out of it, it makes me anxious. Every animal owner should buy this just for those oops days. Thank you SCOE 10X for this miraculous product.

It Works or it's Free!

  Great product!
Jackie Leighton - Vacaville, CA   (Friday, September 02, 2011)

I just finished reordering this great product. I only have a little bit left in my spray bottle and I don't want to be without it. Most recently I used it on an oriental rug that got wet from a leaky air conditioner. It was getting mildewey and stinky but SCOE 10X got rid of the smell and I'm still able to use the rug. I've used it around the house because I have 4 cats. In my husbands ice chest after he put fish in it and just last night I sprayed the dogs collar with it. It was really stinky from swimming and hunting. Order with confidence.

  SCOE 10X completely took away all the odor!
Judy Pezdek - Oriskany, NY   (Wednesday, August 31, 2011)

I received SCOE 10X two weeks ago and I am just amazed at how it worked. As the owner of five dogs (3 males who like to 'mark') it is the ONLY product that has completely taken away the smell of old urine. Have used it on hardwood flooring and on our deck - it completely took away all the odor where all other products (Nature's Miracle, 409, soap, floor cleaners galore) had failed. Thank you - I will be reordering when needed.

It Works or it's Free!

Nickie Wiskoff - North Powder, OR   (Sunday, August 28, 2011)

I honestly thought that nothing could remove the smell of at least 25 years of bat accumulation. But was I wrong! SCOE 10X took away every whiff of smell on all surfaces of the attic, even the lath and plaster that is probably 100 years old. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I would recommend this product to anyone (and my daughter just ordered a bottle!)

  Love This Product!!
Nan Scoggin - Desloge, MO   (Tuesday, August 23, 2011)

Do not hesitate one second to order this product. It is, without question, the most miraculous product I've ever tried. It is everything the manufacturer says it is and more!

It Works or it's Free!

  Saved a house from demolition!
Dorothy Wood - Cedar Grove, TN   (Sunday, August 21, 2011)

In late 2009, I purchased some farm land. It happened to have a late-model mobile home on it that both the sellers and I considered to be of no economic value. It was in sound structural condition, but had been let out to tenants who had gone away for a couple of weeks with several animals locked inside.

In fact, when the realtor showed us the property, he and my husband were able to walk in for a minute and check it out, but immediately my nose began to sting and my eyes to water from the urine smell and I had to run outdoors.

I thought I would probably turn out to be a fool falling for the SCOE 10X ad, because everyone knows you can't get urine smell out permanently, right?

WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hired someone to rip out the flooring. Then I wore a mask (because of the urine, not because of the product) and sprayed the walls and floors. The odor was gone immediately. Then I painted and installed laminate and tile.

It has been nearly two years and there is not even a HINT of odor. Our daughter lives there now, in what was nearly a 'free' house, thanks to this product. I though it was expensive when I was ordering it, but IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY!

Sharon Robison - Du Bois, PA   (Sunday, August 21, 2011)

I have to say, I spent around $200.00 looking for a product that would take the cat urine smell out of my carpet. Nothing! Then I found SCOE 10X.

It seems expensive, but again, it's concentrated, so you get many bottles. In turn, it is less expensive than odor products that don't work.

SCOE 10X is amazing! You know cat urine, the strong ammonia, pungent nose burning stench, this works. I am currently working on my new sofa that a new cat urinated on, SCOE 10X is magic! Thank you SCOE 10X! Sharon

It Works or it's Free!

  1st time user!
Paula Goldie - Troutdale, OR   (Tuesday, August 16, 2011)

Ok! Followed directions religiously. Product really, really worked! Must buy more now that I'm babysitting my grandkitty. Thanks!

  The cat and me
Marshall (last name removed by request) - Russell, PA   (Tuesday, August 16, 2011)

The new puppy cornered the cat on the new recliner sometime during the night. The cat left a puddle on the recliner and then tracked it across the top of the sectonal sofa. We tried everything to remove the odor without success. I found SCOE 10X on the internet and as a last resort gave it a try.

I received the order promptly, but called customer support for reassurance before applying the solution. The customer service representative was exceptional. She went over the proper pre-treatment and application.

I could smell the difference as soon as I applied SCOE 10X to the recliner. I continued with the sofa and today it smells like new.

The next day it rained. I spent the day in the barn with wet sneekers. Upon returning to the housee my wife complained about the smell of my shoes and feet. As a joke I grabbed the SCOE 10X and sprinkled my socks and shoes. The joke was on me. Immediately the odor was gone. SCOE 10X now has a permenant spot on the shelf.

Thank You!

It Works or it's Free!

Gloria Agee - Charleston, WV   (Monday, August 15, 2011)

I am absolutely blown away by this product! We discovered that our cat had been using a carpeted area of our home for probably a long time for her bathroom. By the time we found it it was really bad with an odor you would not believe. I tried every product to remove the smell and stain sold in the pet stores to no avail.

I found your website- ordered the product - and it is now as if we NEVER had the problem!!! I am so shocked that it actually does what you said it would. I wish now that I would have ordered a larger supply to just have on hand. A HUGE THANK YOU!!!

  This stuff really works!
Peter Colt - Irving, TX   (Saturday, August 13, 2011)

I'm a Re/Max Realtor in the Dallas area and have used this product on nasty odors in houses and found that the claims for it are accurate. This stuff really works so long as you apply it as the directions say to apply it.

I recommend this stuff for the tough pet odors as well as tobacco smoke odors. In the case of tobacco odor, you MUST spray down the furniture, especially all fabrics, cushions including clothes in closets. Return air ducts, etc must be sprayed down liberally to get the odor gone. You can find me at my website:

It Works or it's Free!

Damon Rockensuess - Southgate, MI   (Sunday, August 07, 2011)

I just wanted to write in & say your product is wonderful.

I have two cats that just recently decided to mark my 6pc sectional. Over the last two months I have tried 3-4 different methods of cleaning it, including a professional cleaning. All of these methods failed & I was faced with the decision of buying new furniture only two years after buying the sectional.

I was searching the internet for new ways of cleaning it & eliminate the odor smell in a last attempt for a remedy. I came across your website on a web search & have to admit I was skeptical at first. I watched the video of the gentleman getting rid of the skunk smell & truly thought it was a gimmick.

I ordered your product & was glad at how fast it arrived, the ease of use, & the fact that you offered a 100% money back guarantee. I mixed up the concentrate 8-1 as directed (my odor was pretty potent), applied it to my sectional thoroughly, and after the drying time the Cat Urine Odor was completely gone.

Long story short......You have a great product here that everyone should know about. I will let everyone that I know that is in need of this remedy to buy your product.

SCOE10X is the only product GUARANTEED to work as promised (and in my case in one application). I definitely will look to your products in the future if I am in need again.

  Nasty cat urine odor
Marcia Tinker - Brockway, PA   (Saturday, August 06, 2011)

I am a natural skeptic. I was tired of the cat urine odor worse than ever this hot humid summer and not wanting to come home to my own house. I read the review's and information and thought why not, because nothing has worked to this point.

I treated the areas this morning. WOW! Now I don't dread coming back home after being out of the house. I will recommend this to all of my friends and co-workers.

It Works or it's Free!

  New Puppy 'Accidents'
Patricia Warman - Mattoon, IL   (Wednesday, August 03, 2011)

I have a new 4 month old puppy that I am housetraining. Needless to say, we have had a few 'accidents'. I used the spray bottle and saturated the area and waited 20 minutes. Then I wiped the area with a clean wet cloth. I have smelled no odor whatsoever!

This product is all it says it is! I just ordered the refill bottles for the starter kit because I think the housebreaking process may take another bottle!

Thank you for this wonderful product, I will tell all my friends about this.

  Follow Instructions for Best Results!
Carolyn King - Tahoe Vista, CA   (Monday, August 01, 2011)

We have a male puppy who likes to 'mark' rugs in our house. We immersed the rugs in the SCOE 10X solution as recommended by the works!! Puppy knows where he marks, yet has no desire to repeat bad habits...very satisfied with product!

It Works or it's Free!

  Cat Urine Odor GONE!
Diana Duran - Fairmont, WV   (Monday, August 01, 2011)

I received a bottle of SCOE 10X a few days ago and mixed some up this weekend and started spraying where my cats had sprayed and urinated literally for years. The smell in our house was so bad we were embarrassed to have people come in the door, even repairmen.

As instructed, I saturated each area pretty good with SCOE 10X. The odor faded, faded, and the next day, there was NO ODOR! I may need to treat again, but I don't care I'll do it.

NOTHING, and I mean nothing ever got rid of the odor before. I've spent $100s of dollars on plug-ins, spray deodorizers, Urine Off, Nature's Miracle, Pine Sol, bleach, white vinegar, you name it, and the odor always returned in a very short time. I had given up hope until I found SCOE 10X.

I've learned that veterinarians use this product. If it's good for them, that's all I need to know.

God bless you for creating this product! My cats and I thank you.

  Tackles the Simple Odors and the Worst!
Laura Wooster - Fort Dodge, IA   (Tuesday, July 19, 2011)

When I came across the SCOE 10X website and read the reviews, I actually tracked down a customer (who listed the name of his dog kennel) and called to ask how this product works. If it could get dog vomit out of the upholstery of a new Cadillac, surely it would work for me.

I've had incredible success, from spraying around the toilet after my boy's miss to freshening fishy-smelling coolers.

My greatest odor challenge? My 6 year old accidentally unplugged the freezer we kept in our gagage in the Louisiana heat. Omaha Steaks, paella mix (squid/fish/shrimp)... you name it and it spoiled. Oh the stink! Bleach and airing it out seemed to work until it came time to move. The odor was still there. I sprayed it liberally with SCOE 10X, closed the lid and waited 20 minutes, and the odor is still gone to this day.

As I'm unpacking our new house, I can smell cat pee. I can't wait to find it because I know SCOE 10X works!

It Works or it's Free!

  WOW! It seriously works!!
Lori Young - Moxee, WA   (Monday, July 18, 2011)

I don't ever write reviews but....SCOE 10X blew my odors away!!! I have tried so many different products. All they ever did was cause a even nastier odor.

I asked the lady that called me to confirm my address, "Does this stuff really work?", she chuckled and said without hesitation "yes ma'am". I thought well, you have to say yes.

Oh my word did it really work! I don't have to stress about finding new homes for my two cats that we rescued. I will definitely share this site with all the animal rescues that I know, along with our dog trainers, and cat people. Thank you so much for developing this product!

I have just sent in another order, I will definitely share and get the word out about SCOE 10X!!!!!

  SCOE 10X!!
Sue Laux - Greeneville, TN   (Friday, July 15, 2011)

What an amazing product! It worked on pet stains that had been on carpet for awhile. They all disappeared! SCOE 10X just made them vanish!
Good Stuff!

It Works or it's Free!

  I was surprised!!
Chris (Last name removed by request) - Vancouver, WA   (Wednesday, July 13, 2011)

After doing a lot of research on odor eliminators, I came across SCOE 10X while browsing the web. When I received my order I was very skeptical at first, since most odor products just 'mask' the smell.

My first test was my kitty litter bin which will make you gag when you open it due to urine content and feces. I was amazed! I spayed the waste several times, let it sit for 20 seconds, and I could hardly smell it anymore - and this was with just spraying the top layer!

I am putting in my 2nd order right now so clean more things in my home and vehicles. Your product is amazing. Thank you!

  Male Dog Urine
Gwen Crocker - Imperial, MO   (Wednesday, July 06, 2011)

Very happy! This product saved my new home, did not know my new puppy was marking his territory (in my home). Puppy has found a more understanding owner and my house does not smell like an outhouse. Very happy! Will recommend this product to my clients!

It Works or it's Free!

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