9 LED Blacklight

9 LED Blacklight
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This is a very powerful 9 LED blacklight. It is an invaluable tool in helping you find the locations of urine deposits so you don't waste any SCOE 10X.

What makes this blacklight so special are the 9 very bright LED bulbs tuned to make urine fluoresce (glow yellow) and the very low price. Also, 3 AAA long life lithium ion batteries are included.

If you need a more powerful, professional grade blacklight for large areas or whole house inspections, our Professional Grade Rechageable Blacklight is found here.

Finding the urine residue is just the start for urine odor elimination. Please make sure to visit the Instructions page for detailed instructions. 

Always have an adequate supply of SCOE 10X to completely and permanently eliminate the urine residue. Without the complete elimination of the urine residue, the urine odor will return.

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