Dog Urine

A lady called us late one Friday afternoon near closing.

Her dogs had been urinating on her basement's floor creating a terrible urine odor. Everything she had tried didn't work.

She was desperate to have the urine odor gone. We told her we couldn't ship any SCOE 10X until the following Monday. "I can't wait that long", she said. "I need SCOE 10X now! I'll send a courier right over to pick up the SCOE 10X".

Sure enough, an hour later a courier came to our offices and picked up the 64 oz. bottle of SCOE 10X that she had purchased.

She called several weeks later to re-order and to tell us SCOE 10X had "changed her life". "All of the urine odor is gone! Thank-you for such a wonderful product"!

You're welcome Cindy and thank-you for purchasing SCOE 10X and being a loyal customer.