SCOE 10X Guarantee

BioFOG, Inc.'s SCOE 10X guarantee is absolute on orders less than 1/2 gallon of SCOE 10X. For orders of 1/2 gallon or more, please contact Customer Service to clarify and discuss SCOE 10X usage.

If SCOE 10X fails to meet or exceed your expectations (when used as directed as found on the Instructions page of this website) we will promptly refund the full purchase price, including original standard shipping charges. 

SCOE 10X always works when the "Five Principles of SCOE 10X Success" are adhered to. SCOE 10X can only be miss-applied. We know this because our Service Division successfully uses SCOE 10X on a daily basis here in the greater Atlanta area.

Please read and follow the detailed instructions found on the Instructions page.  These instructions are written from our Service Divisions' experience and use and from customer suggestions.  BioFog, Inc. is the only odor elimination company to manufacture and use it's own product. Remember, we developed SCOE 10X for our own use first, before we started selling to the consumer.

Mixing SCOE 10X in a used container voids our guarantee. Residual chemicals from other products found in used containers have been known to lower or destroy SCOE 10X's effectiveness.


In the event you need a refund, please follow these three simple steps:
1.  E-mail a return request to returns.
2. Our Customer Service Department will issue a Return Authorization Number (RAN).
3. After receipt of RAN, return all items purchased to us. (all bottles, including empties and spray bottles).

We will issue a prompt refund upon receipt of items.

BioFOG, Inc. strives for 100% Customer Satisfaction. Please contact us immediately if you are not satisfied in any way.