Proof it Works Kit (For Testing Only)

Proof it Works Kit (For Testing Only)
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There are numerous companies that sell "odor elimination" products that CLAIM their products eliminate odor.  These companies have slick advertising campaigns; like blindfolding people in smelly rooms, they site independent lab testing results, show charts or graphs on the effectiveness of their products, and have consumer testimonials praising their products.

Unfortunately, most of the products sold by these companies simply don't work.  We know, because we have purchased and tested, in our lab, thousands of dollars worth of "odor elimination" products.  Some will work for a short time but the odor will come back.  Most, frankly, don't work at all. 

We fully understand, expect and want customers to be skeptical of claims made by companies selling "odor elimination" products.

That's why we developed "The Proof SCOE 10X Works" kit. 

We want to offer our customers the proof SCOE 10X really works.

Here's what "The Proof SCOE 10X Works" kit contains:

One (1) 3.2 Fl. Oz. bottle of SCOE 10X concentrate - which makes 32 Fl. Oz. of Ready-to-use product.
One (1) 32 Fl. Oz. Heavy Duty Spray Bottle
One (1) vial (1 mL) of Concentrated Animal Urine/Feces Mix.
One (1) vial (1 mL) of Pure Skunk Oil.
Two (2) disposable gloves.
Two (2) cotton pads.


The Concentrated Animal Urine/Feces Mix and Pure Skunk Oil are the two strongest, most vile and pungent odors we have ever tested.  Do not be surprised if you retch when you smell these odors.  We strongly urge caution and care when handling these two vials.  You have been warned.

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