Area Rugs

We recommend having the following three items on hand to treat an area rug:

1.  Adequate amount of SCOE 10X (estimate 1 gallon diluted  SCOE 10X  for every  10 SF rug).

2.  A good blacklight to help you locate the urine (urine glows a pale yellow/green under blacklight).

3.  A carpet injector to inject SCOE 10X into and under the carpet (cuts down on SCOE 10X use).

All three of the items listed  above are sold here on our website.

SCOE 10X must make contact with all urine residue to permanently destroy it.  Wherever the urine traveled is where SCOE 10X must travel.  This means, for example, that if there is some urine residue under the carpet pad, then SCOE 10X must be applied under the carpet pad.

On urine residue which has dried, SCOE 10X will need 15 to 20 minutes of wet time per layer of dried urine.  If you don't know how many layers there are, approximate.  When urine dries, a hard shell forms around the urea crystal, hence the need for more time to break the crystal down.

As long as SCOE 10X remains wet, it will continue to destroy urine residue.  Cover SCOE 10X with plastic, if necessary, to keep it from evaporating and drying.  When SCOE 10X dries, it stops working.

Saturate the carpet where the urine was deposited with SCOE 10X.  This is easily accomplished by pouring SCOE 10X. Do not spray carpet as the saturation is insufficient.  Agitate the carpet with a soft brush to work SCOE 10X into the fibers.  Wait at least 20 minutes and then  smell the carpet with nose close to the carpet. Keep areas wet with SCOE 10X until urine odor is gone.  SCOE 10X  needs to  made contact with all of the urine residue to break it down wherever it might be from the top of  the carpet to the  floor beneath. Once the odor is gone,  rinse the carpet with warm water while extracting using a wet vac or a carpet cleaning machine.

Do not use SCOE 10X in a carpet cleaning machine.  SCOE 10X needs to be used as a pre-treatment due to the saturation levels and time needed to fully eliminate the urine residue.

Rule of thumb for SCOE 10X application rate: for every part urine deposited over time, at least an equal part SCOE 10X will need to be applied to that location.