Dead Skunk Test - SCOE 10X is put to the ultimate test. In this impromptu video, watch how two men were able to put their noses within 2 inches of a dead skunk less than 60 seconds after treating it with SCOE 10X! It is stunning.

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Reviewed by Karen Scott - Ithaca, NY  (February 05, 2020)
I bought enough of this stuff to make a gallon when my dogs were getting serially skunked. It worked and was way easier than repeated tomato baths. A few months later the milk jug containing it melted! Fortunately I had some in a commercial spray bottle which has lasted me at least 10 years.

One of those skunky dogs just died of cancer. For the last week and a half all she could do was lie on the sofa, drink water and pee where she was. I thought we were going to replace the sofa as soon as she was gone, but I sprayed it a couple times with SCOE  10X and now we are keeping the sofa until the puppy we just adopted is house broken.

The carpets and throw rugs where we carried the old dog are clean after just spraying. She had hemangiosarcomas so there was blood in her urine and bleeding but just spraying with SCOE 10X has made it disappear. Best of all, it is unscented, unlike other enzymatic cleaners, so my husband with allergies doesn't even notice I am using it. I am buying another bottle for house training. The puppy has already peed on the sofa.
It really works!
Reviewed by Mary Clouse - Tacoma, WA  (January 28, 2020)
I have tried many products to clean and eliminate all types of odors. More specifically my two male cats who went from 20 acre outdoor cats to inner city indoor / outdoor cats and their need to mark new territory. UGH! SCOE 10X really does work to keep my home smelling clean and inviting.
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Reviewed by Rene Lambert - Omaha, NE  (January 24, 2020)
This stuff really works! I've used it on dog urine, cigarette smoke from people smoking in my car, shoes,etc. I will never try anything else. Best part about this product is it doesn't leave that stale perfumie odor bebind & it eliminates odor you are trying to get rid of. Will never go without.
I love ❤️ it!!!
Reviewed by Kimberly Robert - Duncansville, PA  (November 30, 2019)
Finally a product that totally eliminates cat urine!!! I love this stuff!!!Will never go without it...
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It Works or it's Free!
This stuff REALLY works!
Reviewed by Lisa Gray - Needville, TX  (November 11, 2019)
Folks, I don’t normally write reviews on products but I’m here to tell you this stuff is fantastic. I have wasted so much money and time on other products that claim to eliminate pet urine odors and do not.

I came across this product online and ordered a small bottle to try since it was a little more expensive than other products. All I can say is IT WORKS! Definitely worth the money.

Later I ordered a large bottle and had no problem paying $100 for it because I knew it worked. If I had only tried it first! I would have saved so much money and time. This product does exactly what it says it does. It is easy to mix and use. Definitely 5 stars and more in my book. Give it a try! You will not be disappointed.
Reviewed by Kim Hunt - NAPA, CA  (November 06, 2019)
This stuff does exactly what it claims! Any nasty odor...GONE! CAT SPRAY...GONE!! I absolutely love it! Use it for every nasty smell I come across
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Saved my leather chair from cat pee
Reviewed by Sarah Paxton - Suwanee, GA  (September 22, 2019)
I cannot express how impressed I am with this product. On Friday about 9 days ago I came down to find that a cat that I had recently taken in had peed in my beautiful burgundy leather chair. I just knew that it was ruined. I immediately stripped the cover off and put both cover and seat outside because of horrid smell. I sprayed everything with some odoban stuff I had. Didn’t help.

I went online and found reviews for SCOE 10X. I sent an email to company and got an immediate answer that we could come to warehouse and get product which we did. The lady there told us exactly how to use this to save my chair.

We did as she instructed. I still didn’t think there was much hope. But after the leather dried it is just like new. I am completely delighted. I’m writing this sitting in my beautiful chair that has no trace of cat smell what so ever. THANKS TO SCOE 10 X.
It's a Miracle!
Reviewed by Kela Barker - Winter Springs, FL  (August 21, 2019)
This is the most amazing product EVER!!! I just moved into a house where two cats had destroyed the floors. The cat urine odor was so overpowering that it was painful. I ordered this product out of desperation and was skeptical it would be able to make a dent in the smell.

While mixing it up, my doubts increased because this product seems very mild and has very little smell of its own. Immediately after pouring it down, I felt like the smell got worse because it was wet. In just a few minutes there was a noticeable difference and it just kept getting better. I really saturated the concrete floors and sprayed the walls. I let them dry overnight, and I am in awe.

Every time I walk into the house or one of the (formerly) especially stinky rooms, I stop and sniff, trying to smell anything. I can't. This product is the bomb. If it can eliminate my cat pee problem, it can do anything.

I love this stuff so much, I think the company should put me on the payroll. I can't stop talking about this to everyone I know.
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It Works or it's Free!
Great stuff
Reviewed by Deborah Iiames - New Carlisle, OH  (July 30, 2019)
I don't write reviews, but this is one time I will. I was extremely skeptic about buying this product. I have tried EVERYTHING to get rid of cat urine!! Well, I am truly amazed at how well this works! I followed the instructions and NO more urine smell:). I just purchased more of this off of Amazon. We have four dogs and a cat. Everyone that has come into our home, I question if they smell any cat urine. No one does. I will never buy anything else. It may seem expensive to some, but it is well worth it to me. So very glad I found this online. Debbie Iiames
5 years now
Reviewed by Dawn Hiner - Lynn haven, FL  (June 22, 2019)
5 years ago I was visiting my Daughter. she was pregnant and she lived 800 miles from me. So she had to pick me up 2 hrs from her home. We decided to stay for a few day before we went to her house.

Well and behold her cat was not happy about it. When we got there her cat had peed, sprayed, and pooped everywhere. She couldn’t clean it because pregnant women shouldn’t mess with litter boxes or anything similar. I jumped online and found this product. I cleaned up the mess and mopped and mopped and mopped. Finally it arrived. We paid extra for the quick delivery.

I used those product on what I think was the mother of all cat smells. Two days and no sign of smell at all. Mind you this was wood flooring. I wouldn’t recommend it on wood unless the company concurs but it worked for us.

Jump forward one year. My aging dog began to pee on our carpets while we were gone during the day. Once again SCOE 10X to the rescue; never fails.

Today we are living in our RV due to hurricane Micheal. Our second aging dog peed in our brand new RV. Who did we order... SCOE 10X. Once again completely removed all dog urine and we now have to cage her at night. I will always highly recommend this product and I hope they stay around for a very long time! Thank You SCOE 10X!
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Bought a House in the country!
Reviewed by Duane Loya - Cuyahoga Falls, OH  (June 11, 2019)
Everyone knows buying a house in the country is going to have smells, well they had 19 cats and the place reeked like cat piss. Not only in the 40x24 pole barn garage with cement floor but in the house. I spent 3 weeks studying this product. To my amazement following the directions this stuff works, we are talking UV light when the walls were wet lit up like the sun there was so much cat piss it looked like a murder scene. SCOE 10X works and I am buying another 128 oz one Gallon to keep going with it on other parts of the house now that I know it works! Thanks it does work like you said it does! Duane!
Reviewed by Jill Coletti - Millis, MA  (May 01, 2019)
I have three dogs and three cats. There is a lot of domination and marking and just plain old pee accidents in this house. I have thrown away more rugs than I care to admit. I have bleached things to death trying to deodorize. Tried every single "guaranteed to work" home remedy.

Stumbled across this product one day in my never-ending search for something that REALLY worked. This stuff is magic. There are lots of products out there that claim they neutralize and break down enzymes and all that bull****. They don't. I've tried them all.

I cannot praise this product enough. Not only does is INSTANTLY remove all odor (cat pee is brutal!), it also has a very mild, neutral smell itself. No perfumes, no cover-up of the smell. Even removes pet stains. I don't know what it is, but SCOE 10X is worth its weight in gold!
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It Works or it's Free!
Reviewed by Christine Ryan - New Castle, PA  (April 09, 2019)
This product is the s***. Its so good. I have spent a lot of money on other products and nothing worked for me. I found a cat who was in bad shape (he was dieing) and I brought him in my home and took him to the vet. It ended up being 9 months of this. Meanwhile he wasn't nuetured and he was spraying and just peeing on the floor. I didnt want to just let him go and I couldnt nueture him until he was done with his rabbies vaccination series. So I looked all over the internet and foumd Scoe 10x and I was doubtful but I read all the reviews and thought it was worth a shot.

So I bought the smallest amount just incase it didn't work. OMG, I tried it as soon as it arrived and I almost cried because I was so embarrassed by the cat smell that I wouldnt let anyone in my home but this cat needed me so I couldnt throw him out and I was so upset because I didnt know what to do. I was so happy this stuff actually worked that I told everyone. I ran out and now its getn warmer and he is spraying again and its smelling worse then last time.

So I made an appointment to get him nuetured on Thursday and I bought a bigger bottle just rite now and I am going to town on that room that he is in as soon as the mail comes.

This stuff is amazing. I know a lot of us dont have money to buy something that your just not sure if its gona work or not so we go to walmart and try what they have and if that doesnt work we try something else (it adds up), im one of those people that did that. Im telling u this is the best, I will never buy anything else again. Its worth every penny.
Money Saver
Reviewed by Adri Gouldsmith - Topeka, KS  (March 18, 2019)
Had cat urine odor in a bed room and on a really nice sofa bed. Really worth the money. Gave some to a friend with a new puppy and she is planning to buy some for herself. You can spend a bunch of money on buying all the other products or just go ahead and get the best. I plan to keep this product around, but no more renters with cats that they don't take care of.
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It Works or it's Free!
Reviewed by Renee Nelson - Bradenton, FL  (February 25, 2019)
Absolutely the first time I found a product that actually removes urine odor. Just bought a new couch and one of my dogs decided to urinate on it. Went on line and thought I would give SCOE 10X a try. Arrived quickly and with the first application no urine smell or obnoxious odor. I will never buy anything else ever again!! I am so glad I found this website!
Works well!
Reviewed by Debra McCreary - WELLFLEET, NE  (February 16, 2019)
I have used this product on a smoke infested Sofa. It took a bit of treatment but the smell is gone.

I borrowed a pak and play from a friend and no matter what I did I could not get the cat urine smell out.... they have 16 cats. I used some of the product in the washer with clothing from the same family and it did a good job neutralizing the cat urine smell. If I had pre soaked the clothes it would have worked better I am sure.

I have used it on ice chests that have had nasty smells and it worked. I think the cat urine was so ingrained in the wood and foam you just wasn't able to neutralize it. Overall I love this product. I will be re-ordering today.
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It Works or it's Free!
Fabulous Product!
Reviewed by Barbara Hirsch - Marlton, NJ  (January 20, 2019)
Bought SCOE 10X for a rental property we bought that knocked us out with cat urine odor! It was so bad we thought we’d have to replace subfloor and some wallboard. We had to apply a couple of times but it worked great! So happy with this product!
Only product to use on cat/dog urine
Reviewed by Mark Bischoff - Toms River, NJ  (December 29, 2018)
I have a Siberian Husky, they are known for strong urine smell. This stuff makes the odor disappear like it never happened. Also good with tough laundry odors with the synthetic athletic clothing.
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Love this stuff
Reviewed by Brenda Cassata - Orange Park, FL  (December 20, 2018)
I recently moved to an apartment but my dogs were used to a doggie door... so I got SCOE 10X to use on vinyl floor tiles. It worked wonders! I won’t use anything else after using this product!!
Reviewed by Cindy Harwood - Old Fort, NC  (December 15, 2018)
I have been using SCOE 10X for years now for both cat and dog urine. It is pure magic! I panic if I think I'm getting low on the product. I keep it on hand ALWAYS! If you are wondering whether to try this product or not, you will not go wrong making this purchase. Money very well spent!!!
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4 cats 1 litterbox
Reviewed by Sandra Hancock - Boise, ID  (November 26, 2018)
I have always been a proud owner of cats that always used Outside to do their Business, Now there are two dogs in the mix...I hate cat litter boxes with a passion. I have no choice for now, and the cats do not always pee in the litter box...GROSS... Thank God for SCOE 10X...

It works And I recommend it to anyone wanting to eliminate "THAT" smell. It WORKS!
About your probuct
Reviewed by Ellen Frybergh - Coral Springs, FL  (November 26, 2018)
Love your product! It worked amazingly! No more urine smell on any of our carpets from a cat we had! Thank you!
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It Works or it's Free!
Chimney Fire
Reviewed by CHRISTINE LEWIN - INDUSTRY, PA  (November 12, 2018)
My daughter and her family experienced a chimney fire on November 9th. Thank the Lord no one was hurt and the fire damage was minimal. My granddaughter's room filled with smoke and everything reeked; her clothing, bedding, stuffed animals, etc.

I have been using SCOE 10X for years for pet odors, and I stand by this product! With SCOE 10X, we were able to save her things! Thank you!!!
Awesome product
Reviewed by Christie Staggs - Bauxite, AR  (October 30, 2018)
I ordered the starter kit to see if works because I always read the reviews and very skeptical when a product receives all 5 stars.

If I could give this product 10 stars I would. I am ordering more to keep on hand for future use.

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It Works or it's Free!
Unbelievable Product
Reviewed by Christine Blystone - greencastle, PA  (October 25, 2018)
I recently had an opossum take up residency in my heater ducts. He had been there for quite some time before I realized the situation. He had urinated in the duct work as well as in my furnace. I turned the heat on and my house was filled with an awful smell.

I purchased this product after trying every product on the market. I have been disappointed time after time. Yesterday the product arrived and I quickly got to work. It does exactly what is says it does. The problem was rectified in less than 20 minutes.

I will be buying this product by the gallons to keep on hand for multiple different uses. Go buy this product now and save your sanity.
Dog Urine Smell Gone finally!
Reviewed by Robert Simmons - VIRGINIA BEACH, VA  (October 22, 2018)
Our dog peed on the back seat [fabric] on the way to the groomers. Tried Natures Miracle and Rocco & Roxie first. They helped a little. SCOE 10X completely eliminated the odor though. Great product, ordering another!
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It Works or it's Free!
Yesss it really works!!!!
Reviewed by Jeanie Kristek - Whiting, IN  (October 05, 2018)
Tried the home remedies didnt work and then purchased some urine cleaners at the store. Made it smell worse. This stuff really works, took away the smell. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS AND IT WILL WORK. Patience
Reviewed by Kathryn Lawrence - Titusville, PA  (September 25, 2018)
When purchasing a new home the previous owner locked her cat in one of the bedrooms after the initial walk through and paper signing was completed. Surprise...that bedroom smelled of cat urine so bad. I tried shampooing with OTC good.


Used it as directed and then had my daughter, with an amazing sense of smell, crawl around and sniff 1 week later, no odor!! Purchasing more and will keep this product on hand always. THANK YOU SCOE 10X!!!!
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It Works or it's Free!
It's a miracle!!
Reviewed by Eve Fiorenza - Rockford, IL  (September 20, 2018)
I recently moved into a new house, and my cats decided to urinate in multiple places in the basement. I was searching for something to take care of the smell.

Then, catastrophe hit! We had a bad storm, and my sump pump died. Water flowed into the basement, spreading the cat urine and the smell thru the whole basement!!

Thank God I found SCOE 10X! After cleaning up as much water as possible, I sprayed the basement, and when it dried, the horrific smell was gone! Thanks so much for this fabulous product!!
OMG! this stuff is AMAZING!!!
Reviewed by MaryAnn DeCaro - Naugatuck, CT  (September 18, 2018)
I am absolutely amazed with this stuff!! I am currently renting a apartment that smelled so bad of cat urine and poop, the tenant prior to me had 16 cats! 15 litter boxes in the house, the heaters were full of urine and poop, the smell was HORENDOUS! the hardwood floors were painted prior to my moving in , but I could still smell the cat urine I tried every product on the market, the smell went away but to my surprise within a day or 2 was back.

I used a 5 gallon jug mixed exactly as the instructions suggested!! Its gone!!! that choking horrific smell is gone!!! I love this product!!! and will always have some on hand......Scoe 10X does everything it says it does! It's been a month now and still no smell!! Very Happy Customer!!!!!
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It Works or it's Free!
More Cat Pee Ford Explorer
Reviewed by Anthony Hendrix - glendale, AZ  (September 15, 2018)
Unlike everyone else that had inspected the 2006 Ford Explorer I knew that I could clean the stains and remove the cat pee smell because I had previously used SCOE 10X and had great success with it. I did purchase the vehicle that was worth $4,000 for the reduced price of $1,000. I disassembled the interior down to the metal after having inspected with the backlight and I treated all the areas with SCOE 10X that I had purchased over the web. I was able to mix two and a half gallons of solution as instructed and saturated everything that was urinated on.

When I was finished with the job there wasn't one tiny hint of a smell at all of cat urine. The vehicle looked like new on the inside and when I finish detailing the exterior I sold that vehicle for $4,800 to a very satisfied neighbor of my own.

I will never hesitate to use SCOE 10X on any terrible smells or stains in the future because it works perfectly.
Reviewed by Carolyn Rock - Joliet, IL  (September 13, 2018)
I ordered this product from you years ago and it was a wonderful product. I had a cat that was spraying and this product completely got rid of the smell. Also my neighbor's little girl got her trike and other outside toys sprayed by a skunk. I went over and sprayed all the toys and got rid of the skunk oder. I will order again soon.
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It Works or it's Free!
What a Surprise!
Reviewed by Sandra Murtishaw - Cascade, ID  (September 08, 2018)
My 15 yr old Bichon Poodle was barking like crazy. I was busy fixing dinner so I didn't go check on why. We have deer who wander around so that's what I thought it was. Wrong!!! Just as I put dinner on the table he comes in coughing..then the smell followed.

The skunk got him full in the mouth. I grabbed him and my bottle of SCOE 10X that I keep mixed up because my 7 yr old short haired Pomeranian refuses to housebreak. I put the poodle into the bathtub and squirted him down with SCOE 10X until I couldn't feel the oiliness anymore. Kept rubbing him down not adding any more spray for about 20 min. Rinsed him off. Then shampooed him with Tails and Mane pet shampoo. You'd never know he had been around a skunk.

As for the Pom, my house smelled like a pet urinal until I found SCOE 10X. Great product!
A miracle
Reviewed by Elyse Alper - Sands Point, NY  (August 29, 2018)
I did not believe it was possible but after trying everything from Resolve to professional steam cleaning, from vinegar and baking soda to aiding out, the horrific odor from Dog urine was stuck on our rug.

When I read about SCOE 10X I was skeptical but as soon as I used the product the smell was gone! I was prepared to get rid of the dogs, I mean, rug but SCOE 10X saved the day. I am thrilled with the product and customer service. Thank you SCOE 10X!
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It Works or it's Free!
Happy Customer For a Decade+...
Reviewed by Heather Corhan - Marietta, GA  (August 06, 2018)
I found SCOE 10X more than 10 years ago, searching internet reviews for a great odor eliminating product. I was skeptical the first time I ordered it due to the expense, but was AMAZED at how effective it was.

A decade later I can attest to what an astonishing product this is. We've used it for pet-related odors, diaper pails, stinky shoes, clothing we couldn't get under-arm odor out of, and more. Our favorite "roll our eyes" story was a large gasoline spill in the back of our 12 seater van. The smell was disastrous. None of us could stand to be in the van. I tried every conceivable idea to neutralize the odor (evaporation, coffee grinds, baking soda, vinegar, carpet cleaner, etc.) but NOTHING worked.

Then I remembered my beloved SCOE 10X - duh. Always, always, always follow the directions exactly (which I did) and after using about a gallon of properly mixed SCOE the smell was 100% gone. The same day. Seriously. Totally awesome product.
Best on the market
Reviewed by Maureen Young - Spokane, WA  (July 24, 2018)
Did an entire house subfloors covered with cat and human urine. Followed directions and left SCOE 10X on a bit longer because of the extent and depth of damage on the wood. Easy to use and fantastic product.

Gave the last of it to a friend who purchased an old farm house. Found about three feet of bat guano in a crawl space between the roof and the false walls. After removing the guano, SCOE 10X was used on all the surfaces. Was a great success!
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It Works or it's Free!
Reviewed by Marianna Golick - New york, NY  (July 21, 2018)
Directions were very explicit and so I followed as instructed Which, by the way, is not my nature. For the water I let it sit at room temperature for about 4 hours before I made the mixture. So Happy I did. This stuff is Genius!!!!!! Actually its the result of the Wizard Who concocted it.

Absolutely no urine smells, no damage to my rugs, no perfume smells I pressed a towel into urine to absorb. I saturated the spots And i left it. I smelled it after 3 or 4 see if there was any hint of urine smell. If so,i added more. Living in NYC My apt. Is not big so i Slung the carpet over the rod of the shower after saturating both sides Carpet is a nice size. I am just so pleased I found this stuff.

Life is crazy busy here but I wanted to say "It Works! Get it! and dont waste your time and money With other products!!!! Thanksl
You want that oder out of your life?
Reviewed by Anthony Salcido - Garden Grove, CA  (July 07, 2018)
You want the odor gone? Use this! My dog has a pee spot on the corner of my sons bed. You couldn't go in the room! I tried everything and I mean everything. I probably spent $200 on other products nothing worked. I found out that after using SCOE 10X that there were more spots that the dog peed on. I used about 24 oz. of SCOE 10X, but its gone and I mean for good. If you want the smell to go away and you have tried everything use this. No BS! It WORKS!
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It Works or it's Free!
Outstanding Results!!
Reviewed by Alice Ellison - Farmington, NM  (July 05, 2018)
The home I moved into had a room that had a serious animal urine problem!! So bad that I gave me headaches, and my nose and eyes would burn bad!!! I had it professionally cleaned and I and I paid extra for deodorizer, it cleaned carpet but the nasty urine smell was still there. It was like waking up on Christmas morning running down to the bedroom praying for a miracle. Well...big let down!!. So I did research online and came across this product. I was desperate. I read all reviews and thought can this be real? Yes it was real!!! We were running after we did treatment, jumping up and down, YES...SUCCESS!!! I kept going back throughout the day thinking... These People are Genuinely Real!!! and their product is a life saver, a Miracle!!! Thank you so much. No more Urine smell..WOW!!! This is pure Gold!!!!
Reviewed by Mary Konczyk - Pahoa, HI  (June 29, 2018)
I thought this would be no better than any of the other products on the market that work with enzymes and probiotics. I was wrong. This works FAR better on cat urine odors than anything else I've ever tried. It completely eliminated dog urine odor.
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It Works or it's Free!
This Stuff Works!
Reviewed by CHRISTINE LEWIN - INDUSTRY, PA  (June 28, 2018)
I always keep this product on hand! It works! Awesome!
Reviewed by CHARLOTTE HATCHER - EAST DUBLIN, GA  (June 27, 2018)
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It Works or it's Free!
Reviewed by Rod Johnson - Center City, MN  (May 21, 2018)
Bought a repo house, newer house but the older lady had multiple cats and multiple dogs. Peed and pooped everywhere, and I do mean everywhere, all the time.

Thought I would have to re-sheetrock the lower 2 ft of every room and replace the subfloors.

I followed the SCOE 10X directions exactly. When we wet mopped, we had on carbon masks and even as a farm boy, I nearly was overcome with the smell. Sprayed the lower walls, all the subfloors especially the seams in the subfloors, under the trim and over the trim till it was good and soaked. Then put down plastic to keep em wet as per instructions.

Unbelievable, got 95% of it the first time, got everything the 2nd time. No smell and equally as important, no staining on my oak trim and 5 panel doors. I have been telling everyone about SCOE 10X!
Now I belive in miracle!
Reviewed by Eugene Mamut - Lee, MA  (May 21, 2018)
I evicted a tenant for not paying rent. In retaliation, he left urine and excrement from 2 dogs and 3 cats on my apartment hardwood floor.

After he left I tried everything to eliminate the smell. Nothing worked. I was desperate. Thought the only solution was to burn the house down.

I found SCOE 10X internet ad. My friend started to laugh at me: Everything on the Internet is a scam.

I'm glad I took a chance. Amazing!!! In one application the smell is gone! Thank you very much!!!
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It Works or it's Free!
Reviewed by Karen Bounds - Laurel, DE  (May 04, 2018)
After using this product I was truly and completely blown away. I had tried every product and method I could find and nothing worked until this. We had a microfiber couch that got peed on by our cat and we almost threw it away.

After using SCOE 10X it was completely gone, not even a remote trace at all. I thought the fabric would be stiff or changed in some way afterwards but it was literally just like new. This is literally a miracle product, if you have any hesitation...don't!

My wife joked that it was like Harry Potter magic going on lol but seriously its just like that. I only used this on cat pee so far but cat pee is the worst so I imagine it would work on anything. We were going to throw away our new couch and now don't have to so thank you all for this product! You saved us over a thousand!!!
Reviewed by Fiona Marissa - Richmond, VA  (May 01, 2018)
We live in a 90-year-old house in a retail/restaurant district and had squirrels, mice, and a BIG rat decide to make our home theirs too. After we had a wildlife service take care of the squirrels and took care of the rats and mice, we had a stinky mess to clean up. Followed directions and removed as much excrement as we could before applying SCOE 10X. Let it sit before wiping up. We rinsed we clean water and voila!

The odor we had tried (and failed) to get rid of with other cleaners was gone! I have since re-ordered and used this product on other surfaces, including a carpet runner at our front door that our elderly dog had peed on when we couldn't get to the door fast enough to let him out. Now our house smells ... like nothing! Cannot recommend SCOE 10X highly enough. Try it! You will NOT be disappointed!
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It Works or it's Free!
Surprise! It's a Miracle
Reviewed by Cindi Keane - Kearns, UT  (April 28, 2018)
I originally ordered this product to remove urine smell in a chair my incontinent sister-in-law sat in for months. I didn't think ANYTHING could remove that odor. I used the upholstery and carpet container with needle attachment. It took a few applications but it worked. I had used every other cleaner to no avail.

The second time was on a section of carpet used by my sick cat who used a couple of areas to void in. When he passed, I used the carpet upholstery bottle again and soaked the carpet. It worked again!

FINALLY, my mom passed away recently and she was a heavy smoker. I had so much faith in SCOE 10X, I used the last of it to get rid of the odor of smoke-filled items from her house and, it was nothing short of a miracle. It works on everything! THANKS A MILLION! Cindi K
Cat urine on carpet
Reviewed by Molly Mette - Centennial, CO  (April 25, 2018)
ONLY product that worked for me, and I have tried IT ALL. Was discouraged by neg. feedback but glad I tried it. I bought a small bottle and used it all on a 4'x5' area of carpet that had been violated more than once.

Be sure to follow the mixing directions carefully (I used 8:1 ratio) I poured it on quite heavily and ran out before I was done. I felt that I needed to saturate the area.

Customer service was outstanding. They responded immediately and even sent me another small bottle to finish the job.

I finally got off my wallet and purchased a carpet cleaner (a must have for sanity) and I used plain water to clean and extract the product. Odor is gone, not masked literally gone! Mind blown. I am ordering more so I will be ready for the next "accident". Customer for life!
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
Reviewed by Andrea Solano - Hillsboro Beach, FL  (April 17, 2018)
SCOE 10X was the only product that was able to get rid of cat urine smell of my couch completely!!! You won't be disappointed, just make sure to read the instructions first so you don't waste anything.
Love SCOE 10X!
Reviewed by Mary Kasser - Drain, OR  (March 28, 2018)
We love your product! We have been using it in our home with 12+ dogs for several years now and it is the only product we will use. We breed French Bulldogs here in Oregon.
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
Pet urine
Reviewed by Gretchen Anderson - Fredericksburg, VA  (February 24, 2018)
SCOE 10X works! I used it to remove dog and cat urine from furniture and rugs. It beats all other commercial products.
Saved my rent deposit
Reviewed by Susan Ryan - Sarasota, FL  (February 22, 2018)
This is the 3rd time I have used this product & it won't be the last. I rescue abandoned cats & had been renting the same house for the last 7 years. Accidents happen, and then every cat in the house has to pee continuously over the same spot no matter how many times I clean it. Then a few of my dogs would for good measure. My landlord just gave back my $1200.00 deposit yesterday. I had to spray the entire floor twice, but it worked. NO ONE thought I would get out the smell. Five stars
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
Cat Urine Smell Gone!
Reviewed by Elaine Melvin - Bettendorf, IA  (January 29, 2018)
SCOE 10X works! When we were packing up a house to move, my three cats were so unsettled. They pee'd on the leather sofa repeatedly. After washing the areas I used SCOE 10X and the smell never had a chance!
Nervous Nelly Kitty Cat
Reviewed by Melanie Metzger - Lancaster, PA  (January 17, 2018)
Hello, I wanted to write about my experience. I have been rescuing and rehabilitating animals... Dogs, cats, birds for many years now and had animals since birth. I have tried MANY products over the years for pet stains and odors. SCOE 10X by far is THE BEST I HAVE EVER USED!!!
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
WOW! I can't believe this worked
Reviewed by Patricia Christiansen - Carlsbad, CA  (November 13, 2017)
I've had an embarrassing problem for years. I have awful underarm odor under ONE arm only! No Dr. has been able to tell me why. I have tried literally EVERYTHING to remove the odor from my clothing. Baking soda, vinegar, animal urine remover, soaking in antibacterial soap, borax, tomato juice, alcohol, to name a few. I've had to throw out most all of my clothing after wearing a few times. I've used underarm shields that I've made to try to spare some of my more expensive tops.. Ugh....

I decided to try SCOE 10X and I'm shocked that it worked!! Been using this for over a year now and it works every time. I'm blown away and very happy! I spray it directly on my tops and I also use it before I shower. Thank God you people developed this!
Never thought it would be so easy.
Reviewed by David Schmidt - Fuquay Varina, NC  (October 31, 2017)
First off, I am not a review guy, but this is the most wonderful product I have ever used. I come from a family that have owned cats most all our lives. So peeing on the sofa is a common issue. I used the needle assembly and a spray bottle of the SCOE 10X and boom gone... I mean gone , no scent, no trace of that funk. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
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It Works or it's Free!
It works!
Reviewed by Jill Webb - Barberton, OH  (October 09, 2017)
My dog has recently starting urinating in one particular room in my house. Once she urinated in that one spot in the same room, she has continued to do so. I tried regular shampooing and a product from the pet store. All a complete waste. My sister had purchased this product and gave it to to me to use. I used the product and Sammi has not urinated in that room since I treated the carpet with SCOE 10X. It works!!
Skunk Smell GONE!
Reviewed by Jen Judd - Benicia, CA  (September 27, 2017)
My lovely cat got out one night and met up with a skunk. She came flying back into the house with the skunk right behind her. She got sprayed and so did our screen door and into the back part of the house. It was bad!

My husband happened to be in the shower and to his surprise in came a skunk soaked cat. I grabbed my bottle of SCOE 10X and with in minutes the smell was completely gone. I couldn't believe it!!

There was no hint of skunk on her (or my husband) at all. I have been using this product for years and have never been disappointed. A must have for pet owners.

My cat a few years ago got separation anxiety when we had left for a week. She started peeing in the corner of our family room. When we got back I used this product on it and the smell was completely removed. I had a carpet cleaning company come and help and he could not believe his eyes, or nose. Two days later he called and asked for information on ordering it. That's just how good it is!
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
Reviewed by Sandra Hancock - Boise, ID  (September 20, 2017)
OMG, Never have I encountered anything that works as well as this.... 5 stars It works this well !!!
Thank you!!!!!
Reviewed by Felicia Anderson - Gilbert, AZ  (August 30, 2017)
My cat peed on my king size bed near the pillow area. The smell was absolutely horrendous! It went through all of the bedding, through the mattress pad and into the mattress. The smell was so terrible that no matter what I did, it felt like I was sleeping in a litter box. It was nauseating. I tried everything to get rid of the scent.

After I applied scoe 10x to the stain the smell completely disappeared. I seriously did not believe it. I bought the smallest bottle I could because I was afraid it wouldn't work, just like everything I tried in the past.

I am so thankful for this product and recommend it to everybody. I would not write a review like this if I didn't honestly believe in the product. Make sure you read the instructions exactly and do what it says and it should work for you.
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
Male cat spray
Reviewed by Peggy Dierking - White Hall, IL  (August 23, 2017)
Works awesome. I won't use anything else. It worked the first time I didn't have to spray again. Best spray ever made.
SCOE 10X . . . The Odor MIRACLE!
Reviewed by Lisa Rogier - Revere, MA  (August 22, 2017)
Wow, I am totally impressed with SCOE 10X and would recommend it to any person looking to rid themselves of an odor problem! It really works! I had a terrible urine smell from two small dogs and no matter what I used to get rid of the stench nothing worked. My boyfriend found SCOE 10X via an internet search. I read the reviews and honestly was skeptical but decided to give it a try.

Today is an exceptionally humid day and a great day to confirm the power of this product. I walked out to my Florida room and all I could smell was the lovely scent of my candle! Not even the slightest smell of urine. I am THRILLED and will use nothing else but SCOE 10X. Believe the reviews you're reading and try it for yourself. You will NOT be disappointed!!!
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
Best stuff EVER!!
Reviewed by Denise Beasley - Pittsburgh, PA  (August 13, 2017)
I have two cats, and a puppy who still doesn't have a handle on potty training. I have always owned pets but I can't stand odors in my home so I am always looking for a product that works well. I found out about SCOE 10X from a dog trainer who recommended it so I thought I'd try it out. This is absolutely the best stuff I have ever tried. I was already using another product that I was pretty satisfied with but this stuff blows my old stuff out of the water. I can't even describe how good this stuff is-and it leaves no odor of any kind. I'm sooo happy to have found this product. My house finally smells fresh again! I originally bought the starter kit so I'm getting ready to reorder; I never want to be out of this stuff!!!
Best stuff ever!! Odor GONE!
Reviewed by Ellen Donovan - Shamong, NJ  (August 02, 2017)
This is honestly the first product that has actually eliminated COMPLETELY my cat urine odor problem. I should have taken another reviewers advice and bought more to begin with. Where as other remedies that I have bought in the past just mask the problem with some other scent, THIS product totally eliminated ALL the odor immediately. From now on I will not be without SCOE10X! Thanks for this great product!
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
Housebreaking a puppy
Reviewed by Elaine Melvin - Bettendorf, IA  (July 26, 2017)
I am housebreaking a puppy. On my supply list of things to have handy is SCOE 10X. I have an ample supply! It has made a difference in destroying the scent of my puppy's accidents. Thank you!
It Works!
Reviewed by David Weatherston - Corpus Christi, TX  (July 17, 2017)
I only tried this over 10 yrs. ago because of the promise that it works and money back guarantee. I had gone on the internet looking for something that worked and found SCOE 10X. The first time I used it, it didn't work, so I called. After talking with me, it turns out I didn't follow the directions EXACTLY. I had used an old bottle that previously had window cleaner (I think that's what it was, but in any case a cleaner, it was a long time ago!). They sent me a second bottle free and told me to follow the directions exactly. It absolutely worked! Now 10 years later, I am still a loyal customer ordering yet again! Tip: If you have ongoing issues, buy the largest container you can use in a 2 year period! Darn cats!!!!
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
Amazing Product
Reviewed by Gayla Shrader - birmingham, AL  (July 14, 2017)
We tried everything to get cat urine and spray smell out of our house. We ordered this just hoping it would work. It worked instantly and the smell has not returned. We are so HAPPY!!!!! For fun we put a piece of raw chicken outside for four days in 90 degree heat. The smell was rancid. We sprayed the Scoe 10X on it and the smell disappeared immediately. We are going to order more so we never run out.
Reviewed by Calvin Cairns - Oxnard, CA  (July 03, 2017)
Hi All, This is the first time using this product. Im presently work on a house that was left abandon for two years. Possums moved into every crawl space they could get into. There was at least 4" of poop between every ceiling joist in the entire house. The stink was choking.

We tore out all the ceiling drywall. After bunny suits and very high end gas mask we vacuumed up all the poop. We estimated at least 150 pounds of poop was removed. We tried all the youtube cures of vinegar and baking soda. All it did was dull the smell down.

Then I found SCOE 10X web site. I had tried every thing else and say what the heck. Lets try it. Just applied it this morning and within 10 minutes BAMM !THE SMELL IS GONE. Let me remind you a possum family had been living in this house for 2 years and every rafter and ceiling joist was coved in pee and poop. We'll apply one more coat just to make sure... but what a difference this product makes.

Don't look anywhere else. Buy it now. Calvin Cairns California's Best Builders
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
Really Works!!
Reviewed by Elizabeth Taylor - Tehachapi, CA  (June 27, 2017)
Our car was recently stolen. When recovered there were cigarette butts in the door handles and the thief had also smoked Meth and Marijuana in our car. One treatment with SCOE 10 X and there is no trace of the smells! Also works great on cat urine odor! Will definitely keep this on hand from now on!
Reviewed by Wendy Matthews - Plano, TX  (June 27, 2017)
I was doubtful when I bought this since I have tried other products but my cat had soaked the carpet with urine until I had to remove it. Urine had soaked thru to the cement. I am putting in new floors and had to get rid of smell. BOY did SCOE 10X deliver. I treated the floor with and checked it two days later. NO lingering odor at all! I will recommend it to all my friends.
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
Removed cigarette and sweat smells
Reviewed by Kiai Kim - San Francisco, CA  (June 27, 2017)
Been using this almost 10 years and have since also tried other products when I would run out. Nothing works as well. Used it on a couch that came from my neighbor, a chain smoker. Also use it regularly on clothes from thrift stores with old sweat odors. Recently sold my apartment maintenance staff on it using it on dog pee in the elevator. Love this stuff.
Great Stuff!
Reviewed by Kathleen Pettas - Loomis, CA  (June 25, 2017)
I have been using this for years, the best odor eliminator for everything! I hate to think about how much I spent on other useless products before discovering this. Don't waste your money on anything else - buy this!
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
Reviewed by Ken Lindmar - Philadelphia, PA  (May 26, 2017)
Garage floor got soaked in cat urine in one area. I could not get rid of the odor trying other products on the market. One treatment with SCOE 10X and the odor was gone within 24 hours. Just ordered a starter kit for a family member and a refill bottle for myself. AMAZING!!!!!
Great product
Reviewed by Jolene Wood - Felton, PA  (May 21, 2017)
Great product, have been buying for years!
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
Kills odor
Reviewed by Kathy Faulk - Chandler, OK  (May 07, 2017)
I bought the 32 oz and even though it said not to put in carpet cleaners, mine does not dilute, you control the dilution by mixing and adding to a tank. I love this stuff. I can't stand pet odors and I have 3, one of which is 18 yrs old and has control problems. This SCOE 10X has made me love the smell of my house again. I highly recommend this product.
Reviewed by Dianne Gleaton - Lake Panasoffkee, FL  (February 27, 2017)
This is an outstanding product. We had cats enclosed on our screened porch for rainy weather, with a litter box. One cat used the box, the other used the indoor/ outdoor carpet. We could smell the urine which is pungent to say the least, but did not know WHERE she left her pee. So I sprayed all exposed areas one time.

With just one application our problem was gone. Thank you so much for this amazing product. I'll never be without it.
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
The BEST Cat Urine Odor Eliminator!!
Reviewed by Diane Glivar - Aurora, OH  (February 26, 2017)
I've had serious issues for quite a while with my cats urinating on the sides of my sofa. I've cleaned it many, many times with various products and gotten it better, but not completely odor free. I finally tossed out that sofa and have new furniture. Of course, they ended up urinating on my love seat again. I sprayed SCOE 10X on the spot until the odor was completely gone (let it dry, then reapplied). I have a very keen sense of smell, and can tell you that I no longer smell the urine. I will never use ANYTHING ELSE!! I bought refills so that there is no chance I will ever run out. I am so pleased I found it and I highly recommend it!!
Absolutely the Best
Reviewed by Erica Hinson - EASTVALE, CA  (February 20, 2017)
I wish I would've found SCOE 10X months ago. My pitbull puppy started marking. First it was a chenille sectional then the carpeting in one room. I had both the sofa and carpets professionally cleaned but I could still recognize the faint urine smell days later. Then I tried all the big name enzyme cleaners and even a powder that was supposed to absorb the urine odor.

Ultimately, I ended up taking my sectional to the dump and I was in the process of having my carpet replaced in our home theater when I stumbled on SCOE 10X. It saved me hundreds of dollars that I would've spent to have new carpet installed. Just wish I found it before I got rid of my sectional. :(
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
Reviewed by Brittany Rolland - Indianapolis, IN  (December 24, 2016)
I definetly didn't believe this would work. I had tried EVERYTHING to get the odor out of my carpet and nothing worked. I used SCOE 10X last night (1 part to 8 parts) with the LED light and after 45 minutes I was mesmerized. For the first time in 6 months I don't have to have windows opened upstairs to be able to breath. Absolutely amazing and I will be recommending this product the EVERY ONE I know. Thank you so much!!
Use it to believe it
Reviewed by Sharon Paul - Benzonia, MI  (December 17, 2016)
When I bought my home which was a repo, one wall in my basement was an outside wall insulated inside and draped with plastic. Mice had moved in and made it their home.

Upon removing all the tunneled insulation which such a mess of urine and other, smelled so bad it made me sick, I used nothing but the SCOE 10X spraying the heck out of it. Opened all windows ran an air purifier and sprayed again just cause I could, the smell was totally gone.

I bought SCOE 10X originally for my kitty litter area. I love this stuff, it works, buy it, you won't be disappointed. Sharon
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
Reviewed by Terri White - Avondale, AZ  (December 13, 2016)
I purchased the 32oz bottle about 18 months ago when I was having massive problems with cat pee on carpet. I ended up getting new carpet so the bottle sat untouched.

That is, until yesterday. I have a small bathroom where a sick cat was living and he had peed on the walls and in the cabinet under the sink. The cabinet was so bad that every time I opened the door, the smell almost knocked me over. Then I remembered this bottle of SCOE 10X. I was pretty sure it wouldn't work, but, what the heck.

I re-read the directions and followed them exactly. After waiting 20 minutes for the product to activate, I went in the bathroom, turned off the light, and turned on my blacklight. The walls glowed. It was disgusting. I started spraying and saw the glow start to fade immediately, so I did the whole room. I then went out to the cabinet and sprayed every inch of the inside and slammed the door closed. No way was it going to get rid of that smell. The pee was old and dry and had eaten into the wood.

Well, about 30 minutes later I came back opened the door. Nothing. Bent down and sniffed. Nothing. Got on my knees and stuck my head into the cabinet. NOTHING. A few hours later, I put down new shelf paper and started using the cabinet again. No problem.

I'm going to buy more of this product and it's now my go-to for smells.
This stuff works!
Reviewed by Jill Hartman - Bethel, CT  (October 23, 2016)
I used SCOE 10X on a carpet that had 15 year old dried cat urine in an area that I used to keep a litter box. It worked like a charm! There is some odor while the product works and completely dries, but afterward the odor is gone. I highly recommend this product!
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
Reviewed by Pamela St George - Watertown, MN  (October 10, 2016)
I used SCOE 10X to remove an order from a mattress. It totally removed the odor.

Yes, it does have a smell that will linger for several days, but after it's done its job, there is absolutely product no odor, and the mattress is like new.

I will re-post after using on urine odor in carpet.
Reviewed by Stacy Clay - Victorville, CA  (October 09, 2016)
After trying numerous other products, I figured what have I got to lose. After my cat had 1 of his legs amputated it was difficult for him to get into the litter box, so you guessed it he used the carpet. The smell was overwhelming. I used SCOE 10X and followed the instructions to the tee, and THANK YOU the smell is gone. Now I don't have to replace 1500 sq feet of carpet.

Amazing product, went back and bought a bigger size.
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
Cat Urine Smell Is Gone!
Reviewed by Caine Letendre - Rutland, MA  (September 19, 2016)
I recently bought a 2 family duplex and one unit had the smell of cat urine all through the house. The smell was coming from the concrete floor in the basement. I tried bleach (since I had some on hand) and it seemed to cut the smell a bit, but it was certainly still there. I scoured the internet to find something that would work and found SCOE 10X.

I was skeptical but figured it may be worth a try. Once I mixed the solution and followed the instructions, I applied it to all areas where the smell was coming from. IT WORKED AMAZING! I can no longer smell the cat urine at all and feel that any potential tenant will not smell it either. This can result in more rent coming worth the price. I did apply the solution twice, but really don't think that I needed to. I did it just to be 100% sure, and I had the solution, so it was an easy, no brainer. Good luck!
This stuff is amazing!
Reviewed by Sharon Hahne - De Forest, WI  (September 19, 2016)
I have two cats, their litter box is located in the basement. The stench of urine was unbearable even though it is routinely cleaned.

Today we used SCOE 10X and the smell is completely gone!

I was worried that it wouldn't work for our situation because it's all hard surfaces down there but it did! We sprayed it on the walls and let it dry. Once dry the smell was gone!

I was shocked! Cat urine is the worst and SCOE 10X just obliterated it and I didn't even use half a bottle!

I will be telling EVERYBODY how great this stuff is! Thank you!!!!
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
This is the best
Reviewed by Charles Jacobson - Superior, WI  (August 30, 2016)
I have 3 cats. We just got a kitten and one of my cats peed on our couch. Used SCOE 10X and the odor is gone.

I used SCOE 10X before when I got a new cat and my older cat peed on the carpet and our bed. You guessed it, I used SCOE 10X and the odor was gone.

I'm now buying 4 more bottles because I don't want to be without it.
Works on flax seed oil too!
Reviewed by Kristin Dzugan - Folsom, CA  (August 20, 2016)
I had to laugh when I read the review about the fish oil capsules in the pants. I had a similar experience with flax seed oil capsules that burst in my jeans pocket. I tried everything to get out the smell, and I was just about to throw the jeans in the garbage when I remembered I had some SCOE 10X.

Where everything else had failed, SCOE 10X removed all traces of smell. My jeans are saved!
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
Awesome Product
Reviewed by Frances Ferguson - Sanford, MI  (August 18, 2016)
I would recommend this product to anyone. My cat peed on my new fabric chair. I have tried many products and home remedies, but this one worked!!!! I wish they made a cat repellent.
Skunk sprayed dog, dog killed Skunk
Reviewed by Roberto Eaton - Arvada, CO  (August 18, 2016)
I bought a bottle of SCOE 10X a couple of weeks ago and yesterday had to use it after my dog caught and killed a skunk in the backyard. The skunk hit the dog full on in the face before being dispatched though. I had to leave him for 12 hours before I could clean him up.

Yesterday afternoon I prepared the product following all instructions to the letter and the application instructions as well. I noticed an immediate difference since I was no longer gagging. I kept him saturated using a spray bottle and/or sponge for just over the 20 minutes and rinsed with water.

I would say the odor is 98% gone. There is a hint of odor on his head which I was told is the toughest to treat. Since I still have some product left in the spray bottle I will try a second treatment tonight.

All in all this product did what they said it would. If it will get skunk off my dog I don't doubt it will handle urine or other odors easily. My dog is short haired, so I got by with 13oz, but a longer haired dog is going to require more. I will be ordering more just in case.
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
Excellent...even on fish oil!
Reviewed by Jacqueline Jones - Forest Hills, NY  (July 22, 2016)
I've used this product for years on cat urine, and it works splendidly. But a few weeks ago I washed a pair of jeans with my fish oil capsules in the pocket. They melted. NOTHING would take out the smell. Finally, I sprayed them with SCOE 10X, wrapped them in a roll in a plastic bag, and left them for a month. (Maybe it worked faster, but I was too sad to look.) Voila! When I opened the bag, there was no smell!
Reviewed by Karen Sharpe - Kingsburg, CA  (July 22, 2016)
Had two down and feather EXPENSIVE sofa cushions a feral cat had gotten to and they were (or so I thought) ruined! The cat had peed on these cushions a number of times... I scrubbed them clean with soap and water and let them dry in our HOT Central California sun- but they still smelled.

I used baking soda, vinegar, a whole plethora of "it will get the smell out" products- NOTHING WORKED. To replace the cushions was going to cost me over $300.00...

Then I saw this product and thought, "Why not give it a go" To my amazement IT WORKS!!!! There is NO smell, NONE WHATSOEVER! Since I purchased the starter kit and have used most of it up I am back buying more. This is the most amazing product for pet owners I have ever purchased. Buy SCOE 10X- you will NOT regret it!
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
Reviewed by Laudelina Rodriguez - Miami, FL  (July 06, 2016)
As most pet owners, we love our pets, but can do without certain things that come with our loyal, and ever loving furry companions. Shedding hair, clawing/ripping furniture and urinating almost everywhere are just to name a few. But that last one, is the one that drives most of us nuts! I have six rescue dogs...and I live for them...until they urinate/mark their territory that is (lol).

I have four male, and two female dogs so the competition between the males is never ending, and lets not forget my four cats. I've been fortunate enough its not that bad considering the number of pets, however, as of lately working late, late hours the fur babies seem to be stressed and rebelling and they let me know it...the go in their six favorite spots in the house, and no amount of Clorox, Mr. Clean, PineSol, or any other household cleaner would do the trick. The odor was faintly still there, just mixed with the scent of the floor cleaner.

After searching and spending money on useless products I found my new best friend...SCOE is unbelievable. No odor. No nothing, NOTHING!!!!!! Like it never happened, and the longer I leave it on that spot, the dogs don't return to mark/urinate there, it erases any and all traces that they can't even smell it, hence, they don't go there again. Amazing, completely amazing.

I am ordering more and more of it. Thank you for making this product and for making my "cleaning" up a whole lot easier, thank you!
Cat Urine
Reviewed by Valerie Burmaster - Pittsburgh, PA  (June 24, 2016)
Bought this as a last hope. Tried everything from the pet stores as well as all the home mixtures that we read about. This is a house that the previous owner had 16 cats. Yes 16. They destroyed everything. Furniture, floors, walls. Nothing was left untouched. I told my boyfriend I think the best thing we can do for this house is light a match and walk away. It was that bad. When you walked in the stench was so bad even if you held your breath your nose still burned.

Bought SCOE 10X and drenched everything in the house, and guess what happened. It got rid of every single stink in the house. I could not believe it. This house was, in my view, nothing short of being condemned. Thank You so much for developing this product it is simply amazing.
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
Cat Pee Catastrophe
Reviewed by Jessica Krause - Laguna Niguel, CA  (June 23, 2016)
I have never reviewed a product before. I HAD to come on here and say how insane this product is. When I received my package, the first thing I did was use the blacklight to see just how bad the damage was. There was urine covering almost every square inch of my room (my cat is 17 and has recently become very disoriented). I honestly just wanted to rip out the carpet. I have had cats my whole life and it is a well known fact that NOTHING gets out cat urine... Until now. After letting SCOE 10X sit on the carpet for about 20 minutes, I walked into the room and was completely shocked. The smell was gone. The urine was gone. It was like a magic trick. I am still in awe. I will be a lifelong customer and will recommend you to everyone with pets. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Reviewed by Elizabeth Rosado - Orlando, FL  (June 21, 2016)
THIS PRODUCT IS A MIRACLE! I EVEN SPRAY MY LITTER BOX AND WITHIN 20 MIN NO ODOR. I was going nuts with two little dogs that think rain is acid and use the bathroom in the house when its raining. We have wood floors and it just absorbs the odor awful. I was so sick of constantly trying to treat it with other products that DID NOT WORK. So one day by accident I found SCOE 10X.

I kid you not this stuff is awesome. I had kittens and they had peed on a chair that was my deceased mothers. I could never get the smell out. Its out now!

My daughter's favorite Harley Davidson expensive biker boots - whew! - the leather and her sweat made a bad combo. One day I had it and soaked them in SCOE 10X. She could not believe it worked!

Thank you to the creators of SCOE 10X. I never write reviews - but you ROCK!! Elizabeth Rosado
Buy SCOE 10X
It Works or it's Free!
Cat Urine on expensive sofa
Reviewed by Dana Hyatt - Taylors, SC  (June 07, 2016)
I rescued two feral cats almost 2 years ago. One male, one female. They've been great pets. Until, my niece moved in for a couple of months. Cats get stressed with household changes and male cats express this as they express their bladders, on my expensive sofa!!

I've never had a cat pee inside anything but a litter box. I had NO idea how strong the smell was! I bought something at Pets Mart but it seemed to make the smell stronger!! I almost called the carpet & furniture cleaners, but one day I googled, Is there any way to REALLY remove cat urine odor from upholstery? SCOE 10X popped up.

I'd never heard of it. I was very skeptical of their claims. I read the reviews but figured they were paid to do the review until I read one that had pretty bad grammar and thought, surely they wouldn't post this if it was the company. So out of desperation, I ordered the smallest bottle they had and a small black light so I could see where the pee was.

It came in less than a week. I was dead tired and only wanted to take a shower and relax but I was really curious to see if this stuff worked. First, I got out the black light, turned off all the lights and shined the light on my sofa. OMG...that rascal had baptized my sofa in pee!! No wonder the other stuff didn't work, it was all over my sofa! I almost cried but instead of losing hope, I read the directions, did exactly what it said and literally doused my sofa in the spray.

After a while, I noticed as I sprayed that strong odor was fading. Hmmm, I knew that the SCOE 10X might not remove the odor in the area that I had used the other product on because it said so on the website. I sprayed it anyway. By then I knew that it sure wouldn't hurt.

Fast forward to the next day. I came home and didn't smell the pee odor hit me in the face as I came through the front door! Yippee!! I immediately went to the living room and sniffed my beautiful sofa. NO SMELL! except in the area that the other product had been used on, but at least the smell was considerably fainter.

For review doubters like myself, I have never written a review on anything online before except books.
Cat Urine
Reviewed by Karen Bahr - MUNCY, PA  (June 06, 2016)
After complaining to a friend that my cat was urinating inappropriately, she gave me a small container of SCOE 10X. This stuff really works!

So, I just placed an order.

Cat urine is impossible to remove . . . except for SCOE 10X!!
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Mice Urine Ruined Travel Trailer
Reviewed by Scott Purner - Streamwood, IL  (May 19, 2016)
Let me tell you all in short about this travel trailer me and my brothers bought to do our seasonal swap meets with. We bought this trailer sight unseen. Oh we saw pictures of it and thought it would be a good buy. The original price for it was $24,850. Has been sitting in the owner's back field for six years. Never could sell it. Kept dropping the price and dropping the price and still can't sell it. A long story short final price $ 9,850.00 We said how can you beat that for a eight year old trailer.

We live in Illinois. The trailer is in Nebraska. When we arrived the owner was not there to greet us but the trailer was open. We went inside and we knew right then and there why it was sold so cheap. The smell in it was so ungodly overwhelming from mice urine you could not be inside for no more than fifteen seconds.

The trailer looked like someone had sprinkled coarse black pepper on everything; mice feces everywhere. We got it home and cleaned it with everything possible under the sun to get rid of the smell. NOTHING WORKED!!! NOTHING.....

I stumbled upon SCOE 10X searching for anything, anything that could help. I said to myself, what have I got to lose. I have spent so much money on stuff and cleaners that said it would work. Believe me, they don't.

After a day of cleaning with SCOE 10x the smell has been eliminated completely 100% And it you still don't believe it come inside and take a free wiff. Thank you SCOE 10X! You saved us a ton of money! Scott Purner ( Chicago Illinois )
Our new home smelled SSOOO B-A-D
Reviewed by Sue Sorlucco - Harrisville, WV  (May 16, 2016)
My brother and I recently moved to a small 3 bedroom home in West Virginia from a large house in New England. After the first night in the new house, I was afraid we had made a terrible mistake. The previous owners had cats and dogs and the house smelled like it was used as their private bathroom.

Then it rained and the smell literally burned our eyes and was strong enough to choke a horse!

Our house was stacked to the ceiling with the moving boxes but we eventually found your SCOE 10X product and put it to use.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! For inventing this product...our house is now liveable!
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